Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 months old

 Six Months Old
This little Mister just turned 6 months old on October 28th. Can you believe it? No! I can't! He does just keep getting cuter and more fun if that is even possible. I am still loving being this little mans mommy and I will forever. I love to stay at home. Our day consists of eating, changing diapers, swinging, playing outside, taking a bath, reading books, playing inside, tickling, sleeping, going on walks and me just staring that this cutie while we explores and wonders around. Life could not be sweeter.

We went to his six month Dr. check up on November first and he is a healthy little monkey indeed. Here are his stats.
Weight: 17.44 lbs 47%tile
Height: 27 inches 69%tile
Head: 16.9 inches 27%tile (little head haha)
The Dr. Says he is doing great and his appointment went wonderfully. He was only sad for like 30 seconds when he got his shots, but he was pretty tough and he loved the oral medicine they gave him. He does have a little cyst above his right eye but the doctor said it is nothing to worry about and that it will probably go away on its own but he will check it again on his next visit. He also said he will be probably be getting teeth any day now. He is teething. He also said that we can start him on rice cereal now! yay! and in two weeks we can introduce vegetables.

Here are some things about Dux at 6 months old
*He still loves his binkie
*He smiles at us all the time and has the cutest little laugh you have ever heard
*He scoots around and it looks like the worm
*Dux love his tag blankie and burp clothes and anything else he can put into his mouth
*He is ticklish
*He still loves his swing and still falls asleep in it sometimes
*He loves his daddy and smiles and gets so excited every time I tell him it is time to pick up daddy from the bus stop
*Maddux loves when we come to get him out of his crib and smiles and wiggles around every time he sees us open his bedroom door
*He is still nursing like a champ
*He loves his sleep and is sleeping through the night about 9 to ten hours a night and takes three naps throughout the day
Doesn't that adorable smile just melt your heart?! it does mine :)

*His new favorite thing to do is to put his toes in his mouth
*He sucks in his bottom lip all the time
*He sucks on his thumb
*He chews on the side of his binkie more than sucking on it
*He still likes to be wrapped up when he goes down for the night and sometimes for naps
*He loves his bumbo

*He loves his picture taken and tries to grab the camera every time
*He is so curious and always wants to know what is going on around him
*He can get anywhere he wants to go now by scooting and is getting really fast at it
*He loves to be outside
*The sun makes him sneeze
*His new thing to do is a fake cough and it is hilarious he does it when he wants our attention
*He has graduated to size 3 diapers. They are still a little big but the 2s where getting too small to get a whole other box and the 3s are working well.
*Dux wheres 3-6 and some 6-9 clothes depending on the brand

*He is staying awake more through out the day. He still takes 3 naps but they are shorter. So there is more time to play with mommy
*He has been going to Ty's aunts while mommy does her observation hours at the high school a couple hours a week and has been such a good boy and plays with Ty's cousins little boy Carson!
*We can get him to laugh by making funny faces at him and playing peekaboo
*His whole body collapses when we tickle him....He is soooo ticklish

*Dux has the sweetest little smile and his dimples are adorable. He also has a little dimple up by his right eye that used to only show up when he was mad but now it shows up when he smiles too
*He loves to look at himself in the mirror...And can look at himself and smile at himself for hours
*He likes to look at the other babies in our ward
*He smiles at strangers
*He loves his grandmas and grandpas
*He love to play with his aunts and uncles
*We still put his hair in a Mohawk and it is growing 

*He can sit up on his own. This was the first time that he got to the sitting position from his tummy by himself. He had a little help from the coach but he is getting better and better at it.
*He always falls asleep in the car
*He likes to go shopping with mommy and likes to ride in the carts
*Dux has beautiful eyes and the longest prettiest eyelashes
*He is always bonking his head on something....poor baby I guess it is part of learning to move around.
*He loves to jump when you hold him in your lap
*He screams like a girl
*He loves his voice and loves our attention which we are so willing and grateful to give to him

*He loves to sleep on his tummy (He gets this from mommy)
 *He hates his nose cleaned out...he doesn't even like you near his nose
*He likes his ears to be cleaned (He gets this from daddy)
*He loves his little play mat
*He loves his crinkly book and anything at is brightly colored or that makes noise
*Dux loves the fan in mommy and daddy's room and will just stare at it
*He is starting to lie kid shows on TV they just started getting his attention and it is so cute to watch him
*Dux loves water bottles and tries to drink out of them
*He just tried apple juice for the first time

*Dux loves his johnny jump up and it getting some very strong legs from it
*He went trick or treating for his first Halloween this year 
*He dressed up like a doctor for Halloween and loves to put the stethoscope in his mouth
*He puts everything in his is for sure time to keep the floors clear of anything too small for him to be around or he will out it in him mouth
*He loves his rings especially hanging from his car seat
*He is so wiggly
*He gets restless during sacrament meeting because we have it last and his patience is gone by then

*Maddux loves to be naked in fact as soon as we take off his diaper and clean his bum he turns to his tummy lightning fast so that we can't get another diaper on him. Silly boy.
*He loves to play with mommy's phone so we gave him my old one as a play phone, he also like remotes and anything electronic
*He loves cords so we always have to watch him around those. Naughty little thing
*Dux does this new cute little thing we call the V-push up because it looks like an exercise me and Ty do on Insanity called the V-push up. He gets on his hands and toes and puts his bum in the air it is so cute.
*He loves when he gets greeted by his little friend sparky (Dave and Julie's dog) when we go visit his grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave. He loves sparky. He lets him lick him, He will push him away when he is done with him licking him and he loves to pull his ears.

*He loves bath time and showers
*Dux loves to watch us eat and even moves his mouth with us
*He loves buttons especially computer keyboards
*He has his second cold and it is so sad to see his little runny nose
*When I clap he blinks like crazy and makes the funniest faces
*He loves music
*He rarely falls asleep in our arms anymore but when he does we cherish it. In fact at my sister dance competition he fell asleep in Ty's arms and hubby was loving the snuggle time.
*He is soooo volume control yet
*Is teething...drools, sucking bottom lip, ornery, pulling ear... poor baby
*got to eat rice cereal for the first time. His reaction is different every time. Sometimes he likes it and sometimes he doesn't.

Rice Cereal-November 1st
This is Dux's first reaction to his first bite of rice cereal. He doesn't look too sure but he warmed up to it a bit and seemed to like it a little more as he had more and more.

Daddy feeding him. He actually did pretty good for his first time and we took a million pictures and videos because his faces were soo funny

mmmm....there we go he is liking it a little more. We had to let him play with one of his other spoons to distract him from trying to grab his bowl or spoon we were feeding him with. 

This one is of him on his third day of rice cereal today at lunch time. He is so messy but it getting a little more used to it kinda. He can't make up him mind. Yesterday at lunch it gagged him and he spit up everywhere. Today he didn't gag so that is a good sign he even smiled a few times after some bites. This is the picture we sent to daddy while he was at school today.

One more new post underneath this one on our October happenings 



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