Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Fabric Design {Tutorial}

Don't you hate when you just can't find the perfect fabric? You know what I mean? You have this perfect project in your mind and the vision is there but you can't find the fabric that you want. Well that happened to me recently and of course my DIY brain came up with the simple conclusion of making my own design. Why not? So simple. Make the design I want, with the colors I want, and the spacing I want. It was the perfect solution and I am just glad it worked out even better than I envisioned. So of course I want to share it with you so you can see how simple it is and how fun it can be. Now this tutorial is for the more simple geometric type styles of fabric deigns that can be created this way.
{Supplies Needed}

-2 kitchen sponges {I got a 2 pack at the dollar store}
-Fabric {I like the duck cloth for painting} The picture makes it look tan but it was white
-Paint {I used craft paint}
-Paper plate
-Paper towels
-Drop cloth
{What I did}

First I wanted it to be a little bit of an aztec look with the triangles and imperfectness that the sponges gave it was awesome so I went with using a sponge as my template. If you wanted it to be more perfect crisp lines you could tape it off and paint it. I just drew a triangle the size I wanted on both sponges {one for each color of paint} by hand with my sharpie.

Next you will simply cut them out with scissors. Your scissors will cut through the sponge really easily so there is no need for any specials exacto knives or anything. Lets make this as easy as possible. And there you have your templates for your design. You could do circles, squares, any design you wanted and any sizes you wanted. The possibilities are endless really and this is just up to your creativity and what you are wanting.

Then you will lay your fabric out flat on a drop cloth on the floor. You will want to make sure to have a drop cloth, garbage bags, a tarp or something under it because it will bleed a little bit just to warn you. I made this for a tent {that I will be sharing the tutorial with you very soon} for my little Holden for his birthday and so I wanted it to have the triangles going the right way on each side of the tent. So when it was laying flat I needed them to go opposite of each other if that makes sense. I measured the middle of the fabric and then I measured 10 inches side to side and 10 inches down of each new triangle but I am not going to lie I just kinda eyeballed it.

Next I poured some paint onto the paper plate tested it out on a paper towel to make sure it was how I wanted it to look and then went to town on the fabric.  Make sure to press firmly, I was able to get two to three triangles out of each soaking of paint.

I just followed them in a straight line across the fabric and then like I said for the next row I just measured 10 inches down.  Also to go along with the tribal aztec boy feel I did some very random yellow triangles here and there.

Here is is all complete. there is two more rows on the top they are just covered from draping it over the fence. You can also see right where the middle is which is where it falls over the wood to make the tent.

Love the imperfection. It is what makes it just what I wanted.

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Here is how it looks draped over the wood. 

So tell me what you think? Would you venture out and make your own fabric design for your perfect projects? I hope I was able to show you how simple it can be and that you can have just what you are looking for and it is much better on the pocket book which I am always a fan of. Do it Yourself! You will be so proud you did. As always if you have any questions or would like to share with me your custom fabric you made you can email me @ 
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