Monday, April 21, 2014

Mondays {Day 21} of Leggings

Leggings: Agnes and Dora // Shirt: Target // Undershirt: Downeast //
Shoes: Walmart // Earrings: Target

Monday, oh Monday. What are your thoughts on Mondays? Do you like them? Do you dread them? Or are they just another day to you? For me it is has depended on my stage of life. As a child I had really bad separation anxiety so I dreaded Mondays, because it meant that it was time to go back to school and the weekend of home was over. Don't get me wrong I actually really liked school {nerd} and did well, but I also stressed way too much for an elementary age child. I let that stress get to me too often. As I got older They were pretty much just another day to me. Sure I was sad the weekend was over but besides that it wasn't really good or bad. Then when I got married and my husband was working at Chillies Mondays weren't a big deal because he worked all weekend anyway and then we had school. When we moved up North and Ty was going to Law school Mondays started to be hard again. He was home over the weekend, it is when we had fun and spent time together so Mondays were a bit hard. When I was student teaching and Pregnant those weekends went way too fast and Mondays were well hard to get my pregnant bum out of bed at 5 am.

So right now in my stage of life Mondays seem to just be another day. Hubby is working all the time now and on weekends so it doesn't put as much pressure on any day. But even though it is just another day and even though I am wth my kids at home each day and it doesn't seem to have significance. I decided to make it s significant day. I have decided Monday is my day to start off the week right. Monday I will get out of bed refreshed and ready to start the week and the days tasks. Mondays is when I will make to do lists for the week. Monday is when I go to the gym in the morning so I know I took care of myself that day. Mondays is when I prepare myself for the full week ahead. and Well I kind of look forward to Mondays.

What is your Monday like? I hope you have a good one! Smile. Get things done and lets start this week off on the right foot.

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