Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrifty DIY Ornament Wreath

First of all I want to Welcome my new followers and readers. I am so excited you have stopped by and I hope you enjoy this little creative space of mine. New to the Blog start HERE. Then I hope you will have a look around. Lets Be friends :) Ok now to the tutorial of the awesome wreath.

I saw a pretty ornament wreath at Target a few years ago and thought I could totally make that and I finally got around to making one this year. I saw the tutorials on pinterest that you slide the ornaments on a wire form, but I wanted to do it a little different, I wanted a different look, I wanted it more full and big. I wanted a statement piece and I was able to make it for less than $15. I am in love with it and am excited to put it up every December. So of course I have to share with you how I made it. It was a little time consuming but super easy peasy. Just put in your favorite show or a movie while you make it and you'll be golden. I know this is a little late to be making one for Christmas this year but pin it for next year!!!!
Supplies I used:

-Wreath form (I used one I already had) so FREE
-Ornaments I used 3 different sizes (I got these at the dollar store and spent about $13 on them) you will need about 100 ornaments total
-Red fabric (scrap fabric I already had)
-Red ribbon
-Glue gun and glue sticks 

What I Did: 

1. First I wrapped my wreath form with my scrap red fabric I just hot glued the end to the wreath wrapped it all the way around and hot glued the other end

Oh the funny positions craft project require :)
We were watching some Zombie land on TV while I worked on this bad boy
I like to work on things while I watch TV and vice versa
We are into Zombies lately
Especially the Walking Dead. 
Do any of you watch it?
addicting right?
ok ok back to the wreath

All wrapped up red and pretty

2. Next you are going to attach a red ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it from. I just tied it right to the wreath and triple knotted it so it it won't come undone and can hold the weight of the wreath

3. Now you are ready to start with the ornaments. Take off the tops of each ornament, it is really easy just pop them off. This way they will attach to the wreath better.

4. Now it is time to glue them to the form. I started with the biggest ornaments and glued them to the inside and the outside of the wreath mixing up the colors in a random order

5. Then I started filling in the spaces with the medium size ornaments and then lastly I glued the littlest ornaments randomly in the empty spaces so that the wreath wasn't showing anywhere. I even glued them on top of each other in some places to make it look fuller.

6. The last step: I sprayed the whole wreath with clear spray paint to give it a protective finish since it would be outside and to protect the ornaments from getting damaged, scratched or peeled. 

And here is what the beauty looks like all done
Full, sparkly, festive, beautiful and perfect for the Christmas season
And made for less than $15 :)

It is a statement piece right on your front door 
Make sure to pin this bad boy so you can make it for next year 
oh and don't worry I have a fun winter (snowflake) wreath tutorial that 
will be on here soon so you will have one you can have up for January 

My Ornament Wreath is linked up HERE

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  1. This turned out super cute! I always wondered how people got those round ball ornaments to stay on their wreaths. Cool!

  2. I am making this on Saturday!! So stinking cute Whit! It may just end up hanging on my bedroom door so I can enjoy it :)

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