Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr. Parker Man

So Ty and I are babysitting our nephew Parker every Monday and Wednesday while his mommy and daddy are at school and work. We usuually get to watch him for 2-4 hours on these days. It is so much fun and I think his uncle Ty is his favorite because he lets him climb all over him like a jungle gym. They are so cute and have so much fun together. He is such a cute little guy and I love that he will always give me kisses and loves. He is always making me smile, laugh and is always entertaining. Ty and I were just talking the other day and saying that we have the cutest nieces and nephews. No seriously there is not one ugly child on either side of our families. This is bad though because they all make me so baby HUNGRY! haha

Oh I just love this picture. He is so happy and cracking up over somthing funny I'm sure. Do you see why this kid makes me smile?!

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