Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Planner 2012

I recently stumbled upon this post by eighteen25 and loved the 
idea of a Christmas planner
I love paper planners I have a smart phone but, 
I like to have things written down in ink and on paper 
so the idea of organizing all of my crazy December and Christmas 
to do lists, gift lists and so on was genius to me 
Normally all my receipts, lists, and calendars are all over the place 
and this beauty keeps everything in one place and ORGANIZED!!!
ahh organization makes everything in the crazy holiday season so much smoother
and less stressful which I am all for 

 What you will need:
-A composition notebook (I got mine at walmart for 97 cents)
-An assortments of scrapbook paper
-A weekly Calendar
-glue stick
-2 6"X9" envelopes with clasps (also got these at walmart for super cheap)
-And you can get the eighteen25 printables HERE, HERE, or HERE
depending on what style you would like 

 Steps To make:
1. First you are going to measure your ribbon to the length you want and you will 
glue it to the front and back of the notebook leaving the two ends to tie over the paper edge 

2. Then you are going to measure your notebook onto the paper you are going to use 
and glue it onto the front then layer papers, embellishments and the 2012 label you choose to the front I also inked the edges of the papers to get them to pop, give them dimension and 
give them the worn look you can skip the ink step I just like the way it looks

3. Next you will make your planner category tabs
I measured the paper I wanted to use and cut 2 inch by 2 inch squares 
I inked them and then I labeled them what ever category I wanted with stamps 
you could also just write them on or type them. Then I stapled them to the first sheet of paper that 
that category would start on I gave each category about 10-15 pages depending on the category

4. The categories I used just as an idea were: 
-The list 
this is where I put all of my lists for my husband, my little boys, family, friends 
neighbor gifts and whatever other gifts you need to keep track of
this is just where I keep track of all my events, parties, family activities, etc. 
-to do 
this is where I put things that I need to get done throughout the month
including shopping, stockings, decorate, make decor and making treats 
this is where I make a list of all those we will be sending cards to, 
their addresses and who we sent and hand delivered 
and lastly menu is where I keep track of what I am bringing to each party or get together
and recipes I need to remember 
These are just ideas make it person and to what you need

5. This is my favorite the receipt and coupon envelops 
I put the receipts one in the front binding and the coupons one in the back 
I always need to keep track of all those stinkin receipts and this is perfect  to do so 
I can't lose them in a closed envelope :)
I just glued it on and embellished it with the printable from eighteen25 

 6. Next I printed off a weekly calendar for each week starting from thanksgiving 
through the week of Christmas and glued them down to their own page
Now they are all read to be filled up with parties, obligations, get togethers and activities 
throughout the month 
I got my calendar HERE

 7. Then I finished the back by covering it with some paper 
and then adding the little label from this printable

I promise you, you will love this and the organization it gives you 
and the stress free holiday you will have because of it 
Mine is now all full of Christmas present ideas, presents I have bought and the price, 
coupons and coupon codes for online shopping, I have my list of those I will be sending cards 
I have a long to do list and have already started crossing things off of it, and of course 
I have got my calendar full of all shorts of Christmas parties and activities 
and my favorite I already have some receipts in my envelope from the 
shopping I have already done WAHOO! 

Have fun creating your own and email me a picture
or upload it on my facebook HERE so I can see what you create 

Also I have an amazing giveaway going on right now 
for $50 that's right $50 to Shutterfly 
You can get your Christmas cards, photo books and so many other 
Christmas gifts with this $50 so make sure to read about it and enter HERE 

Ask Anna

Thank you for reading, for your support and for following
and thank you to the girls of eighteen25 for he awesome idea and printables


  1. Hi Whitney! We just love your darling Christmas planner! SOOOO CUTE! Have a great day! You are so stinkin cute! -The Six Sisters

  2. I LOVE your planner! I should really make one of these, but I don't know if it will happen this year! I'll have to remember for next year! LOVE that paper btw, I just used it for a Christmas countdown. :)

  3. You have a great blog!!! I'm visiting for the 1st time. I hope you come link to my parties on Tuesdays- Nancy



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