Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore {H&M Style}

Last week was my hubby's Spring Break so one of the days we decided to venture out to the mall, and I just so happened to have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The mall was an adventure to say the least. Poor Ty was chasing Maddux around while I was looking at and trying on clothes.He is an awesome guy what can I say. First we went to Crate and Barrel, not because I can afford it (no fetchin way) but because I wanted to look at the pretty things and maybe get some inspiration to try my hand in some knock offs of things I was crushing on there. Projects and tutorials to come :) Next we headed to my favorite store in the mall H&M. I can always find something I like there. And I was feeling like I needed something spunky {they have always got some sassy clothes there}.

That is when I decided it would be super fun to try on a bunch of cute but kinda funky clothes. I am loving patterns and bright colors lately can you tell? :) I took lots of pictures so hubby could see what they looked like on my since we was too busy chasing the boys around to come with me. Seriously though I highly recommend doing this though even if it is just for fun. Grab a bunch of clothes, funky, modern, trendy, classic and mix and match them up. See what you can come up with. You might just love it and if you go some where like H&M or forever21 you will get super cute stuff that wont break the bank.

I was right it was fun and I ended up getting the leopard jeans, the aztec pants and the green triangle shirt {I am loving triangles lately, how about you?} the orange shirt and the jeans were already mine. I was so excited for my new purchases and I think I will be able to pair them with a lot of stuff I already have. Perfect for the spring and summer months coming up. Next we went to Downeast were I had another gift card and I got a cute T to go with my aztec pants. Safe to say it was a very successful shopping trip. And a big thank you and applause for my hunky boy for making it possible to have some time to have some fun and shop until we all dropped {literally}.

What this little dude was up to while I was in the dressing room. Like mother like son. He is such a stud I mean hello look at that sweet pose. I want to get him that jacket sooo bad. 

Shirt // H&M
Jeans // H&M
Flats // Payless
Undershirt // Undercover mama
Bracelet // Target
Necklace // Target 

What do you think? Are you loving the prints, patterns, bold and bright colors as much as I am?  P.S. I have come to the conclusion that every women needs a pair of nude flats. They are so comfortable, they go with everything and they are super cute! Dress them up, dress them down anything works with these beauties. And they don't even have to be expensive. I got mine at payless for $15, I wear them at least 4 times a week and they still look new.

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  1. Maddux NEEDS that Jacket! Hmmmm.... that reminds that there is one very similar at my parents house, I better dig it out and see if it will fit Parker! Thanks for reminding me of it! Oh, and you look FABULOUS!

  2. Aww, he's a cutie! I love your look too. The printed pants are on my list of things to get.


  3. Do you follow the blog Simply Sadie Jane? I was looking through your blog and a lot of the more recent posts remind me of hers.

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