Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! It took a couple of weeks, but with finals over and a TON of snow on the ground, it finally feels like Christmas! It's mine and Whitney's favorite time of year and we have been having a lot of fun decorating our house, both inside and out! Whit is so creative and has done an awesome job making the inside of our house look great, and then she helped me put the lights up on the outside of our house. The only other thing that I really did was put our tree together and "blend" it ( I call it fluffing it, but Whit calls is blending).

Me putting the tree together

Whit next to out tree after we decorated it

The outside of our house with the nearly two feet of snow outside

Anywho, we've been enjoying the last few days since finals got out, and I have to brag about my smart wife. She took 17 credits this semester, with one of them online and one of them being exercise physiology, needless to say she had a really big workload. Well, she ended up with one A- and 5 A's, including and A in exercise phys. I'm so stinking proud of her! She wouldn't admit it, but she really is so smart and such a hard worker.

We went up north to see our families on Sunday, Whit's little brother Adam got his Eagle Scout award Sunday night so we used that as an excuse to get out of Cedar for a few days. It was great to see them and we also got to do some Christmas shopping since Walmart is about the only place to shop in Cedar. All in all, we are so happy that this semester has ended and are excited to only have one more until we both graduate!


  1. Hey Ty, ever heard of a snow shovel! J/K, but it looks like you have some shoveling to do!

  2. whit your house looks so nice!! jealousy is running through me right now. lol

  3. I'm down with the term "fluffing." If someone says that they are going to fluff the tree, I would know what they mean. Blending would involve (in my mind) a kitchen appliance. And probably be a lot more dangerous.

  4. You got us beat on the lights. Looks great. Max can't wit for you to come play the piano.

  5. Looks great guys. Can't wait for Christmas! See you soon.
    Love ya,



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