Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday * Halloween * Nikki's Baby Shower

First of all October 20th was my 23rd Birthday! I know I can't believe it I am 23. I have graduated high school and gone through 4 years of college and graduated that makes me feel so old. I know 23 isn't old but I just feel like I was just barely 18. Where did those years go? My dad used to always say that the older you get the faster time flies by and that is sooooo true I feel like years go by so fast now. I'm not sure I like that life is going so fast haha. Well on a happier note I love birthdays. I love the month of October sooo much because it has my birthday and halloween in it and it just can't get any better than that. I don't just have a birthday I have a birth month and I take advantage of it just ask Ty haha. I had such a fun birthday to start the day off at 12:00 midnight my cute husband was of course the first one to wish me a happy birthday and he got me a cheesecake to enjoy right when my birthday first started. He is so cute he also let me open one of my presents at midnight. Before I opened it he told me that he was excited to give this to me and couldn't wait to see my reaction. That made me nervous a little but when I opened it I just laughed. I LOVE my snuggie I just had to laugh because they are so funny. I used to make fun of these and then I suddenly really wanted one and cute Ty got it for me. They seriously are spectacular I don't know how I lived without it before.
These pictures are me at midnight thats why I look so blah haha. That is me with my cheesecake and blowing my candles out. Also Me opening my snuggie and the best is me showing off one of the many things I can do while wearing my snuggie haha I should have been on the infomercial :)

When I woke up the next morning I woke up to a birthday message from my mom and little brothers. I called my mom back and talked to her for a while. She is seriously the best mom ever! After I got all ready for the day my cute friends Kari and Runge took me out to lunch at pastry pub just us girls. It was so fun just to go and talk and relax they are so sweet and I just wanted to tell them thank you and that I had a blast. In Cedar it was raining and it was awesome i thought it was such a beautiful day. When I got home Ty and I were off to St. George just to shop and chill. Right before we left for st. george he gave me another present to open. It was the New Moon Sound track! Yay honey thank you sooo much and he even let me listen to it on the way to st. george. St george was sunny and also very beautiful. I got so many birthday wishes phone calls and texts from family and friends and it just made me so happy. Ty was so sweet to me all day (he is alwasy sweet to me but he just made me feel extra special on my special day he is so amazing to me).

When we got to St. George we went to a bunch of stores. We first went to Rue 21 and just looked around for a while I love that store. When we were at Rue 21 my little sis Emilee called she is so cute just to tell me happy birthday and talk for a while. Thanks Em! Next we went to Old Navy! I got a really cute green scarf for the pictures we were getting later and we got Ty a new pair of Jeans and I love them they look sooo good on him and the style is sweet. We also went to target, Krumpets (I got cute BOO blocks that were on sale), Ross, and the mall. At the mall we also got a little snack because we were hungry but not quite ready for dinner. We were going to try to go to the pumpkin patch while we were done there but just ran out of time. After the mall we were off to Dan and Brookes house.

Brooke took some pictures of us. We like to get pictures around our anniversary and these were our two year anniversary pictures. I think it is so fun to get couple pictures and see how much we change each year and eventually they will be family pictures when we get some little chitlens running around. We wanted Brooke to take them because she is soooo stinkin talented! Her company is called Snatch and Snap Photography I have her button on my side bar you should check her out. We also like to use these pictures for our christmas cards. I can't wait to see the finished products when they are all done and edited. Thank you Brooke! After we went to a ton of really cool places around St. George to get our pictures done we went back to Dan and Brookes for a while. It was so good to see them and the kiddos and just visit for a while. Ty and I miss having them just down the street so much but it is fun to come visit them in St. George in there new beautiful home. They are always so welcoming and the kids seem to like when we visit :) Connelly and Oaklyn both made me some handmade birthday cards they were so cute thank you kidos.

Throughout the day Ty let me open my other presents I got a really really really cute skirt from downeast that I just love and House season 1 which I was so freakin excited about. Thank you honey for such fun presents. After Dan and Brookes Chris and Em met us down there and we all went to dinner together at the Olive Garden I love that place so of course it is where I went for my bday! It was fun to have Chris and Em and Parker there to celebrate with us. I got my favorite dish cheese ravioli with meat sauce and they gave us the best most delicious cake for my birthday dessert. I highly recommend getting that cake next time you go there for a birthday Yum! We also went to a couple stores with them after. By that time is was time to venture on back home to Cedar. On the way home I got a happy Birthday call from My mother in law and My father in law and also my dad. Thank you!

When we got back to Cedar we went over to Kari and Runge's house and Mike was there too because not only was it my birthday but it was also Tuesday which means biggest loser was on and we always watch it with Kari and Runge. It was cool that one of my favorite shows was on on my bday. And you bet ya I had my snuggie over there while we watched the show haha. It was such a perfect day Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and love. Thank you Ty for being such an amazing husband and making that day sooo special.

I also got this sweet present from my mom and dad and siblings :) My talented mom make this freakin awesome earring holder. I LOVE IT!!!!!! She makes these so if you want one let me know or go to her website. I have her button on my sidebar it is Organize and decorate everything. Thank you so much mom and dad and thank you mom for making it for me. Also my cute siblings made me some birthday cards and my mom got me something else She got me a really cute hat with a flower on it I love it too! It is so me!

The next event in October was Dan and Brooke's famous Pumpkin carving party on the 30th. Dan and Brooke LOVE pumpkin and they have the most amazing display of atleast 50 pumpkins each year with different carvings on Halloween night. People come from all over to see them and they really are amazing. I haven't really carved many pumpkins but after being in this family and going to these parties the last 3 years I am getting a little better and it is a lot of fun. At the party you just bring your own pumpkin or you do one they have and carve it and then they have yummy treats and you just carve and visit its a lot of fun. This year mom and dad Ulrich came down which was so fun and also Ty's aunt DeAnn and Uncle Scott and Zach came down this year. Also this year they had something special Ty's Uncle Charlie grew these HUGE pumpkins and Dave and Julie brought two of them down for them to carve. They were each like 250-300 lbs. CRAZY HUH they looked sweet though especially all lite up Halloween night. I had to work that night so we didn't get there until about 7 but we were having such a good time chatting we didn't leave until about 2:30 am. Thank you Jess for letting me hold Gracie as much as I wanted :)
Our pumpkins we each carved two. Ty carved a creapy guy with its tongue stiking out and the other one was the joker. I carved Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas (All three years I have gone to this party I always carve someone from the nightmare before christmas) and my other one was a mummy skull creapy guy.
The next day Was Halloween! Yay Can I just say I freakin LOVE this Holiday! It is so fun I am always going to dress up even when I am a mom I will dress up to pass out the candy and have halloween parties just for an excuse to dress up. I can't wait to have little kiddos to dress up. My first project on halloween day was to finish my costume. As I started on that Ty went and got us donuts for breakfat. I don't know why but donuts sounded like the perfect halloween breakfast. Then I went hard to work on my TUTU. This thing took so much longer than I thought it was going to but then again it was a TUTU for an adult haha. It took me a about 2 hours with some breaks in there. I just watched Scoobie Doo the movie and Edward scissor hands while I made it. So here is the story about the TUTU. I really wanted to make myself a TUTU and be a ballerina for halloween this year but then Ty decided on a pirate for his costume and I thought that sounded fun. We have never been matchy costumes for halloween before and I thought it would be fun to this year but I still wanted to wear a tutu so I was a pirate with a Tutu I actually think it surprisingly worked and I got a lot of compliments on it so thats good :). After the tutu was done ty and I went and ran some errands.

After our errands and grabbing taco time for dinner we ran home and got in our costumes and ready just in time for the ward trunk or treat. The Trunk or treat was so fun and I thought we looked cute as married pirates. It was fun to see all the cute kids all dressed up and they all looked awesome. Our calling in the ward is in primary and so it was fun to see them dressed up and all excited. There were so many cute baby costumes and matchy family costumes. It was so busy we bought double the candy we did last year and still seemed to run out. Once we ran out it was dying down and time to go home. We got home and had no candy left and saw some kids coming but they didnt see us so we ran inside and made it look like we weren't home and they knocked and we didnt answer cuz we ran out at the trunk or treat I felt so bad but after they left we found some dove choclates we had just bought and so for the rest of the trick or treaters we didn't have to hide and had some candy for them haha we are such dorks.

We then went down to St. George again for the rest of the night to hang with the fam while mom and dad U, DeAnn and Scott and Mike and Jess were still down there and to see all the pumpkins lite up and displayed on there driveway taking up the whole thing. We just hung out and sat outside handing out candy and talking to all the people who came to look at the pumpkins. When it dyed down a little Dan and Brooke Mom and Dad U and Ty and I had some salads for dinner, played some games of the card game golf and just chatted. It was so fun! I love family time.

Here are our fun Pirate costumes. I LOVE my tutu and Ty looked soooo good and handsome of course we got lots of compliments yay! Love you babe Happy Halloween!

On November 7th my mom and I gave my cute cousin nikki a baby shower for her and her little girl. Ty and I drove up to syracuse on Friday November 6th. That night when we got there we had chinese for dinnerand then my mom and I were off getting things ready for the shower. My mom is a really good party planner and is so creative with decorations. First I ran to some stores to get the food and some last minute things with my dad and Ty. When we got back we got ready on some of the food and decorations. My mom made a delicious salad we call Amys salad and she also made the punch and I made the sauce for chicken salad. Then we started a movie that me, mom, dad, ty , amanda and emilee watched together. As the movie was going my mom made some cool puffy tissue paper flowers and I made some tutus :). After the movie we got the rest of the room decorated with things that we had already made. I made these cute wood letters that spelled out her babies name Mckenna and I mod podged paper over them and put flowers and ribbons on them and we used that as a decoration. My mom also made a cute Mckenna banner and a mobil that when we have a baby I want one just like it. Then we made a clothes line with onsies socks tutus and skirts and hung it across the room the room was sooo cute we were up decorating until about 2 am.
The next day we got up early and finished the last few things before the shower started. I made the chicken salad for the croissants and my mom made a fruit salad then we just cleaned got the cupcakes on the cute plates added some balloons and we were ready. At 12:00 noon the shower began! It was so fun to give nikki this shower because She is the cousin I have always been the closest with so we are also really good friends. I am so excited for her and Greg to have this baby girl. It was fun we ate lunch, watched her open all her sweet gift and chatted. My mom and I gave her all the decorations, onesies, socks, tutus, banners, signs, mobil everything as her present from us and my sisters. Thank you Family for coming and I hope you had fun Nikki. It was fun to hang out with all the girls in the extended family.
Nikole (Nikkis Sister in law), Sharon (Nikkis grandma), Aunt Marie ( Nikkis mom) and Nikki and Mckenna.

The rest of the weekend with the fam was fun. After the shower the boys were still gone (That morning they were at my brothers wrestling meets and then they went shooting) so us girls me mom, emilee, and amanda all went to a boutique and ross. The boutique was so fun they had so many cute decorations and handmade gifts. When we got home the boys were home. We were all exhausted from a long day so we had some dinner and all just wanted to relax so we watched field of dreams. After that we pretty much all went to bed pretty early haha.

Sunday we went to my parents stake conference with them. It was soooo crouded. They were getting a new stake presidency. It was a really good conference I'm glad we went. There was a freak out moment however during the conference. This old man that was sitting behind me had some sort of attack and went unconscious. Oh my gosh it freaked me out I thought he died. There was a doctor there that stablized him until the EMTs got there. He regained consciousness before they left but I think they took him to the hospital right after that. I hope he is doin well. After church we had lunch visited for a while and then we were off to Murray to Ty's parents. When we got there we visited for a while and then had a delicious dinner. Thank you Julie. After dinner Ty and I hurried and ran over to his cousins Adam and Leslie condo to visit and see there new baby Carson. He is so cute he is a month old now and he made me sooo baby hungry. It was fun to see them and there new baby thank you guys for letting us come over and hold him.

When we got back mom and Dad U, and Ty and I drove down to Lehi to visit with Ty's brother and his wife Chris and Staci and there cute daughter Ayla. It was fun to see another baby she is nine months old so she was playing with us and smiling at us the whole time. Again thank you Chris and Staci for letting us visit we love seeing all the family we can when we get to come up north. It was so good to see you Chris and Staci I feel like it had been so long and by the way you two look amazing good job. Have fun on your cruise! We then drove back to Murray for the night. We played mexican train with Mom and Dad U. Dad won then Ty then me and then mom. Julie was not having fun losing but Dave sure was having fun winning. After they went to Bed ty and I watched some TV and were off to bed. The next morning we woke up early stopped at Einstein Bagles for breakfast got some slurpies and hit the road back down to Cedar.

Thank you Both Sides of the Family for such an amazing Weekend I never wanted it to end. Love you all and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow Whit, I think it is so cool you can read and the blanket still covers your arms! lol Looks like you had tons of fun in the month of October!

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend. We can't wait to see you again. Love ya!

  3. ...and now baby shower planning for you!!! :)



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