Monday, September 8, 2008

School has started

I don't really think that it is fair that when you are kids you get new school clothes and shoes but when you are older you don't. So I convinced Ty to allow me to follow through on my idea of one new school outfit and one new pair of shoes for school this year. hehe I know I am a dork. Just another excuse to get new clothes I guess. It was so much fun deciding on what we wanted and trying everyhing on. I found my outfit on a Good Things Utah fashion show and I loved it so I got onto their wedsite to found out where I could get it. haha. Funny I know but I love that show and they have some really cute clothes on there sometimes.
Doesn't Tyler look so handsome for his first day of school in his new outfit :)
Our first day of school was on August 25th exactly two weeks ago. Crazy that we have already been in school for two weeks. I am going to be a busy bee this semester with working 15-20 hours at Lin's 4 hours at the gym and doing 17 credit hours. Well so far school has gone pretty good. I only have three different teachers for six different classes. I kind of have a really full load and I am nervous and interested to see how this semester pans out. Most of my classes I really enjoy but I am very nervous for one in particular. Exercise Physiology is one of those classes you dread going to. I have had the professor before but in different kinds of class settings. As a lecture teacher she is really hard. Not so much because of the material but because she goes through the material so fast she doesn't explain it or give you time to write it all down. So I am already stressing that I feel behind. On a happier note Ty and I have a class together and that is really fun. I have to take this class for my major that is four different sports and Ty is just taking it for fun with me. Right now we are playing golf. I never thought that I would enjoy golf so much and I am sad that it is ending soon and we have to move on to tennis. I'm not quiet sure how I feel about online classes while doing regular classes. I didn't mind doing online classes when they are all online but I get so side tracked when I have all these others and sort of put them first. I feel like I really have to set aside a planned time to make sure I actually do it. I will hope for the best and study my hardest this semester to keep up the good grades and stay on track to graduate in May.
Ty is also a busy bee he is taking school full time and still working his little tail off at chillis. He even has a regular bar shift on Thursdays. He is done with his spanish major so now more spanish classes for him but he is now finishing up his criminal justice minor and other electives for credit hours to graduate. Most importantly he is going to start studying for the LSAT and will be taking it in December, applying to schools in february and we will probably find out where we will be going in March. it is kind of a crazy process and a little stressful not knowing where you are going to be living in a year. I don't worry about Ty and the LSAT. He is such a smarty pants and I know as long as he studys he is going to do amazing. Ty is also enjoying his classes and love playing golf right now.
One thing that is driving us both crazy with SUU is the financial aid and the headache we have been having to deal with to get it this semester. We did our fasfa and went to turn it in to the office and they told us that we had been randomly selected to do the verification. Which wouldn't be that big of a problem if we hadn't just had to do it last year and not only that but the financial aid office took three weeks just to check our paper work and send it to the government. Can you believe that? Now because they took so long we still don't have our money. We have late fees on our tuition and we don't have all of our books. It is rediculous how long it has taken them. We will probably finally get our loans/grants this week or the beginning of next week. We are crossing our fingers and biting our finger nails at the same time. Finances and trying to figure out how to pay for school is so stressful and rediculously expensive.


  1. I love that you bought new school clothes! Logan and I did the same thing. It starts the year off right :) Glad to hear things are going so well for you guys... We need to get together soon!

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