Monday, May 19, 2008

Four sets

So Today has been a great day! I checked my email this morning and Alisha emailed me about that American Express job she just said that she sent my resume to them on Friday and that as soon as she hears from them she will contact me immediately. So I still don't know if I have the job and I am still hoping and literally praying for it. I went swimming again this morning with Jess and Max and it was so much fun! Im going to love swimming this summer and hopefully I'll get tan too! After swimming Jess and I exercised while max took a nap. It was good. I was getting so sore and Im sure it will be even worse tomorrow but it felt good to exercise and I love having Jess as my exercise partner. The only downer to this whole exercising thing today is the power went out which means no air conditioning. It got up to 110 today in Phoenix and we were exercising with no AC we were crazy and my body knew it. I was sweating like crazy but it almost felt good like I was getting a better work out or something. No worries the power did come back on as we were finishing so that was a relief.

Max is enjoying some music from the little music player that Ty and I gave him from Christmas.

As I was getting ready for the day after exercise I got a phone call for Ty. Once I heard his ring I had a good feeling about it! Ty called to tell me the good news that he had just sold four sets to a lady just minutes before. I was so excited and so proud of him. This week is already a better start! Yay Ty. I am so proud of you just keep the work going and keep on selling. Ty deserves a Slurpy!

It is now time to relax and enjoy a movie. Watch out everyone my husband is going to be the sell master!

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  1. Congratulations Ty! Glad to hear that you got a big 4 on monday. It is always a good feeling. Keep up the good work. Try and stay cool in that heat, 110 already!?? that is crazy.




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