About Us

 This is me, Whitney, also known as Whit and Whitty. 
I am a wife of a law student
I am a stay at home mom to the handsomest little man in the world
i LOVE the color Yellow and anything that comes in yellow
I am in the process of getting my teaching license in PE and Health
 I love to run and am trying to get back into shape
I am a clean Freak
I have a new love of crafting
And I am loving our life...

 I am married to this amazing guy right here ^ His name is Ty.You could say we are Kinda crazy about each other :)
He is my love
He is my best friend
He is the best daddy in the world
He is the most patient man I have ever met
He is a law student at the University of Utah
He makes me laugh everyday
He keeps our lives going
He loves sports
He is my rock

We met down at college at SUU, were attracted to each other right away, became best friends, hubby didn't like this but I was scared and I think I was putting up a wall cuz I had never felt so comfortable with a guy and hello I wasn't ready for marriage yet....or so I thought, we started dating 9 months after we met, talked about marriage like a week after we started dating (but hey we had known each other for a while so no judging...and no I didn't go to BYU and yes I am Mormon :)),  got officially engaged (had the ring on my finger) one months after that and were married 2 months after that on a beautiful day in the SLC temple on August 31st 2007. 

We had a few years just the two of us to grow, learn how to be a married couple, cook, go on lots of dates, Staying up late, sleeping in late, and everything else a couple madly in love do together. Then came the time we were ready to start our little family. We found out we were preggers with little Maddux in September 2009. I had the best pregnancy ever. Seriously I only threw up once and it was at the end of my pregnancy and it was the flu. I loved being pregnant everything about it, I loved getting my bump, I loved feeling him move, I loved reading and learning all about babies and how to be a good mom, I loved when we found out we were having a boy, I loved talking to him, I loved getting a cute, huge belly, I just loved it and would do it all over again. I did feel sick a lot at the beginning and would get really really tired, my back would hurt a lot but those things didn't matter to me because I was going to be a mom and I couldn't be more excited. Lets just hope the rest of my pregnancies will be just as enjoyable (yes, I said pregnancies...Maddux will for sure have some more siblings in the future)

On Wednesday April 28th at 2:30 am, eleven days before my due date, This ^  little guy arrived in our lives. And our lives will never ever be the same again. 
It was love at first sight. 
I couldn't believe how full of love I was the first time I saw him, held him, kissed him, and rocked him to sleep
He is our life
He is a busy body
He makes us smile everyday
He is precious
He is perfect
He is our little man

This blog is about being a mom
its about family
its about our adventures
its about what I love
It about trials
its what I believe
its about connecting with others
its about crafting
its honesty
its creating
....its about our lives.

Take a peak around and you will find out so much more. Read for fun, read for inspiration, read to keep updated on us. I don't care...just have a blast doing it, because I know I will.


  1. hey girl!!! i wish you still lived in cedar to:) salt lake rocks tho, we may be moving there for grad school, but not for another year.

    i really love your blog it is dang cute:) and your little boy is so darling:)
    now following! even tho we cant be in the same town we can be blogger buddies!!!


  2. Umm...we're both Mormons married to law students. It's settled - we should be friends.

    PS: I'm your newest follower from Tell Me Tuesdays! :-)

  3. Hi Whitney! Just found your blog and spent a ridiculous amount of time looking around :). What year is your hubs? My husband just graduated from law school at the University of Idaho. It goes so quickly but can definitely be challenging! I look forward to following along!

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