Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 months Old and the Rest of Our Going Ons

So I am a slacker mom and am about 2 weeks late but our cute little Dux turned 5 months old on September 28th. He is so full of life and just when I thought he couldn't be more fun or any cuter the little guy proves me wrong and just gets cuter and more fun everyday. I love being home with him it is the best job in the whole world. The best part is being able to watch him grow and learn. I love to watch him learn new things when I can see that light in his eyes and a big smile on his face like he finally gets something. Our little monkey is as healthy as ever and we love how happy he always is. 

 Here are some things about Dux at five months:
*He is starting to sit up and it doing so good at it he is still a little wobbly and we have to stay near him but he is getting stronger and stronger by the minute.
* He rolls from back to front and front to back
*Dux gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth and he is even starting to turn and scoot on his tummy.
*When we put his Binky in front of him and keep moving it he will scoot to it and he is getting quicker and quicker everyday.
*He still LOVES and I mean LOVES his Binky...this could be a problem in the future but for now it is cute and he can even put it back into his own mouth when it falls out and can soothe is so cute to watch
*He also still loves to suck on his hands, thumb and fingers
* He is still in size 2 diapers and wear some clothes that are still 0-3 some 3-6 and some 6-9 depending on the brand and clothes are so crazy when it comes to sizes but he is still mostly in 3-6 month clothes.
*He finally fits into his cute little vans when he is wearing socks and now they don't fall off
*He stays awake more and more during the day to play and I love it but he is still sleeping through the night and is still taking a couple of good naps a day
*Maddux looks so cute in his beanies and I can't wait to get him more
*He went to his first football game with mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa Ulrich at Murray High School and he did GREAT!
*We can get him to laugh by making funny faces at him and playing peekaboo
*His whole body collapses when we tickle him....He is soooo ticklish

*He already smiles for the camera.
*Dux has the sweetest little smile and his dimples are adorable. He also has a little dimple up by his right eye that used to only show up when he was mad but now it shows up when he smiles too
*He loves to look at himself in the mirror...And can look at himself and smile at himself for hours
*He likes to look at the other babies in our ward
*He smiles at strangers
*He loves his grandmas and grandpas
*He love to play with his aunts and uncles
*Dux is such a good boy for Ty's aunt DeAnne when mommy has to go to the high school to do her observation hours. And although it breaks my heart to leave him for a couple hours a week I am grateful I can get my teaching license finished up soon. 
*Maddux gets so excited when I tell him it is time to go to pick up daddy from the bus stop and gives me a big smile every time. 
*He has the cutest hair and he even lets his mommy put it in a Mohawk...he is so patient
*His eyes are gorgeous and even the people in the grocery store complement them
*He is the best calm baby and is so good when he goes to the store with mommy
*He is such a good eater and is still going strong with the nursing
*He loves to look at and play with his toes
*He is always bonking his head on something....poor baby I guess it is part of learning to move around.

*He loves his swing and his bumbo
*We just got him a Johnny Jump up and he looked like he had a blast in it...I think he is going to love it
*He loves to jump when you hold him in your lap
*He screams like a girl
*He loves his voice and loves our attention which we are so willing and grateful to give to him
*He has been starting to make baby babble and I love it when he just looks at me with those sweet eyes and talks to me. 
*He watched the documentary Babies with his mommy and daddy...awwww
*He loves to sleep on his tummy (He gets this from mommy)
*He likes baths and showers
*He loves to get his ears cleaned (This is from daddy)
*He loves his toys but his favorite are his tag blankie, his link rings, his puppy and his crinkly book
*Dux put everything into his mouth
*He likes to be outside and likes to lay on the grass
*He has his first trip to Park City with mommy's side of the family
*He loves to stare at the fan in mommy and daddy's room
*He likes the sound of the fan it puts him to sleep
Dux is the wiggliest worm ever
*The cutest new thing ever is he gets sooo excited when we go to get him from his crib when he wakes up. He will be crying and crying to get our attention and as soon as he sees us he gets a huge smile on his face
*He falls asleep holding the rings in his carseat
*Dux loves remotes, phones and computers....such a boy he loves technology
*He watches us like a hawk when we eat and I think he is getting very excited to start eating...only 2 more weeks! yay! (The doc wants us to wake until he is 6 months old before he starts rice cereal)
*He loves the movement on the TV
*Dux is always drooling and making funny faces 

Ty wake boarding at Utah Lake. Ty's parents invited us and Ty's brother Chris to go on a quick boating trip one day after school and work and it was a lot of fun. It was really choppy but Ty got some good wake boarding in and Chris got some in too.

This was Maddux's second ride on the boat and he loved it just as much as the first time except when he was hungry and when the boat wasn't going. 

Mommy+Maddux Play time. I seriously love playing with this little guy. This is just one night of the many that we hang out and laugh together. 

I LOVE this picture of us. Here is my cute family. I love my boys more than I can put into words. 

Murray Football Game
Me and my little man at his first football game. Murray High School is where my husband went to school, his cousin Kevin is playing football there this year so we went to watch him at the homecoming game and Murray is where I am doing my observation hour at for my teaching license. I am having such a good experience at Murray and am thankful for the teachers and students for letting me come and be a part of their school. 

So snuggly warm in daddy's arms. He was so calm through the whole thing. He is such his fathers son. Murray lost but it was still a fun game to go to and to cheer on Ty's cuz.

This is me and Maddux and my cute friend Natalie at her baby shower she had a couple weeks ago. Me and Nat became friends from living in the same neighborhood down in Cedar she is adorable and I loved hanging out with her when we had the chance to. She has also done my hair many many times and she is so talented. I can't wait to get down there to have her do my hair again. Her aunt gave her a shower up here in Salt Lake and it was so fun to be able to visit and see her again. I have missed her since we moved up here. The best part was seeing her cute belly that has grown since I saw her last. She is naming her little girl Paisley and I just think that is so adorable. Her and Maddux are going to be set up in the future that is for sure I mean look at her mom she is going to be beautiful there is no question. Love you Nat hope to see you again soon and can't wait to meet Pais! Oh and I got her a cute headband and flower and of course a pink tutu!

Park City
My mom and dad, me, Ty and my brothers and sisters a couple of Saturdays ago went up to Park city for my cute little brother Ammon's birthday! My parents asked Ammon what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said park city and a picnic with his family. Isn't that cute. This is a pic of Adam, Amanda and Emilee going on the ski lift up to the alpine slide. Mom, me and Ty were on the other side of the camera going up the mountain with them. 

This is the walk way to the slide after we got off the lift it was so BEAUTIFUL up for sure started to look like fall. This was the first time me and my sister Amanda had ever been on the Alpine slide and we were nervous but it was so much fun!

This is my brother Zach on the bungees him and Ammon both did these while the rest of us went on the slide. Zach and Ammon both did back flips on them.

Uncle Adam and Maddux. He always has so much fun with Adam.
This is at the park where we had our dinner picnic. It was so fun to spend the day with family. After we played at the park together we went for ice cream.

Some Maddux Pics
Now that Maddux is getting older and is so wiggly and loves to explore he doesn't fall asleep in my arms very often like he used to when he was tiny so when he does I cherish it and hold him for as long as I can. I love his snuggles so much. He is my little sweety and I just want to cry looking at this picture. He is so sweet when he sleeps. So peaceful. sometimes I will go into his room when he is sleeping just to see his sweet face. I miss him when he sleeps haha.

Oh my goodness I love this picture.
Whenever I have my computer on the ground he will scoot to it sooooo fast and loves to push all the buttons. He opens like ten different windows every time he gets his hands on Lilly (that is the name of my computer is you are wondering :) He is normally so concentrated on what he is opening on there but this time he saw me taking a picture of his cuteness and found out he was caught in the act. haha he is looking at me like "What mom?"

Chillin in his bouncer watching TV, Binky in the mouth, monkey in his hands content as can be.

Ok this little "M" loves to be naked. He will fight us when we try to put his diapers on and will roll over and wiggle just so he can be naked. But isn't that little bum the cutest ever. He looks like he is posing for the camera. Like I said HAM!

My cute little sister wanted some sister time so she spent the night over at our house. I love when my sibling sleepover. Manda has become one of my best friends and I just love her to death. I seriously love how close I am to all my siblings and Ty's siblings. 

That cute little shirt Maddux is wearing is from his Grandma Leanne it says Got Candy and I love it with his little gray sweats. He looked so comfy, cute and fallish that day. I can't wait for him to have his first Halloween and dress up

BEAUTIFUL EYES! I look into these all day long. How lucky am I?

Ella and Parker
My sister in law Emily came up with the kids to visit while my brother was working and she came over to see us a couple days in a row. It was fun to see them. We used to live a street away in Cedar and we really miss them since we have moved. Parker is mine and Ty's little buddy.

Ella is my cute niece that is exactly 3 weeks younger than Maddux. It was so fun to be prego the same time as Em and to have babies the same time. "M" is so much bigger than her haha. Cute cousins I have a feeling they are going to be buds. 

Some pics I took of Maddux
One Day I was staring at my little Dux and couldn't get over how sweet he looked so I decided to grab the camera and a few trunk I use as a house decoration, some pillows for height, some toys and a guitar and out we went to the back yard. Ty's grandma's house (the one we live in the basement of) has a cool white wash fence that I thought would be pretty, a cement wall and a cool orange shed. They turned out really cute I think. He was being so much fun and I had a lot of fun experimenting with my little guy. I have recently shown and interest and have really enjoyed photography. I have just been playing around with taking pictures and editing lately but one day I would like to take some classes and take more photographs. Enjoy my little Dux face!

I love this one. His face is so cute I can hardly stand it. I want to enter this picture in like a baby contest or something. 

He loved the guitar. 

LOVE the red chair!

Family Pictures 
My cute little sister Amanda is showing a huge interest in photography and is doing really well. She wanted to practice so of course I volunteered my family. I told her she can practice on us anytime. She took a lot but these are just a few and I love them. She is really cute and is charging only $30 an hour including edited photos because she is just starting out. If you are interested check out her facebook page Urban Memoirs she has her contact info there. Thanks Amanda for taking some cute pictures of us. She took all of these pictures and edited some of them and I edited a few of them as well.

My favorite of me and Ty

My favorite of all three of us

Sorry my updates are so long I need to get better at blogging more often to keep on top of it since I use this as my journal and to update our family members that don't live near us.


  1. The trip to Park City looked like a good family outting. Try visiting for deals and upcoming events. We hope to see you all again soon.

  2. whit..... tear!!! That was so nice what you said! Thanks so much! I miss you so much and i to was glad you were able to come and visit for a little bit.. you look so beautiful and i can't believe how big dux is even from that last time i saw you at my shower.. such a cutie! I love the pics you took and your family pics.. you guys are the cutest ever! Let me know when you will be in cedar next... love and miss ya girl!

  3. aww he's getting so big! I love the pictures you took of him! That one in the trunk is darling! You and your sis should do photography together! We're free to hang out this saturday and next saturday - do either of those days work for you?

  4. It just seems like everyday they get more and more fun. Maddux is starting to change so much ... it's such a fun age and it gets even more fun! I never imagined how fun being a mom was going to be! Carter does not do too well in his car seat but we should still try to do a play date. I love the family pictures!

  5. Maddux,Ella,and Parker are so cute!!! I love you guys so much.

  6. wow! you keep a great list of all his little milestones. good job! :)



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