Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What we have been up to...

Four Months Old-August 28th
I can't believe it but my baby is already four months old. I know I say it every month but time just goes by so fast and little Dux is getting so big. This is for sure a bitter sweet moment in my heart because I am so sad that he is growin so fast and that he isn't my tiny new born anymore but I love love love that he is getting more and more interactive everyday. It is sooo much FUN and it will only get better (So I have heard). Here are some stats on our little monkey:
     Weight:15 lbs 11 ounces 66%tile
     Height: 26.25 inches 89%tile
     Head Circumference: 16.5 inches 42%tile
Our little bubbas is growing and we feel so blessed to have a healthy happy little baby in our home.

He is our world and we are so in love with his little personality. Here are some things about him at four months:
*He loves sucking on his hands. Sometimes its two fingers (it's this one the most), sometimes its his thumb (this has just started recently), and sometimes he decides to put his whole fist in his mouth.
*He laughs when we tickle him now and he even laughs when mommy plays pick a boo
*We have recently discovered that he LOVES the baby Einstein videos (We found them on You tube) His face is adorable when he is watching them
*His smile melts our hearts
*His dimples are getting bigger
*He still has him little mad dipple up by his right eye when he is upset it shows up and it is pretty deep
*Maddux loves to go on runs with mommy in the mornings in the jogging stroller
*He loves the camera. I swear he already knows what to do. What a HAM!
*He loves his aunts and uncles and cousins and they all make him smile
*He loves when uncle Adam flips him upside down and makes him dance. I hate holding dux after my brother because I am not exciting enough after his time with his uncle I guess
*He still makes the saddest sad faces I have ever seen
*His eyes are beautiful and I love looking into them
*He is still in size 2 diapers
*He is wearing some newborn outfits, some 0-3 and some 3-6 depending on the brand of clothing
*He wears his hair in a mohawk at least 4 times a week
*His little blue and red hats finally fit his little head
*He falls asleep in the car
*He likes to be held in the stores which is sometimes a pain but he is so cute and loves looking around that I don't mind
*He had his first trip to the zoo
*He has his first ride on the Trax train
*He got to go to Daddy's school for a BBQ
*He has been to gateway a few times
*Maddux loves his Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs and Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich
*He has started to love playing with his feet when he sits in the bumbo and it is so fun to watch
*He started doing baby babble to me and I love that he likes to talk to mommy
*Dux is such a good sleeper (He loves his sleep like his mommy and daddy)
*He rolls over from his back to his tummy and is starting to shimmy around a little bit
*He loves his play mat and is entertained for hours on that thing
*He still loves his swing
*His binkie is his favorite and soothes him when he is sad
*I will lay him on his back to go to sleep and when I go in to check on him he is almost 90% of the time sleeping on his tummy (He gets this from me. I love sleeping on my tummy)
*He puts everything in his mouth (tag blankie, burp rag, rings, keys, fingers, shirts)
*When I am feeding him he holds onto my shirt
*He has at least 3 blow outs a week
*He loves his tag blankie
*He likes his ears cleaned (he gets this from his daddy)
*He loves his baths especially with bubbles
*He loves being outside
*He likes the sound of the fan it puts him to sleep
*Dux is the wiggliest worm ever
*He loves to go with mommy to pick daddy up from the bus stop from school
*He is perfect
We love you monkey you are our favorite little thing in the whole world and we seriously can't get enough of you. Mommy loves staying at home with you and feels so blessed that she is able to do this. I LOVE being a stay at home mom. And daddy loves to come home and play with you when he gets home from school. We couldn't ask for a cutest most perfect baby! Your our Dux forever.

Some Going ons this month...
Ever since we have been living up here in Salt Lake my brothers and sister have loved sleeping over. They have all slept over at different times twice. With Emilee and Amanda it is full of movies, sister talk and hanging out. With Zach and Ammon it is full of playing games, watching movies and going to the park. The picture above is when Zach and Ammon slept over the first time we played life and it was really fun. After our sleepover Ammon wouldn't stop asking my mom if he could sleepover again before they went on track so this last Thursday we had another sleepover and then went to the park while Ty was at school. I love living close to family. Thank you guys for always wanting to visit.

Haha so don't you just love this picture. A couple weeks ago when we were at my parents house Maddux was acting so tired but wouldn't go to sleep so we put him in his bumbo. Well my brother Zach was playing with him and put this blankie around him then he told us that he had fallen asleep after fighting it for so long. We didn't believe he fell asleep in his bumbo but when we came into the living room this is what we found. He was sooooo out. Look at that cute little mouth open and everything. Oh I love this little guy he is always so cute no matter what he is doing.

Right before Ty started school we decided we were going to take Maddux on his first Trax train ride to the Gateway in downtown. We needed to go to the apple store to look at a computer for Ty and thought it would be fun to take Trax. It was so much fun and Maddux was so cute just looking all around him trying to figure out what we were doing and where we were. We ended up getting Ty an apple lap top for law school and he is in LOVE. It was also nice because the U gave him a grant to get a new computer so we didn't even have to pay for it and it is so nice and reliable for his 3 years in school. I have to admit it is a pretty fun computer. Also since he was a student he got a new printer (which is super nice) and an Ipod Touch for FREE. I love the ITouch I kind of have taken it over. Thanks honey for the new toy. :)

This is Ty on his very first day of school that morning before he left on Monday August 16th. Doesn't he look like such a smart stud. It is a U law tradition that the first years on the first day dress up, so that is why he looks so snazzy. He had orientation and a week long course for the first years August 16th through the 20th. Then on the 24th all the law students started and it was his first real day of his semester classes. I tease Ty because during orientation week he got talking to this other First year Jared and they found out they had met before in the MTC before their missions and I tease him that I am so proud of him for already making a best friend in Law school. But really they have become good friends really fast and have all their classes together and study together. Also I got to meet his wife and she is so so cute I can't wait to get to know them better. On Friday August 20th Ty had a Swearing In Ceremony at the law school that night and it was so fun to see him swore in as a new law student and to hear his dean and other important law school people speak. I am so proud of you honey for following your dream of becoming a lawyer. You are mine and Maddux's HERO. I could never do what you do, and am so happy it is possible for me to stay at home and be a mom. He has now been in school for 3 and a 1/2 weeks so far and is doing so great. He is being a good boy and doing all his assignments and readings like a smart hubby should. He also stays at the school for a little while after class to get some studying done since at home he would rather hang out with his cute wife and baby Dux. We are proud of you, love you and are behind you 100% the next 3 years of your schooling. You can do it babe and daddy! What a fun new adventure in our lives! We miss him when he is gone but treasure all the dinners and weekends we have together as a family.

A couple weeks ago I ran the Dash for Donation 5k in sugar House park. It was my first race since Maddux was born and I hope to get up to the 9 miles I was at before I got pregnant and hopefully I will get to my goal of running a half marathon soon. I ran it in 30 minutes and 10 seconds. I am slower than I once was but am getting faster everyday I run. Ty and Dux came along to cheer me on. Thanks boys.

August 31st was our 3rd anniversary. I am so lucky to be married to this guy. I love him with all my heart. I blogged about our anniversary day on the previous post so I won't go into detail here but I do want to mention that Ty surprised me to a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! Man I love that place and we brought out little Dux along with us. It was a beautiful and fun day with the hubby and baby. also....I can't wait for LION KING! If you didn't read my last post, I got Ty and I tickets to the Lion King for our anniversary present and we go this Saturday the 11th. I will tell you all about it after we see it! P.S. Thank you baby for putting up with me these last three years, for being there for me whenever I need you, for being my best friend, and for loving me and for being so dang good looking ;)

The Zoo-September 1st
My mom invited me and Dux to go to the zoo with her and my brothers and nephew Parker. We were so excited to go and it was Maddux first trip to the Zoo. He loved the animals and just couldn't get enough of just looking around him with those big blue eyes. He was so interested in what was going on around him. First we went into the bat thing, then watched the elephant show, then we ate lunch, looked at all the animals, road the train, road the merry-go-round  and had an ice cream at the end. The picture above is all the boys watching the little elephant show. Parker, Zach, Ammon and Dux.

These tigers were so so cute I could have watched them all day long. Last year when Ty and I went to the zoo for our anniversary these tigers where triplets little babies just born. They are so big now but so playful. I loved watching the one playing with the ball in the water. It was such a nice day and not too hot so all the animals were out and active which was a lot more fun to watch.

Mommy and Dux. This picture was taken right before he fell asleep in his little backpack carrier. It was so cute that he fell alseep in there. He was so tuckered out. He loves that carrier though, because he loves to look around instead of being strapped in his carseat stroller. 

This is my beautiful mom taking pictures of the boys on the Merry-Go-Round. I love this woman she is one of my best friends. Thank you for being such a good example to me and for everything you do for my little family.
The last place we went as we were eating our ice cream was to see the baby elephant Zuri. She is adorable I loved seeing her. She was born last year when Ty and I went but she wasn't on display yet so it was fun to see her this time. I love the babies.

Claire's Blessing- September 5th
 Our cute friends Joe and Karli also moved up here (well to Tooele) from Cedar City and they invited us to their cute baby girl Claire's baby blessing. So of course we jumped on that opprotunity to see them and go. We headed out to Tooele and got lost because of the stupid GPS so we were late and missed the blessing by only a few minutes. Sad. Well at least we got to visit with them after for a while. Thank you for inviting us and it was so good to see you guys. Claire is Maddux's girlfriend. I love this picture Claire is very upset and Maddux looks concerned. Do you see how they are linking arms. Awww

Labor Day-September 6th
first we had a yummy Ulrich family breakfast at Grandma Ulrich's house which is also where we are living right now. It was out in the back yard and it was so much fun to see everyone. We ate and visited for a while and then we helped with some of grandmas yard work and visited some more. We picked so many grapes from here vine it was awesome. I love family parties and family time. After the breakfast we went to Sams to get our new camera that we decided we wanted. (Long story short...I washed and dried our other camera with our clothes a few days before this...I am so retarded). I love our new camera. I really wanted a SLR but that will have to wait until law school is over for now we got a Nikon L110 and I love it. It is perfect for us right now. After Sams we drove up to Syracuse for a BBQ with my family.

I made Rolo Cookies for the dessert for the Labor day BBQ and Emilee was helping me. They turned out so so yummy. If you have never had these cookies you must ask me for the recipe they are so divine! 

I <3 my boys!

We ate dinner outside and then played on the swing set, the tramp, played frisbee, took pictures, talked and played catch. This was Dux's first slide ride!

The boys stole mom's camera and took lots of pictures. Ammon loves taking pictures I think he will be a photographer some day. The rest of the night we came inside and just hung out until it was time to go home.

My little sister Amanda. Isn't she beautiful. I love you sis thank you for being you!

Dux on Labor Day!

Today-September 8th
Today I was playing with the camera and this is what happened. Haha I know I am a bit of a dork but I had fun doing it. L.O.V.E.
Mother, Wife, Student, Aunt, Daughter, Cousin, Sister, Grand-daughter, Niece, Friend.
I am currently working on my teaching license and am taking a few classes online and also doing the block I will hopefully be starting my observation hours at Murray high Schoolsoon so I can't wait to start that and learn a thing or two before I start student teaching in January.I also got a calling in our new ward. I got called as a nursery leader and I love it I get to play with all the little kids for two hours and my first week was so much fun. I hope Iam still in there when Maddux comes into nursery. If I could vent for a minute and maybe get some advise from you moms out there: I have been very self-conscious lately I think it has to do with the fact that I just had a baby four months ago but I just don't feel attractive anymore.I feel like I need to loose weightfirst of all and then change something maybe my hair or something. I just feel frumpy. Is this normal? 
I am trying to get back into running and will hopefully be trying instanity too.I just wish I had someone to exercise with I think that would help a lot. We will see how it goes. Any suggestions on the hair? I am trying to decide to the grow it out or cut it again.

Enough about me...look at that adorable face! This is Maddux last night playing on his play mat. He loves it. Wait did I mention that I LOVE being a mom and feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have this little boy in my life?! :)

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  1. I just had to tell you how motivated the pic of Ty going to school made Nick and I. It gives us some excitement for our future and getting Nick to law school! So thanks! And i love the way you edit your pics with the blurred that an easy button on photoshop?



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