Monday, January 13, 2014

BELIEVE IN YOU- My 2014 mission/ Motto

It is a new year and with a new year comes a lot of new. New goals, new focus, new beginnings, new, new, new. Well this year my focus was an easy one to come up with it is something I have always struggled with it is something that because of my struggle I believe it has held me back in certain situations and I don't want that anymore. I want to be who I know I can be. For me, for my family and for my children.  So my motto, or my mission for this year is to "Believe in ME" Believe in who I can be, believe in what I can do and believe in who I am. Believe I can be a good mother, believe I can be a good person, believe I can be a good friends, a good example, believe I can do what I want or need to do. I will believe in my strength both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

To go along with this statement that I have made mine this year I wanted to have a reminder, I wanted to be able to bring something into my home, and something into my decor that I could see each day. And that is when I came up with this fun plaque for my bedroom. I made it in one day, and you can make one too. Super fast, super easy and cheap. Make it your own. Make it with your word, with your motto. 

{Supplies I used}

-Wood plaque {The wood connection}
-Paint {any colors that are your style and personality} I used white, yellow, and navy to go in my master bedroom 
-Sand paper
-Sponge Paint brushes
-Smaller paint brush
-Small wooden letters {the Wood connection}
-Glue gun and hot glue sticks
-Cricut cutting machine
{What I did}

First I painted the whole plaque white. This is for the "in" and so the white will show through after I sand and distress the board at the end. Paint two coats of the white, letting it dry between each coat. 

While the white paint is drying, I made the vinyl to use as a stencil for the "in". You can use any cutting machine, but I used my cricut mini for this project. I just got into my cricut craft room chose a font I liked sized it and then cut it onto the vinyl. It doesn't matter what color you use because you are only using as a stencil it will be thrown away when you are finished. 

 Once the paint is dry, go ahead and put your vinyl onto the bottom left side of the board. Make sure it is on there really tight, so that the paint will not bleed through. 

Then it is time to paint on your main color. For me it was the navy blue. 

I did three coats of this paint because I wanted it to be completely covered and crisp. Make sure to let it dry completely between each coat. 

While the last coat is drying go ahead and take off the vinyl, and you will have your white "in" all finished. 

 Once it is dry, go ahead and distress the whole thing. Sand the edges and each plank of the board.

Next up, paint those wooden believe letters white. I did three coats letting it dry between each coat. 

Once dry, sand the edges. 

Then using your hot glue gun glue the letters onto the top of the board. 

Now your "believe in" is finished, just onto the YOU. I wanted to do the letters in different fonts, and depths. so for the YOU I wanted it to be hand painted script. It isn't perfect but that is exactly how I wanted it to be. I just drew out the you with a pencil first and then hand painted over it. 

Once your "YOU" is dry your plaque is all finished and ready to be put with your decor or on the wall. This is something you will want to be able to see often as a reminder. 

I really wanted to make this as a reminder of one of my focuses this year. I wanted it to be visable each and every day. 

I put it on my dresser so when I woke up it would be the very first thing I would see. No matter where I am in my bedroom I see it. It is that constant reminder that I need.

 What is your word or motto for 2014?
What do you want to work?
How will you make 2014 your best year yet?
Working on yourself only makes your other relationships and situations better
Happy 2014
And happy new beginnings

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