Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Dan and Brooke Ulrich annual pumpkin carving party October 30th

Better late then never I guess. I haven't been a very good blogger lately. So last Thursday we went to Dan and Brookes pumpkin carving party. I was so excited to go to this party again. They are the most dedicated people I know when it comes to carving and they are the best I know. You can see their work on their blog they are incredible (for sure take a look it is worth it). It was so fun they had a lot of friends and family there to help them. Mom and Dad Ulrich even came down to see and experience all the fun. It was fun to carve some pumpkins, but I have to say my favorite part was seeing everyone and visiting. Thank you Dan and Brooke for this fun time.

My baby and I loving the PARTY!


Dad carving....

...and more carving!

This is TY entertaining the kids with a latex glove. He is the regular entertainer.

And here are the finished products.

Ty's golfing creation. Got to love that golfing

AHHHH... This was of course the one I carved I am so excited (I will talk about it more in another blog) And I DO Love Twilight

This is the second pumpkin I carved. It's Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I also carved a different one of Jack last year so Ty and I decided it will be a new tradition. I will carve a Jack pumpkin every year.

Ty's second pumpkin. Mr. Bone Jangles from the Corpse Bride. Isn't it sweet? Coolest skeleton ever. Man we really love the tim Burton charaters don't we? :)
These last pictures are of the pumpkins that Dan and Brooke lined there driveway and lawn with on Halloween night. There were a lot of hours put into these. They had some help from family and friends but it was mostly Dan, Brooke and Mike's doing. Aren't they AMAZING! I am not this good as you can tell from my pumpkins compared to theirs, but I am learning and getting better each year. Can't wait until next time.


  1. You guys are crazy pumpkin carvers! They are so awesome! I'm glad you found our page, now I can look at yours! We still need to do dinner!

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