Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Talk Sweaters {Fashion}

February around these parts equals winter and winter fashion equals sweaters! Today for fashion I am talking all types of sweaters, what is in style and how to pair them up.Everyone needs at least one good go to sweater.

Source: Pinterest

 Source: Pinterest

I love that sweaters are back in style, and the oversized sweater has got to be my very favorite. When you think oversized sweater you might think frumpy, and under dressed but that is no longer the case. It is all about what types you get, and what you wear with them. If you are wearing an oversized sweater pair it with some fun leggings, heels and some pretty feminine jewelry. Wear your hair in a fun curled side pony, a braid your hair down, or just anything feminine. 

 Source: ElfSacks

The long cardigan sweaters are such a fun way to feel comfortable and warm while still feeling in style. They have all types of lengths, patterns, and thicknesses. Pair it with jeans, leggings, even a skirt. 

Source: Pinterest

The high low sweater is just a really fun look that you can try if you are wanting something different. Again this is great with jeans. I love this even tucked in the front a little. 


Source: Pinterest

  Source: Pinterest

There are all types of embellished sweaters. My favorite are the glitter and beaded details. It makes those wintery frumpy days turned girlie and fashionable. The flowers are also very feminine and fun. I love these feminine looks because they can be casual or dressed up so easily just by adding a skirt and heels. 

I don't feel like you can ever go wrong with stripes. Whether it is one big stripes or the whole thing in stripes. I also love the look of a button up under the sweater. 

Source: Forever 21

Last but not least there is the graphic sweaters. Now these are for the more brave when it come to fashion. I know this is not one of the looks that is for everyone. But it is a fun one if you are willing to give it a try. Very casual, very comfortable to be worn with jeans or leggings.

Go out and get yourself some sweaters, I'm serious you will not be sorry they will be your go to winter outfit and you will feel stylin in them. Also since the stores are so gun hoe and are already getting the Spring lines out. Make sure to go and check the clearance racks you will get some great sweaters for amazing prices and still be able to sport them for a couple more cold months ahead.

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