Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fathers Day & Maddux is Two Months Old

So I know this is a little late but I just wanted to wish my adorable husband a Happy First Fathers Day again! It was fun to celebrate and spoil him for the day :) First of all I got all ready, and Maddux all changed and ready and let Ty sleep in until it was time for church. He was very grateful for that. Also Maddux's first present to his daddy was sleeping through the night. Wahoo! After church it was present time Maddux got him Invictus (the new Rugby movie) and a handsome shirt and I got him the "New Dad" Willowtree and his favorite candy bar king size Milky Way. He seemed to like his presents so I guess we did good :) Then we took an awesome family Sunday nap and went to dinner at Chris and Ems after and had some delicious chicken and rice and cookie brownie dessert that I made. We hung out there for the rest of the night just chatting, relaxing and watching some TV.
Maddux and Ty after church on Father's Day!
Ty is such an amazing husband and daddy. He is way too good to me and spoils both me and Maddux. He would do anything for us and that means the world to me. He is always changing diapers, helping when he is fussy and playing with him. Daddy is also really good at making Dux smile. I can always count on Ty to cheer up our little man. He is so cute when he talks to him, snuggles him and gives him kisses. I can already tell these two boys are going to be very close and Maddux already adores his daddy. Daddy is his hero and always will be. There is something about a father son bond that I just love to observe. Thank you for supporting us and always wanting to do best for our family. I love you honey thank you for being such a good husband to me and father to our son.

We got this shirt for Dux to wear for Fathers Day it says
"My Dad Has Super Powers" and he is wearing it loud and proud.

Our first picture of Dux smiling in his daddy has super powers onesie. Sorry its a little blurry he was moving a lot. We can finally get him to smile by tickling him, singing to him or talking to him. He has such an adorable smile and it already melts my heart. This kid is going to be so spoiled. How can you say no to that face? ;)

Also happy fathers day to my dad! I love this man so much he has done so much and sacrifices so much for me and my family. I always knew I could turn to my dad, him and my mom were always there for us and so easy to go to. Him and my mom are such a good team and I love to see how much they love each other. They are such a good example of marriage and parenthood to me. Thank you dad for always being so supportive of all the things that I wanted to do. Thank you for always cheering me on in gymnastics. Thank you for being a good husband to mom. Thank you for always playing with us. Thank you for playing guitar and singing to us. Thank you for holding the priesthood. Thank you for swimming with us in our pool. Thank you for working so hard for us even when it meant working in another state for a while to make sure we were all taken care of. You are so selfless and are always thinking of others, your wife and your kids first. You are such a cute grandpa and I loved seeing you with Maddux especially your little nap you had together. Thank you for coming down to Cedar to keep me company when Ty worked on holidays. Thank you for always wanting to be with us. We love you dad thank you for being you!

And Happy Father's Day to my father in Law Ty's dad! Dave is such a good dad to his sons and daughter in laws. He treats all of us daughter in laws as if we are his own daughters. He is so sweet, one of the sweetest men I know. He has always made me feel so special and loved and a part of the family from the very beginning. I love hearing Ty boast about his dad and how much he means to him. He always talks about how his support growing up meant the world to him. He was always at the boys sporting events and other events going on throughout their lives. Dave is also a good teacher he taught his sons a lot most of all being a hard worker and taking pride in their work to support their families. He also taught them to have fun. They were all active and in sports and shared that love with their dad. He has also passed on his love for water skiing to his boys. He raised such good husbands and fathers. He is such a fun grandpa and is always willing to play with the kids. He gives the best hugs (this is where Ty gets it from). He is easy to talk to and fun to play games with. Thank you for being you we love you.

Second of all our little Maddux is 2 months old as of June 28th. I can't even believe that he has been in our lives for 2 months but at the same time I almost can't remember life without him. He is such a joy to have in our home and we love him to pieces. He is such a good baby and is so fun to just stare at. He is becoming more interactive and smiles all the time.
2 months old Picture!

**He's always got crazy eyes :) He is very aware of his surroundings and wants to know what is going on

**He has been so smiley lately and we can't get enough of it. He will smile when he tickle him, sing to him, and play with him

**Maddux on his first date with Claire. Haha We went to a ward party and sat next to our friend Karli and her cute baby girl Claire. They are going to get married one day. Aww sleeping next to each other.

**I always take pictures of Maddux when the two of us our hanging out and we send them to daddy at work and we tell him we love him and miss him from mommy and Maddux

**This is another one we sent to daddy at work. Haha Maddux has always made the most expressive faces. Look at those eyebrows. My scowly baby.

**Dux in one of his cute little church outfits this was the first time that he wore this vest and he looked so handsome in it. He is now wearing 0-3 month clothes.

**Maddux adores his daddy. Look at those crazy eyes again haha

**He likes to make fishy faces with mommy and now when I squish his cheeks like this he smiles. its so cute.

**He tried out his little front carrier that we are borrowing from Mike and Jess and he loves it

**This is Maddux's first time in his little swimming suit and rash guard I am so glad they fit him so he can go boating and swimming a lot this summer. My sweet little summer baby.

**Dux first time on the boat this past weekend and he loved it he almost slept the whole time. The rocking of the boat and the sun just tuckered our little man out. He did enjoy watching his daddy water ski and wakeboard before he fell asleep though

Some other things about Maddux at 2 months old:

*Maddux just went to the doctor today for his 2 month check up and these are his stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 7 ounces 59%tile (He is a little chubber and I am loving it)
Height: 23.5 inches 71%tile (He has grown 4 inches since birth...wow)
Head Circumference: 15.6 inches 37%tile (His head is still pretty little but his neck is so strong and he is always holding his head up)

*He also had to get his shots today which I was so nervous about My poor baby. He did pretty good with the first one but after the third he was so so sad and I felt so bad then when we got in the car he fell right to sleep which was good since that helps him feel better. It was so sad to watch him flinch. Good job my tough little Maddux.

*He still grunts more than he cries
*He makes cute little noises including a little squeal he does when he gets hungry
*He loves his stretches and has a little hand twitch he does when he is waking up
*He loves his sleep and sometimes has to be woken up during the day to eat
*He has tried his bumbo a few times and is getting a little better and sitting in it but still a little too small for it
*Maddux has such a strong little neck and is always wanting to hold up his head on his own
*He is always bright eyed and wants to see whats going on around him
*He let mommy and daddy go on a date to dinner just the two of them and was so good for babysitter Aunt Runge
*Maddux is still our little sneezer
*He loves his swing and likes to take his day time nap in there sometimes.
*He still has tiny feet I swear they haven't grown
*He has graduated from most of his newborn clothes and now wears mostly 0-3 size
*He is awake more throughout the day and interacts more with us
*He likes when mommy sings "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed", "five little monkeys swinging in the tree" and "Little Fish" to him and smiles every time she sings.
*He loves to go into Chilies to bring daddy his dinner with mommy
*He is so good at church and even is awake through some of it but pleasant as can be just sitting our laps
*He still likes being rocked to sleep sometimes
*Maddux still like to be swaddled in his blankets
*Maddux loves Walmart and still falls asleep every time he is put in the cart.
*He loves his baths and they help him to calm down and sleep
*He wears size 1 diapers.
*Maddux is such a good eater and even does good eating covered up while at others houses
*He likes to lay on the floor
*He likes to lay on the couch
*We gave him new nicknames Dux or Bubbas
*He loves his binky
*He loves to sleep in his crib
*Maddux likes to go on walks and jogs with mommy and Aunt Kari at the Canyon Trail and usually is asleep for half of it
*He does good taking a bottle when I am not around and daddy need to feed him and is still doing so good nursing
*He loves to wiggle and kick his legs
*He has recently discovered his little fists and will stick them in his mouth and suck on them
*He doesn't mind his diaper changes anymore
*Maddux loves to get lotioned up at night but doesn't like when we put it on his face
*He loved watching daddy play softball
*He does so good at other peoples houses
*He had his first trip up North and slept the whole way up and the whole way back
*Maddux is discovering his hands and fingers and will grab onto his blanky and our shirts when he are holding him now
*We put his hair in his first Mohawk for church this past Sunday
*He falls asleep in my arms more especially when I am holding him facing outward
*Last but not least the past 10 days he has slept through the night!!!!!!!!! It has been fabulous he usually goes to bed anywhere between 11 and midnight and doesn't wake up until 7 to 9 am. It is so wonderful and I know I am spoiled.
*Maddux is such a good baby and we love him so much more and more everyday :) He hardly ever cries and he just gives us the cutest faces and smiles. Thank you honey for being so so lovable we love your little spirit in our home.

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  1. Maddux is so cute! I love that you put Maddux and Claire's first date on your blog! They make such a cute couple! We miss you guys and can't wait til you guys move up to salt lake so we can hang out again!



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