Friday, April 29, 2011

Maddux's First Birthday Party

We decided to do a family Birthday party for little M on April 23rd the Saturday before his Birthday. 
It was over Easter weekend so we had a lot of family in town which made it even more fun for Maddux to have more people who loved him there. 
Thanks to everyone who was able to come
You made his party so special

Maddux has been obsessed with Elmo lately so of course that was the theme of the party.
I found a Elmo cake pan on KSL classified for only $5 so
Ty went and snatched it up for me and Wala
I made a cute Elmo cake for my baby
He loved it 
And it tasted yummy too 

I also made some cute decorations for the party

The tutorials for the banner and the Pom Poms are coming soon 
they were so fun to make and super easy
Maddux kept pointing at them I think he liked them too
Since his Birthday was 5 days before his real birthday we left them up for him all WEEK!
We don't mess around here 
Birthdays are a big deal
Especially the first one :)

Maddux loved having a lot of his cousins there
Him and Gracie are giving each other loves
Isn't that so cute
I love when I can capture moments like this
Gracie is only 9 months older I think they will be great buds
Gracie LOVED the Elmo cake and presents too 
I think she might be having a second Elmo birthday party comin' up now too 

Present Time! Present Time! Open the presents and see whats inside!
(Blues Clues)

He had so much fun opening the presents and did a pretty good job too I only helped him a little
and he got so excited every time he got to see what was under the paper or in the bag

He was so spoiled and got so many fun things

He got fun bath stuff, a cute shark hooded towel, Elmo, play camera, books, stuffed animals, a lot of cute clothes, cars, a popper, mini mister potato head and a steering wheel

My sweet little mans birthday song

Cake time was by far his favorite part of the party 
This is when we are singing to him he was in awe

After we stopped singing he was not shy 
He dug right in
Atta boy!

He was in heaven and loved every bite

Some of his uncles and cousins
(yes he has uncles on my side the same age as some of his cousins on Ty's side)

See what I mean :)
We gave him a huge piece and he pretty much ate ever little piece on his tray
He is still working on it here
Some of the fam there to celebrate our little guy on his First Birthday
We are so thankful to everyone that came 
It really was so much fun not only for him but for me and Ty too 
It was full smiles all party long

Our little Fam
Yes the eyes of Elmo had some black icing...
and now it is all over his arm and tummy

Daddy and the birthday boy!

Mommy and the Birthday boy!

This is right before his bath time
He was such a good boy and was so happy the whole day
I cannot believe I am a mommy to a one year old!
What happened to the time?


  1. Super cute! I can't believe little M is already a year old! Wish we could have been there! :)

  2. So freakin cute!!! I love the decorations and the cake! And you of course, are so cute!!!!

  3. What a cute birthday party! The time really does go so fast huh? I guess that means we are lovin' every minute! I swear your mom never ages. She looks just the same ... tell her hi for me! :)

  4. oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! my sis and I noticed you have a fitness blog, we are having an exercise week and want to learn how others work out, if you are interested in being on our blog and telling us about your fitness routines we'd love to hear about it! let us know at



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