Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Self-Portrait Fun!

Yup, This is me and the many faces of me. LOL. I felt a little weird doing this at first but just like Ashley at LMM said, it is really fun. So I took her challenge and joined in on the "Self Portrait Link Party". I don't quite pull it off like she does but it was still a blast. I love this blog you should for sure check it out if you haven't already. I love her outlook on life, her mommy stories and her fashion. Also you should join the PARTY! Who doesn't like a good party anyway.

Ashley writes on her blog:

Yep, we're really doing this.
We're busting out the camera,
setting aside our fears,
stepping out of our comfort zone,
channeling our spunk,
embracing the beauty that is YOU,
capturing the moment,
and then posting those pictures
right here, right now
so others can see
your shining faces!

A cute girl from here said this about the link party: "No this is not a contest to see who is the hottest! it's about embracing who you are. Loving yourself and being proud of yourself."

This is why I love these parties because then I can see what other lovely and talented bloggers are out there. Mine is more like just a journal but I love to look at the craft/ DIY/ fashion/ photo/ other talents blogs. I am a bit addicted actually.

Welp...here I am...no censoring...just my goofy self

Lady gagaing it up
The closest thing to a serious glamour shot I got haha...embarrassing much? yeah Maybe Ty will like it at least I don't know
Last one is me thinking about how I need to get to the gym...As you can tell I'm not took excited about that, but this baby weight has got to come off sometime right?!
I love being a wife and mama!!!!

I'm a stay at home mommy
I attempt to cook
I love to clean
I'm a house wife
I like teen shows
I love to blog stock
I like to run
I am gonna teach PE one day
I like to decorate 
I love my family
I went to the Dashboard Concert here in SLC with my little sister and I frikin had a Blast! It reminded me of my single college days of going to concerts and pushing my way to the front...touching the railing, singing my heart out, getting pushed around and just plan having a fantastic time. It was such a fun experience to go with my little sis and let her see that crazy but fun side of me. I hope I didn't freak her out too much. I LOVE being a mommy but it was fun to have a night off and just let my hair down for a bit. Ty was the best hubby ever and stayed home to play with our little M all night. What a good Daddy. 

Me and Manda Panda...at the concert

Oh and of course I had to buy my shirt to prove I was there and yes I did push myself to the very front. I almost touched Chris. If you don't know already I get a little crazy around celebrities, Especially if I Love their music.

I'm not sure why I am surprised here but I do like workin me some Lady Gaga poses!

Perfect for the Hubby! 
(don't you think he should keep this on his night stand?) haha
Perfect for V-day coming up.

This is my .Pretty little Liars. picture
Have you ever seen this show?
Haha well confession time:
It is on ABC family and is probably geared more toward teens not 20 something year olds but I love it and am addicted to it. In fact the time when we were moving and didn't have cable for a while I missed it and need to get caught up on hulu. The show is based off of books which I need to hop on over to the library and get ASAP
It is also a pretty good secrets picture...don't ya think? 
Which reminds me Ashley also has this Sisterhood of Secrets segment that is really interesting to read about.
I think I should be her mascot or whatever haha j/k

Baby Maddux just woke up from his nap so it is off the computer time and back to real life. Playing with the babe and enjoying every since laugh and smile. Make sure to visit LMM and link up to her party


  1. Whitney, you are such a pretty girl and I LOVE your self-portraits, especially the Gaga. :)

    I miss seeing you! When Sean graduates from school we'll move back up to SLC and then we can have playdates with the kiddos. :)

  2. I think your photos turned out amazing! By the way....your hair is gorgeous!

  3. i really like your hair dark, it's sultry!! and that is such a cute idea to do for valentine's day, with signing LOVE, i may just do it!!



  4. I love your cute pictures. You're such a beautiful girl. I might be a little prejustice because you're my daughter, but you are gorgeous and very photogenic unlike your mom.

  5. love your self portraits!! so unique and you're lovely! :)

  6. You are so cute! I need to learn all your photo and computer skills! And I love teenager shows too! hahaha



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