Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GRAPHIC TEES- 3 different Ways

Graphic Tees are making a come back and there are so many cute ones out there. My favorite thing about them is they are not only styled with jeans anymore, there are so many different ways to wear them dress them up or down, bring in your own style and have fun with them. They are comfortable and light weight for the summer months. There are a ton of ways to wear them, today I am going to show you three of my favorite styles. There is always the jeans and a graphic tee {the classic}, also leggings or sweats with a tee for the super dressed down look. My favorite is pairing a casual graphic tee with a skirt, harem or palazzo pants, and of course Bermuda shorts for the summer.

Shirt: &AVE  |  Harem Pants: H&;M  |  Sandals: LEI  |  Earrings & Watch: Target  |  Necklace: American Eagle  |  Bracelet: Apple of My Eye 

Harem pants are a fun way to kinda dress up a graphic tee. It is still casual but a little more put together than jeans. Plus you can play around with patterns and colors and different styles of pants. They are also great because they are thin, light and flowy so they are cool and comfortable for the summertime.

Shirt: Flex Till You're Famous  |  Shirt: Gordmans  |  Boots: Macy's  |  Earrings: forever 21  |  Necklace: American Eagle

A shirt has quickly become my very favorite way to pair a graphic tee. I love the edginess, girliness and skirts are such a fashionable way to stay cool in the hot summer months.

Shirt: Elevate Promo  |  Shorts: Walmart  |  Shoes: LEI  |  Necklace: Apple of my Eye Jewelry

And of course the Bermuda shorts is a great pairing for any graphic tee. They are so many different patterns and colors out there to make it fun and mix it up.

Now pair those tees with something just might like it. Try adding some blinged out jewelry or a fun shoe you normally wouldn't wear with a casual shirt. Try it with a skirt, make those tees pop and your style grow.

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