Monday, September 8, 2008

Water Skiing

We went water skiing with Ty's parents sparky and my little sister Amanda before school started up north. This was only my second time ever water skiing in my whole life. My first time was with some of Ty's family last summer. This family loves the boats and everything you can do with them. They are all really good and fun to watch too. So since I am now an Ulrich I was of course pressered into trying and the pressure worked and I think it is so much fun. I'm not very good yet but I was able to go outside of the wake this time. I know for most of you that is nothing but it was huge for me. I will never forget how proud his family was of me the first time last summer especially dad, Ty said he kept talking about it like a week later to him at work. Cute huh?! Well anyway to say the least I am converted into the water sports. Thanks Ulrichs and maybe now with a little practice I will be good at it too.

This is Amanda cheesing it. She was so fun and entertaining to bring along with us.
I love my TyTy
It is so funny and entertaining to watch Dave whip Ty around on the tube. Good job baby!

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