Sunday, November 15, 2009

OuR nEwS!

Ty and I are going to have a Baby! I have been baby hungry pretty much since the day we got married 2 years ago but the timing just never felt right until now. We had a good feeling that it was time to start our family. We are both so excited I could shout it from a megaphone to everyone. We have known we are pregers for over two months now but didn't want to announce it to everyone until we had gone to a few visits and gotten through our first trimester just to be safe.

We got the clue we might be pregnant the first of September when I wasn't feeling well and I was just really tired, but we still weren't positive and didn't take a test yet because we had just been up north and my mom had been sick so I thought that maybe I had just gotten sick from her. After two weeks of not feeling any better I finally convinced myself to take the test. I made Ty look first because I was scared it was going to be negative. Ty looked at it and had no reaction which told me it was negative but he told me he was just trying not to give it away. As soon as I saw it was positive I freaked out I was so excited Ty and I hugged each other like a million times and kept saying how excited we were. And of course I started bawling haha im such an emotional person haha. Even after the test said yes and after I went ballistic from excitement I still had to be sure so two more pregnancy tests later I was convinced it was real.

Here is the proof I know you all want to see the pee stick. It is pretty sweet cuz you dont have to guess with the faint lines it just says pregnant or not pregnant. Then I did 2 more a couple days later and they were all positive :)

This is Ty and I the night we found out we were just about to be mommy and daddy to our little peanut. This was Tuesday September 15th. We are soooo HAPPY!

I wanted to call my mom and tell her right away but I some how was able to wait a couple of weeks so we could tell them in person since we were going on vacation with them just a few weeks later. We also wanted to tell Ty's parents in person but we weren't going to see them for a while so we decided to call them and tell them the same week we told my parents. It is so exciting to tell people I love it because it makes it seem more real to me that I am really pregnant.

We went to our first doctors appointment October 16th when we were ten weeks and five days along. We got to meet the doctor for the first time he is so nice and I am very happy we decided on him to deliver our baby. Also this appointment is when they told us how far along we were and our due date which is May 9th 2010! The very most exciting part about this appointment was at the end we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Oh my heavens can I just tell you that that was the most amazing thing ever to hear that little things heart. I really am pregnant and there really is a baby inside of me. CRAZY! Because we were only 10 weeks it took a little bit of time to find the heartbeat and I was kinda freakin out until the doctor saw my panic face and reassured me that it can take a while to find it at first as soon as he was saying that he found it and I was so relieved and happy.

We just barely went to our second doctors appointment this last friday November 13th. Our appointment went so well. They talked about my blood testing results. They said everything was good but informed us that since I am A- and Ty is O+ they don't know if the babys blood type is going to be negative or positive so we don't know how my body is going to react depending on the blood type so they will give me the medicine at 28 weeks that will prevent my body from attacking and rejecting the baby. The nurse assured us we had nothing to worry about and that it can get all taken care of . I am a worry wart so I still worry a little bit in the back of my mind even though I know it will be ok. At the end of the visit we got to hear our baby's heartbeat again! Yay I was so excited and relieved to hear it again knowing that we have a healthy baby that is growing and doing well like it is supposed to. Gatherum found the heartbeat really fast this time because we are further along and baby is growing. We also got our unltrasound order form so that we can call radiology and get our appointment for our ultrasound in about five weeks to find out what the gender is! :) I can't wait to find out what we are having! What do you think we are having?

Today Sunday November 15th we are 15 weeks along in the pregnancy and we are in our second trimester. Throughout the pregnancy so far I have felt really nauseated and the most tired I have ever been my whole life all the time. I get so exhausted so easily it is so weird how different my body works now. I haven't thrown up at all but I have gotten really sick sometimes. These past few weeks I have started to feel a lot better still just as tired but not as sick. Now I just get sick when I don't keep something in my tummy. For the most part I feel pretty lucky since I haven't thrown up and I'm not too sick. I am still working but have gone down to part time. I feel like I have a little tiny baby belly and am soooo excited. To people who don't know I am pregers I probably just look like I have a gut but it is for sure a baby bump it is hard and pokes out further than it used to. I can't wait for a big belly haha I know I am weird I think they are cute. I also can't wait to feel the baby move around. I have only had a few weird cravings I dont like crab salad but at work when I make it is looks really good so I usually just have to try some weird haha. I have been craving del Taco cheddar quesadillas, Einstein bagels (which is a problem because they don't have them in cedar) and I ordered ribs at chilies the other day which is really weird because I have never ordered ribs EVER. The ribs and the crab salad just show that I am carrying Ty's child haha. I also want spaghetti, cereal and tomato soup with grilled cheese all the time.

15 weeks tiny belly!

It is also fun because my sister in law Emily is pregnant and is only nine days behind me so our babies will be really close and my older sister Traci is pregnant and due in February so her little boy and our baby will be close too! Yay lots of babes in the fam! Ty and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be parents soon. We can't wait for May 9th but we are excited to experience the rest of the pregnancy journey. I already feel like I have created a bond with this little baby. Ty is going to be such a good daddy and I can't wait to see him hold our baby for the first time and I can't wait to be a mommy. Neither of us have a feeling of what it is going to be my guess changes everyday so we will just have to wait for 5 more weeks until we are 20 weeks along to find out.


  1. HOW FUN!!! Being pregnant is exhausting, huh? You will love the 2nd trimester though. I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to find out what you are having! By the way, you look adorable. :)

  2. Congrats!! I am so excited for you guys!! I also wanted you to know that I am negative and Dave is positive so we had the same problem with that. I did have to get the shot so I would not reject the baby and everything was just fine. I wouldn't worry to much about it!

  3. yay your finally told people! i have been wanting to ask how you are doing! im so excited for you guys!

  4. dont worry about the whole blood thing, my mom was the same way with my little sister so now she donates her plasma to make the antibodies that pregnant woman take who have that condition, it seriously is nothing to worry about as long as the doctors find it right away. :-)

    I hope its a girl.

  5. Congrats witty and ty we are so excited for you. You look great!

  6. congrats. it is the best ever. enjoy every day! and exhaustion has only begun!

  7. Yay! I'm so excited our jrs. can be friends! I'm so glad I have someone going through this at the same time! You guys will be great parents! I am guess it is going to be a girl!

  8. Congrats you guys. We are very excited for you both.

  9. oh whit your belly is so cut!!!



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