Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elephant Tribal Tee {Tutorial}

I was so excited when Provo Craft sent me some heat transfer vinyl to try out for a competition I was in. I got to be apart of Blog Wars. It was really fun, but I wish I could have stayed on longer. I kinda feel lame not making it very far but oh well. I LOVED my project I made either way. So I was excited for this product because I have actually had a roll of it on my shelf in my craft closet for about a year and have just been nervous to try it out so this got me to just bite the bullet and do it and the end result was better than I even planned. Don't you love when that happens?! I have been loving the tribal animal print, bold, aztec, and geometric styles in fashion lately so I thought why not make my own so I just rolled with the idea and this is what I came up with. Fun right?! It is pretty bold but so fun. I am not scared to get a little crazy with my fashion.

{Supplies I used}

-White T-shirt {Target $12 and it has a really cute zipper in the back. It is just like this one only white}
-1 sheet of Black Glitter Heat transfer vinyl {provided to me by Provo craft}
-Pre cut triangles in pink glitter and flat blue heat transfer vinyl {also provided to me by Provo Craft}
-Cricut machine {or scissors}
-Scrap piece of cloth
-Scrap piece of paper 

{What I did}

The first things I did what get on my cricut craft room and found the perfect cute little elephant. If you don't have a cutting machine you could borrow one {come use mine, if you live in Utah I totally would let you} or just find an image online, print it out and cut it to use as your template. Then I cut a whole bunch of them just on some scrap paper. I did this to make sure it was the right size  and how I wanted it to be laid out before I cut it on the vinyl. 

Then the scary part I cut out he vinyl. I actually had a little hiccup during this step like I knew I would but it ended up being even better in the end. So you want to make sure you do a mirror image of your elephant and you want the shiny side facing down on your cutting mat. I did this great on my first sheet and then my second sheet I was distracted {plus can I just tell you since I have had kids my brain is not all there} and I did the mirror image but I cut it with the shinny side up so the elephants were all supposed to be going the same way like I had laid out with the blue elephants and instead half were facing one way and the other half the other way. After a small freak out moment  I contained myself and had a better idea!

Isn't he cute?! I mean come on who doesn't want a shirt with this cute little guy on it?

So once they were all cut out I laid them out on the shirt just how I wanted it to look. 

Now comes all the ironing. First you are going to heat up the fabric that you are going to place your image on. Because they were so small I did two elephants at a time. So I removed two, put the iron on the fabric were they would be placed for about 20 seconds.

Then you are going to put your images right where you want them on the already heated fabric spot. 

Put a scratch piece of fabric on top of the image and put the iron on top of that fabric holding it there with medium pressure for about 30 seconds. Then you will move on down the line and repeat the following steps: remove elephants, heat fabric, put elephants in place, put scratch piece of fabric on top and iron for 30 seconds. over and over until you have done it to all your images elephants and the triangles down the middle. 

Once they are all ironed on you are going to flip over your shirt and go down the line of elephants holding the iron on each set for another 30 seconds this just helps really seal them in place. 

And now that all your ironing is done you are going to let it cool completely and the last step is to take of the shiny film from the vinyl so all you have left is the pretty images.  If for some reason any of the images are lifted or did not stick just simply replace the film, put the scratch piece of fabric on top and iron it on again for another 30 seconds making sure to get all the edges and then it should be good!

Simple as that you are done. Look at that awesome before and after.

It is so fun to make your very own personalized Tee. I have gotten so many compliments on it when I wear it and people asking me where I got it. I love seeing their reaction when I tell them I made it. And the best part is  you can too! It is so easy and the possibilities are endless. You can get creative and show your personality and your own style.

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  1. I think your shirt is adorable! I voted for it. I was sad to see you didn't make it on to the next round. :(

  2. I voted for your shirt! Thought it was so cute - loved the elephants!

  3. This is so cute!!! I could definitely love a black elephant, especially a mini one!

  4. I was sad to see you didn't make it! Even though I was apart of the contest, My husband and I LOVED your shirt and voted for it. "The Man" is really big into T-shirt design and thought it was fantastic. :)

  5. Your shirt was super cute, it was one of the ones that I was telling my husband you KNEW took time because you had it all lined up so perfectly. Great job and sorry you didn't go on :(


  6. I thought your shirt was so cute too! I was surprised it didn't go on. So sorry :(



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