Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OuR 2nD cHrIsTmAs

Wow I can't even believe that this is already Mine and Ty's second Christmas married. I absolutely love this time of year and we were so blessed with all the time off our jobs gave both of us. Sorry for the picture overload but it was hard to leave certain ones out. So I hope you all enjoy.
There is a tradition in both mine and Ty's families of getting an ornament every year. So we started to buy each other an ornament that pertains to that year. We were pretty creative this year. Ty got me a slot machine because this year on our anniversary in Vegas was my first time gambling. :) and I gave Ty a motorcycle because he wants one so bad and itis all he talks about but we can't afford one yet so I got him this motorcycle for Christmas. See honey I do care and I do take your love for motorcycles seriously hehe.

This is our nephew Parker at the ward Christmas party. Santa was of course the surprise guest and to all of our surprise Parker wasn't affraid of him. We think its because Santa gave him a candycane. The Candycane didn't sell most of the kids though I think more kids were crying then smiling. They are scared of him but they don't mind him coming into there homes and leaving presents. ha. Silly kids.
I was scheduled to work Christmas eve so I went in at 8:00 am dreading it the whole way there. Well I got there and everyone was just so cheery I couldn't help but be happy. Well then 10:00 rolls around and my manager comes to me and says I want you to get to your family safe and I am worried about the weather so you can leave. Oh my goodness. I was so excited I got to leave work 4 hours early which was great because then we would be able to get to my family's house even earlier. My sister, Brother in Law and their two kids came to visit from Canada so I couldn't wait to see them and everyone else. We left Cedar City at about 1:00 and got to syracuse at 5:00, 2 hours earlier then we had planned!

Ty and Ammon in their new Christmas PJs

Amanda and cute little Julien showing off their new pajamas

Mom and Dad! They are the most amazing people I have ever met and I was so happy we were able to spend so much time with them over the holidays. We love you mom and dad thank you for everything you did to make it such a wonderful time.

Mom and her Baby. He is her little buddy and I think always will be. We love you Ammon

My baby and I in our new PJ's from Edwin the Elf. You like? My Pj's this year was a robe and I absolutly love love love it. Thanks Edwin ;)

My sister Traci and her husband Stephane
Christmas Eve Rockband
We brought up our rockband because my family loves it. Then they got rockband the next day as a present from grandma Bargar.

Even the little kittys like to participate and they were pretty good. I see a hit in their future

Dad loves to sing and Ballroom Blits is for sure his favorite and I have yet to see anyone sing it as well as he does.

My brother Adam. Well he already has the mohawk what else do you need?
He is a rockstar. Thanks Adam for hanging out with us and making a laugh so much

My nephews Ben 3 and Julien 1 1/2
They loved to dance while rockband was on

Christmas Morning with the Jacobs

Ty and I both got each other racquetball equipment with the money grandma Bargar sent. We love playing racquetball together :) Thanks professor Julie Taylor for introducing us to this sport
Ty's presents:
1. Racquetball equipment- Grandma and Grandpa Bargar
2. Snowboarding coat- Santa
3. snowboarding goggles- Santa
4. Sweater- Whit
5. Hat- Whit
6. comfy robe- Whit
7. Charging station- mom
8. rotating tie rack- mom
9. drill bits- stocking
10. tim Mcgraw cologne- stocking
11. A sweet Jacket- his brother Chris

Whit's Presents
1. Racquetball equipment- Grandma and Grandpa Bargar
2. SUU hoodie- Ty
3. Sweater dress- Ty
4. Ihome- Ty
5. matching gloves and scarf- Ty
6. comfy socks-Ty
7. Twilight hard cover and Twilight soundtrack-Ty
8. jewelry-Stocking
9. Lucky perfume- Stocking
10. Zebra shoes, zebra purse, and pocka dot bag- sister-in law Brooke

So my family has a tradition of having pillsbury cinimmon rolls with green frosting and shaped as a Christmas tree for Christmas Breakfast. And man is it delicious. Ty's family also has a Christmas breakfast tradition of baked french toast, egg caserol and apple cream so we had that for dinner at his family and it was so delicious :)

Julien loved Ty's hat and kept stealing it saying "My shapo" meaning "my hat" in french it was so cute the way he said it
Presents Ty and I got from mom and Dad Jacobs:
1. Yahtzee
2. Smores kit (we love it and we will always keep refilling it)

Christmas Day at the Ulrich's
At about 3:00 we went over to Ty's parents house and all his brothers and their wives and their kids were all there as well. It was so much fun to see everyone and to have the famous Ulrich christmas breakfast for dinner.
My niece and nephew Oaklyn and Connelly opening presents from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave. They look so cute opening their presents.

Connelly and Max playing with their new toys

....Even sparky had some Christmas toys, treats and fun. Isn't he the cutest Doggy.

My Zebra shoes, Zebra purse and pocka dot bag from Brooke. Thank you Brooke I absolutly love them!

Ty's awesome Jacket from Chris. Thanks Chris it looks great on him.

Mom Ulrich opening one of her presents from Dad. Money to spend on their anniversary cruise in January. We are excited for you guys and very jealous.

Chris, Dan, Mike and Ty. You can't tell they are brothers can ya?! haha. Anyway they have a lot and I mean a lot of Murray High School pride. They love that school and they were all so involved during those years. Ty was in the top choir, played football, rugby and wrestled. So anyway their parents got them these plaques that have a tile from the old hallway before the remodel and a brick from the old part of the school then it has their names and everything they were involved in and acomplished. Cool huh? I think it is awesome and so thoughful and the boys loved the present.
Presents Ty and I got from mom and Dad U.
1. gift card for food storage
2. 48 hour emergency kit
3. the Murray high school plaque
4. a wooden pan cooler
5. a game
Presents from grandma and grandpa kjar
1. a emergancy 100 hour candle
2. $30 gift card to walmart

The rest of the week was fulls of fun and blessings. We hung out with family and friends. I went girl shopping with my mother in law and sister in laws and then went to lunch with them. Thank you for that fun time. Chris taught us all a new game called hot dice and it was way fun we played it a lot. We went to a Kjar Christmas party and an Ulrich Christmas breakfast party. Ty and I went snowboarding with my sister Amanda and her friend Eric. I went shopping with my mom and sister Traci. We played a ton of games. Played a lot of rockband. We went to lunch with our cute friends Mandy and Jeff. And Ty got a great LSAT score back and I am so proud of him. He has taken the first step!
Presents we gave:
1. Aero Jacket- From Whit to Mike
2. Aero Sweat pants- From Ty to Dan
3. Baby doll- From Ty and Whit to Londyn
4. Aero sweater- From Ty to Adam
5. 2 watch bands and a watch face- from Whit to mom J
6. Slippers, garden gloves and a back massager- From the Jacobs kids to Mom and Dad Jacobs
7. a Declaration of independance picture- From Ulrich Kids to mom and dad Ulrich
New Years Eve
We spent New Years Eve at my parents. Ty and I went to lunch with our friends Mandy and Jeff that are in town from Kentucky. Then my mom, Traci, Amanda and I went bargain shopping for Christmas decorations at Tia Pan and Hobby Lobby. Then we got home I made Traci a cute watch band for her birthday, ate dinner and hung out. My dad took Traci, Stephane and the boys to the airport at about 9:00 pm. We were so sad to see them go. They live way too far away. We then just played games with the little kids and when dad came home we watched rockin new years eve said happy new year and we were all exausted so we went to bed. Haha but it was fun.
My sister Emilee and Ben We all had so much fun with everyone together.

Me and Ju Ju Bean. He loved playing with Aunt Whitty and loved giving big loves and kisses. Cutest Kid. I wanted to take him to Cedar with me.

Julien and his Cute uncle

Me and Ben

Ben is so funny and very He loves uncle Ty


A little New Years Eve Rock band before they had to go to the airport. We miss you Traci, Stephane, Ben and Julien
Thank you Mom and Dad Jacobs and Mom and Dad Ulrich for an amazing Christmas and holiday break. We love you all and miss you already.


  1. Congratulations on the racquetball gear--best sport in the world! And those tiles are disgusting. I'm glad you'll be able to hold on to one forever and ever. :)

  2. And a happy holidays to you guys!

  3. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! My grandma loved the watch. I attempted to make a band for myself and it looked alright. We still need to go to the bead store. Joe and I were talking last night and we think we really need to hang out again! Let us know when you're free!

  4. Tyler you have a darling wife. I can't believe you are married!!!! I remember playing at Pappy's when you and Derek were so little!!! Wow I feel old!!! (boogsandsnooks@comcast.net)

  5. hey I am going to want to order some of your watch bands soon!!! I want a black one and a brown one and I will need the actual watch too... lol.

  6. Yes he did! what a tiny little world! he graduated '03...I think lol he said he remembers Ty was a very good wrestler but then he broke something?



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