Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Crazy Friday!!!

So yesterday Whit and I had just about the craziest day we could possibly have.

So after a year of marriage we had decided (long before Friday) to invest in a second car. With the winters the way they are here in Cedar, we wanted to get something with four wheel drive and we had been looking for quite a while on to find something affordable and reliable. For those of you who didn't know, Whit was in a car accident almost two years ago while riding with a friend. The settlement from the insurance company finally came in yesterday and we decided to go up to Sandy to sign the papers, and also to look at some cars we'd seen online and if we found one we loved we would buy it with her settlement. Dan and Brooke's neighbor had a really nice Jeep Cherokee that we really liked but he sold it last week, and another one in Alpine that we liked sold the day before we called about it. So needless to say we started out with some bad luck.

SO... we drove up, signed the papers, and started driving like crazy all around. First we saw one in Kearns (P.S. they were all Cherokee's that we looked at) but it wasn't in good shape inside at all and the lady that was selling it was pretty scary and didn't seem to know much about the car, I guess it was her husband's but he's in jail now so she's selling it. We didn't like that one, so we called on one in Bountiful and one in Roy, one had sold and we weren't too interested in the other. So we drove back down to Provo, and it was a no there too. We had pretty much decided that we weren't going to be bringing a car back with us, and we were fine with that because we didn't want to buy one we didn't love.

So finally, the last one we saw was in Sandy and the guy couldn't meet us until almost ten thirty. That may not seem a problem at all, except that we still had to drive back to Cedar that night cuz I had a work meeting at 8 this morning. So we were kinda crazy looking at one that late, but we figured we wouldn't be bringing a second car with us so we could keep each other awake in the same car.

Well it didn't work out quite the way we thought, because after seeing the Cherokee and driving it and talking to the owner about it for quite a while, we decided that we loved it and we bought it from him right then and there! It's a 96 Jeep Cherokee and we both absolutely LOVE it! It runs amazing and is in good shape inside and out. Whit was so excited it was so cute! The only problem came when Whit realized she would now have to drive by herself all they way back to Cedar City. She was pretty scared but she did great and we talked to each other on the phone the whole way down. We ended up pulling in to our house at about 3:40 this morning! What were we thinking!?!?!?!?

And here it is! We love it and it's way fun to drive

Whit posing by our new toy

She even said she would let me drive it too :) I love you honey, thanks for such a fun exciting day!

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  1. How fun!! I keep checking to see if you've gotten your Bowen pictures yet... Where are they?



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