Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend Festivities 2013

I hope ya'll had a great Easter and are loving this Spring weather as much as I am {not so much all the rain, but the sunshine we had earlier this week}. Easter weekend equals the beginning of Spring in my book. With spring comes the projects, and all the outside/family festivities.  The weather last weekend was gorgeous and perfect!!!!

We started off the Weekend with an awesome project that I will be posting about next week so stay tuned. Yes that is a blow dryer. And yes it does work to dry the paint faster. Perfect for stenciling for where you have to over lap. I recommend this tip. Also can I just give a big shout out to my husband, Ty, seriously he is such a stud and so amazing for always helping me with my projects (cutting wood, running to the store to get supplies, drilling, measuring, calming me down after my meltdowns and so much more. He really is the best and supports me in all I do, just because he knows I love it. Ok enough of the moosh, even though I love the moosh.

First stop on Saturday morning was the Cottonwood Heights city Egg hunt! Maddux was in heaven and thought it was so fun. He was so proud of the orange egg especially {his very favorite color}.
Haha I am loving that middle picture of him sneezing. The sun makes him sneeze. No really it does. 

This little bug LOVES the grass! and people watching so he was loving life at the hunt as well. Not to mention his awesome egg rattle he got in the baby hunt.

Next up was grandma Leanne and grandpa Doug's house for the rest of the day. Maddux is in heaven every time we are here. He loves his little aunt and uncles {ages 15,13,9} and follows them around all day long, smiling laughing and having the best time.

Photo bomb! Holla!!!!

While we were there we colored eggs, jumped on the tramp, played outside, laughed, talked, napped, played games and when it got dark the kids did a fun flashlight egg hunt.

Poor Holden was having a rough day. He had a fever {explains why he is chillin in a diaper} and runny nose and was just miserable from teething and still no teeth. Oh heaven help us.

Yeah we are cool, er nerdy like that! Seriously though we have fun together.

And sometimes we torture the babies for our entertainment. Poor guy did not like the mustache.

This flash light egg hunt was so much fun and I am hoping we make this a tradition at grandma and grandpas every year to come now.

I just have to share I was so excited I was able to get my hair into a sock bun this weekend. Woot my hair is growin!!!! Tutorial to come for all my short to medium length hair ladies out there. I fill ya!

Easter day and thoughts on what Easter is all about HERE

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