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8 months old

I seriously can't believe this little bugger is 8 months old. Well he is technically 8 1/2 months old but this post and the picture are from when he turned 8 months on Dec. 28th 2010. He is continuing to learn and to grow and is just a happy pleasant fun little man. He is our whole entire world everything we do is for him and we just love staring at him, playing with him, teaching him and making him laugh. He was so spoiled this month with seeing all his family and cousins and with all the fun parties and get togethers for Christmas and New Years. Pretty much his whole 8th month was a party. He is getting cuter and even more fun every single day. I don't know how that is possible but he manages to do so :)

 Here is a little about our little "M" at 8 months old:
 **In his 8th month he had his First Christmas- This is daddy and Maddux on Christmas morning right before going downstairs to see what Santa Brought 12-25-10
**He had fun at the Ulrich Christmas party and the Jacobs Christmas Eve party

**Maddux loves the lights on the windows and the tree-decoration for Christmas. He is mesmerized by them and likes to eat the ornaments off the tree too.
**He did a lot of Christmas shopping with mommy 

**Yes, he is naked here. HE LOVES to be naked he tries to crawl away before I can get his diaper on him. He would be naked all day if I would let him.
**He loves Ty's cousins little boy Carson and they have so much fun together. Carson is only 7 months older than Maddux and I think they will have a lot of fun together when they get older especially. 

**He is still in love with his binkie. This could be a problem later but I don't see anything wrong with it now in fact it is kind of nice that he can soothe himself  sometimes.
**This cutie pie is getting so stinkin big and too smart for his own good he just learned how to pull himself up one stair at grandma and grandpa Ulrich's house. He gets better at it each time we go over there and thinks it is a fun new trick. 

**He is such a happy baby and is constantly laughing and smiling. Even when he is upset we can make a funny face and he will smile at us.
**He loved being able to hang out with all of his cousins during the holidays and has a lot of fun playing with them and following them around. 
**Dux loves his grandma and grandpa Jacobs and his grandma and grandpa Ulrich

**Maddux loves food and is such a good little eater. He is eating fruits, veggies and some meats. He has also had a little bit of ham, turkey and mashed potatoes.
** Maddux can feed himself his baby Cheetos and puffs. It is fun to watch him pick them up and feed them to himself he has gotten really good at it and doesn't want us to help him. We call them treats and whenever I ask him if he wants a treat he goes crazy and gets all excited he knows exactly what treat means :)
**He also just tried the baby mum mums and loves them...they are rice cakes and they don't leave a mess on them. He also just tried the dried yogurt bites and seems to really like them. I tried them and they are pretty good :)

**Little M is real crawling now not just scooting and he is sooooo fast at it. He is a little maniac.
**He was so spoiled this month and got to see daddy a lot more during Ty's 3 week Christmas break. Maddux loved his daddy time and all the extra attention.
**The Christmas lights at temple square were his favorite...he couldn't get enough of them and he loved just being in the sling on mommy's hip the whole night all bundled up and warm.

**Maddux loves his grandma Julie's dog sparky and his aunt Jess' dog Daisy he will just follow them around and tries to pull their tails. They are so patient with him. When Sparky does try to lick him he has already learned to push him away it is so funny. Also when we go over to Ty's parents house sparky is the first to come and say hi to Maddux he will stick his little head in Maddux's car seat to see him and it makes M so happy.
**He is still sleeping really well through the night and taking 2-3 naps a day. He also sleeps really well in his new port-a-crib. He took a lot of naps in the port-a-crib when all his cousins were here when we did a lot of visiting

**My little Dux has two teeth. They are his middle two on the bottom. He got his first tooth on 12-4-10 and then his second tooth broke through the next day.
**He loves to wear beanies and his favorite ones are his orange Mohawk one, his green one from grandma Julie and the blue one that grandma Leanne made.
**He has some really cute baby mittens that look like little blue monsters and he loves them and of course they keep his sweet little fingers all snug and warm

**He is pulling himself up on furniture. He pulls himself up on his crib, the couch, the coffee table, the TV stand and anything else he can find to help him get to his feet. Whenever I go and get him from his nap he is always on his feet now hollering for us.
** He loved Christmas and all his new toys
**He is a little bully to his cousin Seb who is two months older than Maddux. He climbs all over him and takes his food and toys away from him. You can't tell he is an only child can ya?
**He likes to have his pointer finger up all the time and picks stuff up on his own with his little pointer finger and chubby little thumbs

**During his 8th month he got to go to the festival of trees with mommy, grandma Julie and cousin Ayla. He loved all the lights and decorations and mommy had fun looking at all the trees too.
**He loves his Sunday naps I think he likes them just as much as his mommy and daddy. He always seems to sleep more on Sundays it is so weird its like he just knows. Probably because we would have to wake him up for church when it was at 9
**He likes to sit in his bumbo when he is watching his shows or when he is watching mommy get ready in the morning, but he has learned how to get out of it so there is no more putting it on raised surfaces 

**Dux gives us kisses now and it is so cute. If we ask for a kiss he will open his mouth and lean toward us
**He is starting to do baby talk and is babbling all the is so cute
**He likes to play with the keyboard buttons
**He loves paper..especially eat it which is a big no no the little stinker
** Dux does this really cute thing that when he is sitting around, laying in his car seat or when I am just holding him he will sit there and roll his little ankles around it is so cute 

**This little stinker loves the bathroom. We have to keep the door closed or he is in there. I know it is silly but he love sit. I think because our whole apartment is carpet except the bathroom so I think that's why he likes it.
**He love bath time and showers. He is all smiles the entire time and loves to splash and float on his back.
**Dux likes to stick his tongue out and do raspberries with it
**This little man is the most ticklish baby I have ever seen and he cracks up every time we tickle him. He loves it.

**Dux Loves with a capital L Loves baby Einstein videos and is constantly watching them on the Ipod and has one DVD to watch on the big TV. He will even hold the Ipod in his own cute little hands lay on his back and watch the video without a peep.
**He slept over at grandma and grandpa Jacobs house on Christmas eve and on new years eve and on new years eve he slept in uncle Ammon's room which Ammon was so excited about. We woke up to hearing Ammon playing with him the next morning...we heard it through the monitor

**Maddux loves to hum and make the mmmmmmmm sound he is constantly doing it. I think it feels good on his gums.
**He likes to watch dinosaur train and the cat in the hat on PBS
**He likes to sit on mama's lap when he is watching TV if he is watching a show and I sit down he will crawl up into my nap....aww it just melts my heart I love it so much. I almost started crying the first time he did that. Ok maybe I did cry :)

**This little man is in size 3 diapers
**He wears mostly 6-9 and 9-12 size clothes depending on the brand.
**He wears size 2 to 3 depending on the brand of shoes
**He nurses well still but has bitten me a few times.

**He loves to play with mommy's necklaces, ear rings and watch bands.
**His new favorite toy that he sleeps with every nap and at night is his new glow seahorse
**He loves music it makes him smile and calms him down. when music is playing it gets his full attention especially at church. He loves when daddy plays the piano for him.
**He loves to play with daddy's guitar and it constantly trying to pull himself up on them.

**He is still working on the sippy cup but we need to give it to him more so that he can learn to use it better. He can use it with help but doesn't know how to tip it by himself.
**He still likes car rides and they usually will put him to sleep. He especially likes when it is time to get in the car to pick daddy up from the bus stop
** I found the whole sheep from the nativity that was on my coffee table through December in his mouth on multiple occasions apparently he likes lamb haha.

**This little mischievous boy has a girl scream and it is hilarious but sometimes embarrassing when we are quiet places like church.
**He also likes to burp really loud in the middle of sacrament meeting.
**Dux HATES to have his nose wipes and cries every time he also hates to have his nails clipped which is not fun
**He still likes to be swaddled up for naps and night time but likes to have his arms out

**He likes to sit in the cart at the store out of his car seat and buckled in the cart like a big boy. He likes to be able to look all around and flirt with all the people in the store. We get so many compliments on him and how beautiful his eyes are at stores. I love it in fact just a few weeks ago at the DI there was this cute older gentleman that kept playing with Maddux and it was so stinkin cute his wife just kept saying how much he loves babies.
**He is always sleeping with a humidifier now because the air is so dry this winter if we don't have it one he has dry boogies everywhere but every night we have it on he wakes up clear. So it is his new best friend going all night long
**He sleeps on his tummy. We will lay him on his back but he flips right on over to his tummy to fall asleep

Our little man is so so so so sweet and I seriously couldn't ask for a better baby. I am so blessed to be his mommy and I know his daddy feels the same way. I am so grateful to be able to stay home with him and to teach him and watch him grow. We are so in love with little "M" and feel so blessed and thankful he is apart of our little family. We just feel whole with him in our lives.

Make sure to read on...There is the New Years post below this one :)

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