Monday, March 2, 2015

Holiday Plaques {The Wood Connection}

I love how the wood connections allows you to let your creativity sour. The raw wood that you get to make your own, and bring your creativity into your home is so fun. I am happy every time I go and leave with much more than I planned on. My kids also love it and love coming home with a little craft for themselves to bring home and work on with mommy. 

I loved my Valentines plaque so much that I created from the Wood Connection goodies that I just had to share with you my St. Patricks and Easter versions. They are so simple, easy to put together, cheap, and so fun to be able to put up during the holidays on your mantel, the wall or a little side table. All three versions I used the same technique and the supplies are from the Wood Connection.

Supplies Needed

-Small Wooden Plaque
-Small character wood pieces
-Paint brushes
-Wood glue
-Sand block
-painters tape

***All of these items can be found and were purchased at the WOOD CONNECTION

What I did
For the St. Patricks plaque First I just painted the plaque gold. Then once it was dry I placed the vinyl on the wood plaque and painted over it with the ivory white.  I did two coats letting it dry completely between each coat and that was plenty of coverage.

Then Once the white was dry I peeled off the vinyl so that you could see the gold "Lucky" underneath.

On the easter plaque I simply painted the whole thing a pale yellow. I did two coats letting it dry completely between each coat. Then once it was dry I taped off stripes with painters tape and painted the middle of the plaque a light blue. Two coats letting it dry completely between each coat and then once dry peeling off the painters tape

Then on both the plaques once all the paint was dry I sanded down the edges to make it look a little worn. I feel like this makes it look more finished. 

Next it was time to paint the little wood character pieces. For the pot of gold I simply painted the top gold and the bottom black, then once it was dry I sanded down the edges and then painted on wood glue and put on the glitter. For the clover I painted it green and added glitter and she horseshoe is gold with glitter.  Once those were all dry I glued them to the plaque with wood glue and your all done.

With the easter one I did an egg that I plainted pink and added glitter, a bunny just white and sanded down and a carrot with orange and green glitter for the top. Attached with wood glue.

This was my valentines version I created last month. You can find the tutorial for this one HERE.

All three and I am sure I will keep on with this tradition and make one for every season and holiday I am excited to make more. Thank you to The wood connection for having me and providing me with these awesome products. Now go and get your craft on!!!

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  1. I need to make a St. Patricks Day SOMETHING... I'm just not sure what yet... Thanks for the cute idea :)

  2. So cute! I would love to make an Easter plaque! I don't really have much holiday decor except for Christmas-- so I totally need it.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing this easy, great idea. I need to make some easter crafts soon!

  4. I'd love to win a gift card to wood connection!!

  5. Thanks for the great ideas and the giveaway!

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