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Back to Balance Chiropractic and Wellness {and a discount}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr. Nate Roberts at Back To Balance Chiropractic and Wellness for All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever wondered about what Chiropractors actually do? Why people go to them? I am not going to lie I have. I didn't really know much about them. I really thought they just pop your back and neck and you go on your way.  Boy was I wrong. I couldn't believe everything that they do and help you with. They really want to get rid of your pain and they are dedicated to you. They don't just help with pain in your neck and back they will help with pain in all different sites.

Meet Dr. Nate Roberts. He practices in Red Wood Road in West Jordan, Utah. A great central location in the Salt Lake Valley. He is awesome. The thing I like about doctors that keeps me going to them is when they are real, kind, understanding, helpful, a people person and are easy to talk to. Dr. Roberts is all of that. He was so real like we have been friends. He asked me about me, my life, and my family, he even told me about him, his family and where he went to school. Then after we felt like we knew each other a bit then he asked me about the pain I was having. I loved that I felt comfortable with him before we got into the medical stuff.

Next we talked about my back pain and I told him all about how 8 years ago I had a sports injury to my back. I had 3 hair line fractures from compact in gymnastics. I had to wear a hideous brace and everything my senior year of high school. But the saddest part was this injury was the cause of the end of my gymnastic career right before I started looking at college gymnastics.  Anyway so we were talking about this and how I still was having back pain 8 years later. He told me I shouldn't be having pain there anymore if they were healed so first thing on his list was to take an Xray of my back.

After the films were all ready, he brought me back into his office and talked me through everything. I had mostly good news which was great and it was good to know that my fractures were indeed healed. He said the space between each of my vertebra looked great and all my discs were good, he also said that the curvature of my back looked great. Yay for that! I love good news. Then we looked at the film of the back view of my back and we showed me how my hips were uneven and this also made my back uneven, putting strain on it and that is where the pain is coming from. So the reason for my hips being uneven is I actually have one leg longer than the other. Yup my left leg is longer. Haha I laughed out loud when he first told me, I don't know why but I found it really funny. Then I realized how I was standing as we were talking. I had my hip out and all my weight on my right side. That is how I stand all the time, and now it makes sense. This is also why my back hurts when I am running because of all the extra strain being put on it.

So to help with my hips and back I got on this awesome table and had an adjustment to get everything alined. This is to help line everything back up and not to mention it felt really good after. He also felt how my hips rotated and could feel that one was more flexible and rotated more than the other. He did a leg adjustment. I also got the same in my neck because one side of the bands was way more stiff than the other. He also asked if I got headaches a lot, I said yes and he showed me where to massage on my neck to help relieve that pain. Naturally I went home and showed my hubby so he can do it for me next time I had one of those headaches. While he was feeling my back he could tell that it is where I carry my stress and that could be why I am having pain as well so adjusting it will help with that as well.

Some more extra things he did for me during my first visit is he gave me a little lift to put in my shoe to help with the small different in my legs this will also help me when I am running to run more correctly and help take the strain off my hips and back. Then he saw how flat my feet were and that my arches had dropped. I told him that as a gymnast we are bare foot all the time and he said that could be why they dropped. Because of this my feet hurt when I run. He showed me how to tape them up and give them the support they need and then when we can afford it he said he would fit me for some orthodontics if I wanted later. Seriously he is so helpful in every type of pain had.

My first visit was awesome and I learned so much about me and the causes of my pain, The best part is the relief I got and some tools to help with even more relief. My second visit was an awesome follow up. He gave me another adjustment to my hips, back and neck again which felt awesome, taped my arches and brought out two new tools that helped to relax the muscles in my back. The first one he called the terminator or jack hammer haha. It was pretty much a jig saw body with a little mallet on the head instead of the saw and he just went to town jack hammering my back muscles. Sounds brutal but it felt awesome!!! Then after to also help out with loosening the muscles, he did some electrode therapy. You guys they treated me like a queen here. Everything felt so good, the pain has gone down so much since I first went in and now I have a doctor and place that I trust.

Dr Nate Roberts not only helps everyone with their pain but he also specializes in sports injuries, personal injuries and Pregnancy. He talked to me all about the benefits of coming into him when you are pregnant. I was amazed! Your preexisting and previous imbalances in your spine and pelvis become noticeable during pregnancy.  The newly added pressure and weight to your back and pelvis lead to discomfort and it makes it harder to perform your normal daily activities. Going to the Chiropractor throughout your pregnancy can relieve and even prevent those common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. He said that specific adjustments eliminate these stresses in your spine, restore balance to your pelvis and result in greater comfort and lifestyle improvements. Having an aligned spine and pelvis also created more room for the baby for better baby comfort and better labor for both the mother and baby. You guys I am so coming in the next time I am pregnant.

So now that I have told you all about how incredible this experience was for me, I want all of you to be able to have this experience and the answers you need about yourself, your body, the pain and the comfort that you all deserve. Dr. Nate Roberts is kind enough to team up with me and give all of my readers a 40% discount off your first visit with him. When you call{801-566-2465} to make your appointment you can either give them the code WhitU for your 40% off or you can give them my blog name A Mommy's life with a touch of Yellow.

Make sure to visit his Website HERE to learn more about Dr. Roberts and make your appointment. You can also sign up for their newsletter on the bottom of the website. Follow Back to Balance Chiropractic and Wellness and Dr. Nate Roberts on Facebook.

What pain are you experiencing that you would like checked out? What questions do you have about Chiropractic services?

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