Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore {Studio 5 / in the Rain}

I got the awesome opportunity to be on Studio 5 again this month. Oh my goodness I was so excited when I opened up that email asking me. I must have done pretty good last time :)  I was on just this last Monday to be apart of the fun Ikea +10 challenge. Darin contacted me and asked me who I wanted to do it with and I got to chose the product. I asked my mom, Leanne and Sister in law Brooke to do it with me, and the item I chose was the $7.99 lazy susan. We all came up with different things and it was so much fun to be on together and show off our unique creativity. You can read more about what I created with mine HERE and soon HERE.

Shirt // H&M 
Undershirt // Undercover Mama
Jeans // Target
Sandals // Lei Walmart  
Earrings // Target
Bracelets // Target
Watch // Husbands  
Umbrella // Dan's

It was a cold, wet day but I was not going to let that get my style down for the show. I mean come on I was going to be on TV I had to dress happy and cute!  I was pretty excited that I was able to come up with this outfit just out of things I already had.  I loved the simplicity of the top with the bold color of the jeans and bold style of shoe. Oh and that shirt was only a whopping $7 at H&M cute right I LOVE that place if you haven't already caught onto that.

I decided to do my hair in a high sock bun just for a little bit of a different look. I was a little bit nervous to have my hair up for TV I didn't know how it would look, but I think it ended up looking great and went really well with the whole style I was going for. And yes, I am super excited that my short hair can fit into a sock bun, it take a bit of effort, but it works. Tutorial coming soon for all my short haired peeps out there. 

Are you loving this umbrella as much as I am? Got it at Dan's on our way to a rainy flag football game for the hubby. Who would have thought.

What are your thoughts on the rain? I am actually not much of a rain person, but I do enjoy it sometimes. I have to admit I love the sound of the rain on the window at night when I am snug in my bed, I love umbrellas, and every once in a while it is fun to jump in a puddle, plus the smell is so yummy. But the gloom of a couple of non stop rainy days is not my favorite.

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Ikea Lazy Susan turned Activity chart- Tutorial coming tomorrow

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  1. I saw your segment & I thought the ideas that you all came up with were really great! And your outfit looks great too. Hope to see you at SNAP!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. cute outfit! And your segment was amazing as well!



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