Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crafting the Day Away {Day 8} of Leggings

Leggings: Agnes and Dora // Blouse: Adornit // Undershirt: DownEast Basics //
Boots: Macys // Necklace: Adornit

Some days are just days that everything seems to go so well. And for these I am so thankful, because of course we also have the days that nothing seems to go right. So when I have those wonderful days I try to take full advantage and remember how blessed I am. Yesterday was one of those great days for me. A Monday...so strange. I don't normally hate Mondays, I used to when I was in school, but I just don't really love them either. So when a Monday is great it is extra great and when a Monday is great it sets the tone for the rest of the week. I didn't go to Disneyland, I didn't buy a single thing, I didn't eat an amazing treat, I didn't knock my workout out of the park...nope..it was a simple day so why was it go good? 

It started out with me going to the gym to go do my shift in the daycare. When I woke up, it was early yet I was happy. I am not a morning person. Ty made me breakfast and I got a huge hug from Maddux before I left. Daycare was great! The kids were all so good and they made me laugh a lot. My workout was good, like I said I didn't knock it out of the park or anything but it felt great anyway. I got home I was greeted with my two boys smiles, kisses and love, and had a relaxing couple hours with Ty before he left for work. When Ty left and the boys were napping, I got some crafting done. It has been a long time since I have crafted and I just loved it! Then when my cute Maddux woke up we hung out together and he helped me make dinner. It is always a treat when Maddux wakes up from his nap happy because well it doesn't happen so often, and he even ate all his dinner I was so proud. When we got done with dinner me and the boys created together. I crafted, Maddux painted a wooden Easter egg and Holden got to color. We had fun. I love spending time with my boys especially when we are having fun together. The boys laid down so well and everything seemed so smooth. Then I got to get all my St Patrick's decor put away and all my fun, happy, bright spring and Easter decor out. I got to craft, had happy kids, got to exercise and got to decorate my home and I LOVED it all! 

Embrace those good days. Especially the simple ones. The ones, that nothing crazy happens, the ones that are just the normal day but for some reason everything seems to go in place, that ones that you are just really happy and the sun is shining, enjoy those days, and take full advantage of them. Life is good! Play, smile, splash in the rain, dance in the warmth of the sun, laugh and enjoy it.

Now let's see your leggings! What are your favorite? How do you style them? I want to see!!! Take a picture post it on Instagram and then tag me @whitneyulrich and hashtag #30daysofleggings remember if you use the hashtag you are entered into the giveaway happening at the end of the series.

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