Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun Family Weekend

This past weekend Ty and I decided that we wanted to make our way up North one more time to visit before we move up there next month. I had to see our families and didn't want to wait until July and Ty was so sweet to arrange to get work off so we could make our trip up there. There was a Alumni Murray Rugby game and my 5 year high school reunion on Saturday so we decided that it would be a perfect weekend to go.

Maddux sleeping. I just had to snap this picture when I found him asleep like this...soooo cute and peaceful :)

On Friday after we woke up and fed our little monkey we packed the car up and got breakfast on the way out at Burger King and got on the road at about 10:30 am. That's pretty early for us so we were happy about that. The drive up was wonderful! I started out the drive in the back with Maddux until he fell asleep then at the Beaver exit I got in the front and the little man slept the entire way up to Murray. I was so proud of him for doing so well we were a little nervous for his first road trip we didn't know how he would do but he was perfect and that made it a nice drive for all of us. We got to Murray around 2:00 and we got to spend the rest of the day with Ty's family and it was so much fun. Dan and Brooke and the kids were also in town so it was fun to hang out with them for the evening. We were excited for Maddux to see his Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave again. Also Ty's Grandma and Grandpa Kjar came over to see him that night again. We had a delicious steak and chicken dinner with his parents and then once all the kiddos were in bed we played a really fun game called "Up the river Down the river" with Dan and Brooke and Dave and Julie. It was such a fun game that Dan and Brooke taught to us. Ty and I killed everyone. Beginners luck I guess :) Thanks guys it was a blast I can't wait to play again. Maddux had a rough night that night and didn't sleep very much I think because he wasn't in a familiar place. Poor little guy and poor us haha.

Maddux at the beginning of our car ride up North before he fell asleep. He was staring out the back window of the car :)

Saturday was a busy but fun filled day. This morning Maddux got to meet his Uncle Chris and Cousin Ayla for the first time! :) First we had Ty's Murray Alumni Rugby game. The three of us headed over to the rugby field at about 11 and everything was ready and the boys were all warmed up and stretched by noon. Maddux was awake for the first part of the game but he was really tired so he slept through most of it. Ty played Rugby in high school and some in College down here at SUU but I didn't know him then so I had never seen him play. It was so much fun to finally see him play this sport because it was a big part of his life and he loved it so much. He tells me stories all the time of his Rugby high school days and I think he was loving every minute of being able to play with some of those same guys again. Murray does an alumni game every year but this was the first one that Ty was able to make it to. I am excited that we will be living up here soon and he can start playing the alumni games every year. I really did love to watch him and I actually got some of it too :) He is such a stud for being able to still play this tough sport. Watching the tackling scared me a little bit because unlike football they don't have all those pads and helmets to protect them. But my husband is so tough and was just fine he just came out of the game with a few battle wounds. He got his arm stepped on with a cleat and he got a bloody lip. He had some really good tackles though so those were fun to cheer him on with. After the game there was a little BBQ that we stayed for for a little bit so that Ty could catch up with some old friends and teammates. I liked meeting some of them and meeting his old coach was really cool.

Ty is the #1 in the front in the jail stripes lifting that guy up.
This is called a "Line out" But I called it "cheerleading stunts" cuz I think that's what it totally looks like haha

Running. There is a lot of running in this game. Ty only likes running if it is connected to a sport. He doesn't like to run just to run he says it has to have a point to it for it to be enjoyable

In a "Scrum" There is Ty in the front

Maddux has this really cute Rugby romper outfit that has a number 1 on the back so of course we had to bring it for the game since Daddy played #1. Aren't their twiner outfits so cute?! These are my two cute rugby players after the game. Maddux is so proud of his daddy :)

My #1's :)

After the game we hung out with Ty's dad and our niece Ayla for a little bit and then with his mom when she got home from work and then at about 4:30 we packed up the car and headed up to Syracuse to spend some time with my family. When we first got there Maddux got to meet his Uncle Adam for the first time :) Chris, Em, Parker and Ella came to my parents too and we BBQ-ed some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. After our yummy dinner Ty, Maddux and I headed over to Barnes Park for my 5 year high school reunion. Not many people showed up but it was at least fun to see a few friends and catch up. Mostly it was fun to show off our cute Monkey to everyone. Maddux also got to meet his Aunt Brit (My BEST FRIEND)! It was so nice to spend some time with Brit and catch up. I have missed her so much and can't wait to live close to her again. We ended up staying at the park talking until about 10 but then Maddux was getting fussy so we decided it was time to get back home. That night we watched Marley and Me with my parents and little sister Emilee. Maddux slept great that night I think he was getting used to being out of town now.

Sunday we went to church with my family and it was fun to show off Maddux to my old ward and neighbors. The rest of the day was just full of relaxing, passing Maddux around to all my siblings and watching good movies. That night we watched the Forgotten. It was the first time I had seen it and I thought it was soooo good!

Ty and Maddux taking their Sunday Nap together. Isn't that the most precious thing you have ever seen? Maddux loves to snuggle with Daddy and Daddy loves it too!

Monday I went to Tia Pan with my mom to their 75% off tent sale. I got a really big mirror for only $7.50 a frame to put a pic of Maddux in for only $2.50 some metal signs that I am going to do an awesome project with (I will take a pic of the project once it is done and put it on here) for only $0.61 each and a candle warmer for $4.00. I got out of there for under $20 I was pretty proud of myself. We then ate lunch with my dad cuz he came home for lunch to visit with us before we left. Then I packed up the car and hung out a while longer while Ty took a nap. At about 5:00 we headed back down to Murray to spend another night there with Ty's parents. We had Italian Village takeout for dinner with Ty's grandma Ulrich and visited with her for a while. Then Ty's cousin Adam and his wife Leslie came to visit and meet Maddux and we got to see and play with their little guy Carson. The rest of the night was just full of visiting, watching TV, relaxing and then we had frostys and played Mexican Train. Ty and I got killed...Good Job Dad at being the champ that night!

Tuesday we woke up, fed the little man, got the car packed up, got breakfast and gas and hit the road back to Cedar City. We got back to Cedar just in time to unload the car and then Ty had to go to work. Luckily it wasn't very busy at Chilies that night so he was home by 6:30 I was soooo excited to have him home early. That evening Maddux and I went to the Park and watched Ty play in a softball game....And they WON! Good job honey! You had some great plays and hits :) What a great Summer night spent with my little Family at the ball park! Oh and of course Runge came over to watch one of our favs GLEE! I am so sad that it was the finale already. I thought it was so good though. What are your thoughts? Did you like how they ended the season? Are you all excited for it to come back in the fall? Do you all love it as much as us? :)

Maddux hanging out with mommy and watching TV while daddy was at work

Maddux Trying out his Bumbo for the first time. He is so cute in it. He is still a little too small for it but it was fun to try it out. I think he is going to love it. Look it how strong he already is at only 6 weeks!

We had such a fun weekend with our families. Thank you Mom and Dad Jacobs and Mom and Dad Ulrich for letting us come and visit and spend some time with all of you. Can't wait to see you all again in a few weeks.

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