Monday, September 8, 2008

Our 1st Anniversary! August 31st

Our first anniversary was two sundays ago on August 31st. We decided we needed a little get away so of course Vegas was our first choice. We booked our hotel a month and a half prior and have been so excited since. We started our trip on Friday after school. We first went down to St. George and got our picture taken by Justin Bowen. He was so awesome and I can't wait to see our pictures he took. It was so fun and him and his wife are so sweet. It is propbably silly that we got our pictures taken without kids and only a year after our wedding pictures but I just love his work and Ty and I thought it would be fun. Hopefully they are coming in the mail today. After our pictures we went to Dan and Brooke and just visited with them and Dave and Julie. It was a fun relaxing night. We stayed in the club house over by dan and brookes and it was nice.

The next morning Dan, Dave, Ty and I went boating and Dan and Ty skiied. They both did awesome. I was so proud of Ty and he thought he did well too. After boating we went to the temple to support some friends that were getting sealed together and to their two children. It was so beautiful and emotional. It was a fun experience that neither ty or I had had the privledge to be a part of. After the temple we were off to Vegas.
This is us driving and almost to our destination at the stratosphere.
When we got to our hotel and everything settled we checked out everything in the hotel. They pretty much had a whole mall in there it was crazy. We also drove the strip and dressed up a little for dinner at Pf Changs. It was so delicious.

On our way to dinner in the parking lot we saw this bettle and I had to take a picture of it, because it was totally the perfect barbie pink and it looked like the pink barbie bettle car. I loved it! Maybe ill get a pink bettle instead of a jeep or 4runner. haha

We both loved our dinner and hope to go back every time we visit Vegas. After dinner Ty and I of course did some slots. It was my very first time gambling because it was my first time to Vegas since ive been 21. It was so exciting. After all of that we walked across the street to the Bellagio and watched the water show. It was so much fun and Ty loved it. We also got some cute pictures of us during it :)

The next day was our anniversary! Aww I can't even believe that we have already been married a year. Ty is my best friend and I want to take this time to tell him how much I love him and how much fun I had with him in Vegas and in our marriage. He is always making me laugh and he really makes me feel better about myself because he is so sweet and even though I don't believe him half the time when he says nice things about me they still make me feel so special. I love his cute dimples they win me over everytime. He is so smart and I love when he teaches me things. He is such a great example to me and is so kind and loving to everyone. He is the hardest worker I know and I am so grateful for that. I am also grateful for his positive attitude it helps me to be a little more positive and happy because his smile is so contagious. He is my prince, my love, my man and he is so sexy. Thank you honey for an amazing anniversary weekend.
This is ty and I on top of the Stratosphere. It was fun to look out and see everything in the city.

We love each other so much!
So I made Ty leave the hotel room for a while and I decorated the room for him. I wanted to do something cute and something that he would remember. It was so much fun to do that for him and he told me he loved it. I know its a silly idea but it meant a lot to both of us. After I decorated the room I didn't let him see it yet. We went down on the second floor of the hotel and walked around the shops. We also got airbrush tatooes I have to get one everytime I see a stand because if I didn't get my fix I would probably get a real one and I am not even kidding. We also both got one of those water massages with those machines you go in. They were so amazing. Ty told me after that one day when he is a successful lawyer he wants to buy one of them. :) funny boy. But it was very relaxing. When it was time to come up stairs to get ready for dinner he was able to see the room. I had streamers, balloons and flower pedals. We also exchanged presents.
Ty got me a clock (because it is our clock anniversary. Cute huh? He is so thoughtful and he knows I like to decorate), he also got me the movie "What Happens in Vegas" I was so excited I wanted to see that movie so bad and when we watched it we both loved it, it was so funny. And he got me my favorite perfume LUCKY. Ahhh I love this stuff it smells so good. Thank you baby you are so sweet.
For Ty I decorated the room in Red and black for a vegas theme. I also got him the first season of scrubs because he loves that show and he had introduced me to it since we have been married. It is like our TV show. I also got him some bubble bath that smelled manly. I got him some playing cards that had actually been used in the casios. cool. I also got him some chip and a Shot glass that says "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" haha ( he doesn't drink he just collects suveneir shot glasses).
These are our tatooes. Wahoo

For dinner we went to a very nice italian place called magianos little Italy. It was amazing. I love olive garden but this place blew it out of the water. It is my new favorite itainian restarant. Ty also loved it. And because it is owned by the same company as chillis we got 50% off it was so awesome.
We loved this place and had a very nice crazy server.
After dinner we walked over to the Wynn Casino and hotel. It was so fancy and pretty. We walked through it and saw all the fancy shops and went in some of them then I watched Ty as he played video blackjack. It was so much fun watching him because I didn't know how to play so he taught me as he played. He won about $14 dollars. He started with six and got up to 29 but I got greety and I wanted him to get $30 but then he lost sum and still ended up with $20 which is 14 more than he started with so I was very proud. haha. oops.
These are some pictures of us at the pretty waterfall outside of the Wynn.

When we got back to the hotel Ty played a couple hands of blackjack at a table. This was his first time playing at a table so it was a lot of fun watching him now that I understood the game.
This was labor day our last day in Vegas this is Ty eatting some more off the top of our wedding cake.

This is us right before we checked out of our hotel. Then we went to Ihop for breakfast.
After breakfast we went to the New York New York and went on the rollercoaster there. It was so much fun but I think Ty had more fun on it then I did becasue I was a little terrified.
We then walked through the MGM Grand and saw the lion exibit which was really cool to see full size lions in a casino.
The last thing we did was go to the M&M and Coke museums. We of course bought some
M&Ms that were pretty colors teal and maroon. They were peanutty and delicious. It was fun to walk throught the building and see everything. We also took some silly pictures.
I love my sexy M&M

In the coke building we tried the coke around the world. There were some really good drinks and one really really bad one that was so bitter I gaged and felt like I could have thrown up. If you ever do it it is the clear one form Italy. Don't try it.
When it was time to leave we were so sad :( and I still would love to go back and play. We didn't leave until the afternoon because we put it off. When we finally left we had a fun car ride home. We stopped in Mesquite got some gas then while we were there we fingured we would go into the Casa Blanca. Ty then convinced me to try to play blackjack at the table. I finally dicided I would but I was nervous since I just learned how to play and the tables are a little intimidating anf intense. I got carded and the lady took forever looking at me and back at my lisence so many times like she didn't believe I was 21 and then finally with a weird look on her face said I was ok. Crazy she didn't believe I was 21. What do you think? Don't I look 21? Anyway so Ty and I both started out with $10 each and I ended up with $19 and he ended up with $20 so we doubled our money. It was so much fun and I totally got the hang of it. Ty and I now play it a lot at home.
What a fun anniversary. I will never forget it we didn't even spend a ton of money and we still had a huge blast. I love you honey and I can't wait to go back soon. Birthday maybe?!

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