Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Wedding Day August 31, 2007

Married 1 year 2008

Married 2 years 2009

Married 3 years 2010

Today, August 31st, three years ago a boy and a girl decided it would be a lovely day to tie the knot at the Salt Lake Temple. And they were right! It was the most beautiful day either of them had ever experienced. The girl got up bright and early to look all pretty for her future husband, but this was not a problem since she was so excited she couldn't sleep anyway. The boy couldn't sleep either. The girl was a little late to the temple and the boy was scared she was not coming. The girl would never think of standing up the love of her life she was just showing him how the future would be full of being fashionably late to look pretty. When the girl saw the boy in the sealing room he was the most handsome man she had ever seen and the boy says she looked beautiful. The most amazing words were said to these two lovebirds and there closest family and friends were there to support them in this beautiful ceremony. There were lots of pictures taken and smiles to go all around. That night the boy and the girl decided it was time to have a party to celebrate this awesome time and invited a whole lot of people that meant a lot to them. The party (reception) was at the lion house and it was full of ice cream sandwiches, cake, pictures, decorations, family, friends, presents, hugs, smiles, music, talking, and a little dancing. It was the best night ever and the boy and girls mouths hurt from so much smiling but loved seeing everyone who came to see them on their special day. This boy and girl have now been married for 3 years and love each other more and more everyday in fact they love each other so much they decided to have a little man named Maddux come join their little family this year and love him so so much. He is their world and can't wait to continue to raise a family together. The last three years have been full of happiness, smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, Disneyland, California, phoenix, Chilies, Lins, gymnatics, San Diego, Cruise to Mexico, Baby Maddux, making friends, moving to Cedar City, Moving to Salt Lake, school, football games, exercising, walks, movies, festivals, parties, family time, holidays and so much more.

I love you honey, you and Maddux are my world and I am so lucky to be your wife. Thank you for everything you do for me and our little monkey you are our hero we are so proud of you for going to Law school and becoming something you long to be. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY! I can't wait to see what else is along our journey together and am so happy I get to spend forever with the hottest boy in the whole world. I LOVE YOU!

Ty planned an amazing anniversary last year so I decided it was my turn to plan it this year so I did and I was so excited to do so. First of all I love the site Dating Divas They have the cutest ideas for dates with your hubbies. I got this idea from their blog. first I glued this "I love you with all of my senses" to the anniversary card I wrote for Ty then I stuck it on the front door so when he got home from school today this is what he would see first.

Then I did a little present for all five senses. He read the card and then was instructed to go and find his presents from all five senses...so the search began and he loved them all especially the sound one. :)

Taste: "My first taste of forever was when I married you" The present with this one was a coupon for his favorite dessert made by me whenever he wants it and a bottle of sparkling cider for tonight :) I put this one in the fridge

Sight: "It was love at first sight" The present was a red box movie that we will snuggle by each other and watch tonight. The bounty hunter. I figured this was a good one because it is a romantic comedy (romantic for me comedy for him) I put this one by the TV

Smell: "You always smell so dang good" The present was some yummy smelling body spray. I got some girly kind for me too :) "Lucky you". It is my favorite scent for me. I put this one in the bathroom

Sound: "I love picking up the phone to hear your voice" the Present was the BIG SURPRISE! which I will tell you all about later on in the post. I made him open this envelope last. :) I put this one by the Ipod player for sound

Touch: "Your kisses melt me every time, heck so do your hugs" the present was a certificate for a massage whenever he wants from me and massage oil. I put this one on his side of the bed. 

My adorable hubby came home from school and gave me these: 

I love them aren't those roses beautiful. I love getting flowers from Ty is means so much to me. Thank you sweetheart. 

So here is the "sound" present big surprise story:
About a month ago I wanted to get Ty and I a really cool present for our anniversary but I didn't think I could get it anymore. Well then one day I saw that I could still get it while I was watching Good things Utah so I hopped on the computer to see how much it was. Well it was very pricey so I wanted to talk to Ty first to make sure it was okay because I don't like to spend a lot of money without talking about it first. Well I wanted this to be a surprise for him for the anniversary since I wanted to plan it this year so I just asked him if I could spend the amount of money it was on our present. I told him that it was for the both of us so he didn't have to buy me anything. I think he liked the idea that I was planning it this year and was so excited and confused of what it could be, but he said yes so I got on the computer bought it and had it sent to my mom's house so that he wouldn't see it it the mail. So as Ty found out today we are going to go see........THE LION KING!  wahoo! I can't even wait. Ty is so excited. In fact he kept saying he wanted to go every time the commercial would come on but he just assumed they were sold out which was good for my surprise to him. We are going to go see it on Saturday September 11th and we are so excited. I am just excited that I can talk to him about it now :) So because it is a musical I put the tickets in an envelope and put it next to the sound scent.

So tonight will be full of a yummy dinner with Maddux (We are going out to eat but I'm not sure where: Ty is surprising me to where we are going), maybe some dessert, some sparkling cider, and snuggling up to a good romantic comedy on our couch in our comfies. Celebrating us and just being together. I love you babe! Thank you for loving me back!

 Also I just had to add this picture of our adorable little monkey in this post. We love you Maddux. I can't believe you are four months old. Thank you for all the smiles and kisses. I could stare at this adorable face all day long! Oh wait I do and I love it


  1. Awwww, Happy Anniversary you 2 and many, many more to come. We love you and hope you had a great day.

  2. Happy anniversary! Thus is such a cute and fun idea, how did you make those adorable cards?

  3. Hi Whit! Oh i'm so excited you found me so i can see pictures of your adorable little boy!! how fun! man i forget how small they are... are you still in cedar?



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