Friday, October 3, 2014

How I stay Motivated to Exercise

I have had a few people ask me how I make the time and stay motivated to exercise and stay consistent at it so I thought I would write up a quick post of some of the ways I do just that. These are all things that have helped me to start back up after babies, stay motivated through pregnancy, and through motherhood. All of these have helped me at different times and on different days. They are simple but are everything if this really is important to you and you want this for yourself. 

 Find An exercise program I enjoy

First and for most you need to enjoy it. If you don't like it, if it is miserable you wont keep at it. There are so many different ways to stay active. Running, Swimming, lifting, crossfit, HITT, Biking, hiking, climbing, sports, dance, barre, boxing and so much more I can't even think of right now. There are options and you are bound to find one of them enjoyable. Try them all out if you have to but find something you love. Most places have free trials so take advantage of those and find what really speaks to you before you invest in memberships. I have found through trying different forms of fitness that I love to run and Crossfit is my passion. I love to run because I can just go, turn my mind off completely and run my heart out for as short or as long as I want. I love Crossift because it pushes me in ways I had no clue I could be pushed, it brings out a drive in me I didn't know I had, it is fun and it teaches me a lot about life. 

Take progression pictures and look back on them

This is one that is hard for me but I think it is hard for everyone. But you will be so glad you took these pictures when you look back on them and see how far you have come. Once you have found that form of exercise you love take a picture, and every so often take another and keep doing that and look back on them often. Seeing results is probably one of the best motivators out there. You do not have to share them, you do not have to show anyone, just looking at them yourself will give you that motivation to keep going and see what it is doing for your health.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I have body image issues I think most women do. I have since I was a teenager. I don't know if it is that my body type isn't the ideal type that are shown in all the magazines or what but I have always struggled with my accepting my thighs, tummy and arms, but especially my thighs. I have been in a rut lately and just haven't seemed like i have been progressing, Then i saw these pictures side by side and i couldn't believe the change. It is hard to see the change in ourselves so take those pictures you will be glad you did. The first picture is a month after I had Holden, The second is when I was just running, the third is when I had been doing crossfit a while and then last one is recently.

Focus and Remember how I feel after I am finished

Sometimes it is just plain hard to push through the uncomfortable times that working out brings, you are gasping for breathe and just plain tired, and sometimes it is hard to even get out the door to go to the gym. Those are the times you need to really focus on and remember how you feel when you are finished. Did you feel energized? accomplished? proud? strong? Focus on those feelings. Because that is what this is all about. 

 Surround myself with people who I enjoy working out with 

This is one of my faviorite and most powerful motivators to keep on going. When you hit those hard days, when it is cold outside and you just don't want to go out the door, when you are tired, and are thinking of every excuse in the book remember who you get to go see. Surround yourself with people you enjoy working out with, your friends, people who push you, people who inspire you. Because when you surround yourself with those people they will keep you accountable, they will push you, and you will have a good time. 

 Find clothing I love to workout in

I've said it many times before and I will say it again because I truly believe that when you feel good and look good, you perform better. Sometimes all you need to go to the gym on a cold, dark winter morning are some new bright, adorable leggings because you want to go show them off. Some of my favorites are Albion fit {pictured above in the leggings and hoodie}, lulu lemon, swoobfit, reebok and nike

Use it as my me time

I wrote all about my feelings on everyone getting their time to themselves in this post. But shortly I am just going to say that it is super important mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, single, in a relationship we all need time to ourselves. Something to rejuvinate us, energize us, in the end make us better people and sometimes yes to even get away from responsibility for just a tiny bit. Is it selfish? Well I guess it is, but I have learned that selfish is not always a bad thing. Being selfish one-two hours a day when there are 22 more to be selfless seems like a pretty good deal in the end. Take time for you. It is important. I mean I am saying this for me just as much for you because even though I feel this to be true and know it is what I need as a mother it is hard to put yourself first for a little bit, but I am working on it because I know how good it is for me, my health and my family. 

Write down goals and record times/weights/reps to revisit

This is another great way to see your progress and how far you have come. Progress and results are the best motivators. You then see all the hard work, time and dedication are worth it and it is showing through times, weight, energy level, or strength. Don't just have goals, write them down. Because you forget, you forget what a huge deal it was when you thought of it so when you write them down and look back on them and can say "hey, I achieved that goal." that is going to make you feel good. It is going to motivate you to want to keep growing and then you are writing new goals all the time as you grow and progress. 

Use as therapy 

I'm not sure what it is about exercise but it is great therapy. If you are needing to get out frustration go out for a run and clear your head, go boxing and get some aggression out, kill a work out to make yourself feel strong and worth it or go and lift some really heavy weight to prove you can. See what you are capable of, feel, and use that as fuel to help you get through the workout. 

Listen and Rock out to good music

A great song, and playlist are great motivators and keep me going when I am tired. Getting a good beat, a song that means something to you, a song that makes you feel like you can fly these are all great motivators and get you pumped and ready to go. Listening to good music helps me to run and just keep going. It helps me lift heavy when I need an extra push and hey I just really like music so it makes me happy while I exercise too, sometimes if you are lucky I even dance. 

Reward Myself

This is one that I am not the best at and need to be better at that can be a great tool and motivator is rewarding yourself for exercising, for getting the PR, and for meeting goals. These don't have to be big rewards. It can be allowing yourself 30 extra minutes of sleep, a cheat meal or dessert, or for the bigger successes it can be a piece of workout clothing, or shoes, Just reward yourself with something because you deserve it for working that bum off.

I hope that at least a few of these suggestions can help you to stay motivated to workout and enjoy it.
Happy Friday
Get out there and kick some booty

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tips! You're progression pics are impressive!



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