Wednesday, October 29, 2008

F to the A-L-L

2-1 days left until Halloween. Can you believe it is already that time again?

That is right I love this time of year. I love fall time. I love the colorful leaves, sweaters, sweats, the sound of crunchy leaves under my feet walking through campus, my birthday, HALLOWEEN, thanksgiving, pumpkins, festivals, parties, carmel apples, new TV show seasons, orange and everything else that comes along with this season. Honestly my birthday and halloween are my two favorite holidays. They both seem like holidays kids are most excited for but I guess that is the kid in me then. I have loved halloween ever since I was little and was a princess who knows how many years in a row.

I think I love this holiday so much because my due date was actually halloween. I still sometimes wish I was born right on my due date. When I was little I used to have halloween themed birthday parties, just another excuse to dress up right?! I like the whole spirit of the day especially pretending to be the character I am dressed up as. In my opinion you are never too old to dress up and poor Ty I make him dress up with me.

I am so stoked to have trick or treaters this year. Last year in our apartment complex there weren't really any kids, but in the neighborhood we are in now their are kids everywhere, so this year we get to see all the cute chickatees all dressed up.

These are some of the decorations that Ty and I got to put on the outside of our house. They aren't the most fancy of decorations, but I thought they were fun for the money we decided to spend.

You can't really tell in the but we have to spider webs all over the house and bushes. They took a while, but I think the look cute.

This is my favorite halloween decoration. Our skeleton pirate Arrr


  1. ugh, I am terrible... I missed your special day.. I owe you let me know when you are available cause I owe you big time... Your decorations are way cute! the pirate is a little

  2. A house??? you guy's have a house???? And a cute one to say the least! I am assuming you are renting...but still! I am TOTALLY jealous! We live in a very, very, very small 1 bedroom apartment...not that I am complaining or!

    P.S. Your decorations are cute! Glad someone else is just as obsessed with Halloween as me!



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