Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October fun

October was a busy but fun month full of all sorts of events. I love October because it is beautiful weather, there is always so much going on, and it is the start of the holiday season. The first thing in October that was worth celebrating was Ty's fall break. At the U he gets a week off of school in the middle of October and since he is in Law school it was much needed for the both of us especially him. Ty has been working his little booty off and deserved this break more than anyone I know. Thank you honey for working so hard and for being so stinkin smart me and Maddux are so proud of you....keep it up.

On Friday October 15th we went to Lagoon. Ty's brother Dan and his cute kiddos came up to go to Lagoon during UEA break and they invited us and my mother in law Julie. Dave was invited too but was out of town for work. We got there pretty much right when it opened and stayed until about 9:30. It was so fun but exhausting. The coolest part was that when we got to Lagoon and were getting all the strollers ready and all the kids packed in a cute lady came up to us and gave us a coupon to use that got up to 8 people in for $20 dollars each because she had an extra from work. It was awesome because of that coupon Ty and I saved $40! Lagoon is so much more fun when you get in for cheaper don't you think?! This was our third time going to Lagoon this year but our first time with Ty's family so that was fun. We had a good balance of hanging out with the kids in kiddie land and going on the adult rides with Dan!

Hanging out in Kiddie land...watching the Oaklyn, Connelly and Londyn on the rocketships. I can't wait for little "M" to be big enough to go on some of the rides next year. He did go on the carousel two times and he was so darn cute!

Kiddos on the rocketships. This was Londyn's first time at Lagoon and after she got used to the idea I think she started having a lot of fun! She was so cute and fun to watch on everything.

Oaklyn, Connelly, me, Ty and Dan went on the big swings together while Londyn and Julie hung out on the littler rides. 

I am trying to get Oaklyn to put her arms out like me but she was too nervous to. I think the last time around she finally decided to try it out. 

"M" was so tuckered out from all the fun at Lagoon. Him and Londyn shared the double stroller...that was a lot easier than bring two around everywhere. Thank you Julie for watching him for part of the day while Ty and I road the big rides :)

Lagoon was a blast it was just really fun to be able to spend the whole day with some of the family. It was also so nice to hang out with Dan and the kids because since they live in St. George and we live up here now we don't see each other as often as we would like. Thank you Dan for inviting us. To end the day once we got back up to Murray and got the kids to bed me, Dan and Ty ate some delicious Italian Village pizza benders. Okay if you  live in the Salt Lake area and have never tried Italian Village you HAVE TO! It is so delicious. It is in Murray..look it up or invite me and I'll show you were it is :)

Maddux and I needed to get out of the house for some fresh air so out to the backyard we went along with the camera. The weather was beautiful and "M" loved to play in the leaves. The crunch noise was his favorite. Since he is in the "put everything in his mouth" stage I had to really watch him around the leaves, because as much as he thinks they will be tasty they are NOT!
Can you believe how adorable that little face is?

I love to give that little man kisses all day long. 

My birthday
It was my birthday on October 20th and I seriously can't believe I am already 24 where did the time go?! I seriously feel like I was just a freshman in college and here I am 5 years later married, a mother, a college graduate and almost a license teacher. Wow. Anyway I had such a good day and it was fun to have a birthday close to family again. The day started with me waking up to a present that Ty left for me to open while he was at school. It was the newest Missy Higgins CD that I have been wanting. I was so excited and have been listening to it non stop in the car for the past three weeks now. The rest of the morning was fun me and Maddux time. I love being  a mom and it was so special for me to just hang out with him one on on especially on my birthday. Best birthday present ever! Later that day I went to pick up Ty during his lunch break at the U and met my parents at the Pie for lunch just a block away from the U. Ty told me about this place and it was so yummy. It was a such a fun atmosphere a cute little pizza place in a basement with huge cheesy pizzas and yummy bread sticks. So not only did my cute parents take me to lunch but they also got me the coolest present. It is those antique ceramic egg holders that you use for jewelry and I so needed them. Thank you mom and and dad and it was so fun to spend some time with just you two!
At the Pie

After Ty was home from school it was time to open the rest of my presents from him and little Dux. They spoiled me for sure. I got the CD from earlier, some black pumps, skinny jeans, and the new scrabble game. My hubby always does such a good job and I am so thankful for making my birthday such a special day.
Ty took me to dinner at Red Robin just the three of us and I loved it. Then after dinner we picked up a pie from Marie Calendars and went to my parents to share it with my parents and siblings and to hang out with them for a couple of hours.

After we visited with my parents for a while we headed back up to Salt Lake and on the way home stopped at Ty's parents house to visit with them for a little bit. Thank you Dave and Julie for the card and the birthday money. I got two shirts, and a jacket with the money and I love them. Thank you to all my family for making my birthday such a good day. For those of you who do not know I LOVE birthdays so it meant a lot to me to have such a special one.

Emilee's Dance Competition
My little sister Emilee competes in Scottish Dancing and she had her last competition of the year this month at the first Presbyterian church in Salt Lake City so of course we all went to watch and support her. I love watching her dance. good job Em!

I really needed a change and am one of the most impatient people I know when I get something in my head. So as soon as I decided I needed a change I got an appointment and darkened my hair that week. When I say I need change it usually means a bold change like from blonde to dark with no in between haha. My mom watch Dux while I got it colored and when I got home he wasn't so sure about the new hair but he seems to be getting used to it now. Poor baby. Well he better get used to it since his mamma is a crazy lady and likes to change her hair constantly. Well I hope I pull off the dark.

Just me and the hubbsters. Oh how I love that man! How did I get so lucky?

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