Friday, January 11, 2013

Lace Snowflake Wreath

Like I said in the last few posts I love to decorate with white, blues and yellows in January And I love to have a bit of a winter, snowflake, snowmen theme in between Christmas and Valentines Day. Some other ideas I have for winter decor are my Fence Post Snowmen and my Winter letters. I knew I needed some sort of winter type wreath but didn't know what to do that was different from all the snowball wreaths I have seen around which are so cute but I wanted something different. Then I remembered my mother in law recently gave me a whole bunch of doilies that were still in the packages. When she first gave them to me I didn't know what I was going to do with them I just thought that were really cool then I realized they looked like snowflakes and I had the awesome idea to make a snowflake wreath with them. I love the look of the lace. It looks so elegant and wintery don't you think?

Supplies I used for the main part of the wreath:

-Wreath Form (It doesn't matter what is looks like because it will be covered with fabric)
-White cotton fabric
-Fabric Scissors
- Fabric Doilies (My mother in law gave these to me. She just had them in her craft room and wasn't using them so so they were free :) I used 72 (6 packets of 12) if they are too expensive you could use the paper ones
What I did:

first things first I cut my fabric into a few long strips.

Then I started to wrap the strips around the wreath to cover it so the whole thing was white. I hot glued one end to the wreath wrapped it all the way around and then hot glued the other end securing it in place.

My awesome doilies. She gave my 6 packages with a dozen in each. I looked them up online and these buggers are expensive so I am super excited she gave them to me. She said she has had them for years and never did anything with them and she told me she knew I would think of something. I am excited I did.

Now to get the pretty doily onto the wreath. This is soooo easy. I did the same technique as I did on my fourth of July wreath. 1. lay your doily flat 2. Fold it in half 3. fold it in half one more time so it is in the shape of a triangle. 4. Put a pin through it and pin it to the wreath.

I made sure to keep them close together and it different directions.

This gives it the fluffy, lacey, elegant snowflake look.

Do this until you get all the way around the wreath. I used all 72 doilies to get all the way around.

 Next you are going to attach a white ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it from. I just tied it right to the wreath and triple knotted it so it it won't come undone and can hold the weight of the wreath. Now you are all done with the main part of the wreath but I felt like it needed a little something more so I decided to add a banner to the middle.

Supplies I used for the banner:

-Bakers Twine (I used a light blue)
-Vinyl (cut with my electronic cutter)
-Needle and thread
-Craft Paint (I used a light blue you can use whatever color you want)
-Sponge paint brush
-2 pins

What I did:

First I used my electronic cutting tool to cut the perfect triangle template for my banner. It was about 2 inches by 3 inches. You can just cut this by hand but I wanted it just the right size. Then I cut 6 of the triangles out of burlap using my template.

Next I folded over the top about a 1/4 of an inch and hand stitched it so that it will have a loop for the string to go through to connect the banner together. I did this for all 6 triangles.

Next I found a font I liked and I cut out the word WINTER on my electronic cutter onto vinyl. I used the negative as a stencil. for my letters. I placed it right on the burlap. and made sure it was stuck down really good so the paint wouldn't bleed.

Next I took my sponge brush and dabbed the paint into the stencil making sure to get into all the grooves. Also make sure you did this part with some paper underneath because the burlap has holes everywhere so the paint goes through a little bit. I did two coats of paint letting it dry in between each coat. I did this for all six letters. Then once they were all completely dry I took the vinyl off and the blue letters is all you see.

Lastly I put the bakers twine through the openings I stitched on each burlap triangle to connect them. Then I took the 2 pins and pinned the banner on each end in the place I wanted it.

And here it is all done beautiful, lacey, wintery and up on my door ready to welcome in visitors :) on a cold winter day.


The nice thing about this wreath is you can keep it up through February as well and just change out the banner to be a Valentine theme such as "Love," "Be Mine." or "Valentine."

It was a perfect day to post my winter wreath because here in Utah it is a Snow Day! We got a huge storm and it is supposed to continue until tomorrow afternoon. It was crazy out there last night and came so suddenly. To make a long story short we were supposed to go to Syracuse (45 minutes away from my house) for my little brother's birthday dinner and celebration but I didn't even make it to the U to pick up my husband before I had to pull over. The roads were so bad. So my hubby got a ride to us and then he drove us back home. But it is so beautiful! Happy Snow day! What will you be doing on this wintery weekend? I think I will be snuggling by the fire a lot, do some shopping and watch some Netflix :)

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
or comment and I will get back to you ASAP!

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  1. whitney, i wish i was more crafty, or at least had more time to be crafty. your wreath is so adorable!! maybe i'll convince myself to make one, its so fitting for the weather!

  2. I love your wreath Whitney!! Beautiful!!


  3. This would be cute for Valentines Day too! Love it!

  4. Loving the wreath:) It's pretty for winter!

  5. Love this idea! You should enter your photos into Craftbaby's Snowflake Craft Project Challenge! :)


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  7. So very pretty, it's summer here but this has me dreaming of hot coco and chilly nights :)

  8. That is so pretty! I love that you did it with lace! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation. I am going to be featuring your wreath tonight on my blog at this weeks link party!

  9. What a cute idea! I love it! And yes doilies are super expensive! We just bought some to use for my sister's wedding. Pinning this! I'm also your newest follower! And I have a link party on Wednesdays if you're interested!

  10. I love the feminine look of this wreath. It is very pretty! Thanks for joining us on Point of View!

  11. So pretty! I think it's just perfect for winter. So glad you were part of POV!

  12. The look of this is so cool! And so great that they're just pinned so you could use them for something else later too :)



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