Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Fun 2011

Easter Weekend was FULL of so much family fun and filling spoiled!
This was M's first Easter so of course Ty and I were more excited than we ever have been before for this holiday
First off we were so excited because all the Ulrich side of the fam was in town 
from Cedar and St. George so hello that was getting spoiled just right there
We started it out with going to Olive Garden to satisfy Jess's Prego craving, playin some games 
and just talking in the wee hours of the night.

Saturday Morning there was a Easter Egg hunt for all the Grandkids at Dave and Julies 
Even Maddux got in on the fun
He was in his Jammies and all (who doesn't like to be comfy while popping some candy in your mouth right?!)
He didn't even mind the grass as soon as we put him down he was crawling all over the place
picking up every Colorful egg he could find. 
He was much more interested in the colors and examining them then the candy inside.
look at that interested face...isnt he just a doll
I love when I can tell those little wheels in his head are turning by his concentrated faces

The Ulrich Grandkids
We had a hard time getting them all to look at the same camera at the same time. 
But look how cute they all are anyway

Maddux had so much fun getting spoiled and hanging out with all of his cousins
He is just fascinated by older kids
He would follow his older cousins around all day long
and they were so sweet to him 
including him in just about everything they were doing
Con Man wanted to hold him while they watched "Meet the Robinsons" together
I had to get a picture it was just too cute

after the Egg hunt the Ty and his brothers were off to some golfing while 
I got things ready for Little M's Birthday Party and Maddux took a much needed nap
Before more fun started

Easter morning we first went to church 
We all had some new Church outfits....Always fun right?!
When we got home It was time to see what the Easter bunny brought us all
And for little M's own Easter Egg hunt
The Easter Bunny is so sweet to leave some eggs for our little Maddux

Ready....Set....Get the Eggs

The Easter Bunny put a little chocolate and 
some Baby Fruit leather Treats in his eggs

And here is the Loot
What a spoiled little guy
But he is so worth it
He got Bubbles, Peeps, Baby treats, Bath toys, number magnets, clothes, and a couple books
Oh and of course his handsome Church outfit
Doesn't he look like a handsome little stud

Me and Ty were spoiled too
I got Scrubs season 9, Candy, and skull candy ear phones in a boat/swimming bag 
Ty got Harry Potter 7 part 1, Candy, and Mountain Dew in a new lunch pal
I also got a new dress and Ty got a snazzy new suit that he looks super hot in by the way
Perfect for when he is a successful lawyer;)

This little guy just cracks me up
I love all the funny faces he makes
What a sweety

He adores his daddy
They always have so much fun together
We are so excited for Finals to be over so we can play more

He always knows how to make us smile
What a little goober

After church and some time to just our little family we headed over to Ty's parents house
We had an amazing Easter dinner feast with most of the fam there
Then of course while the kids played and watched a movie we had a Rook Tournament
Ty and I totally lost we were off our game that's for sure
Good thing we won some a couple days before

We had such a beautiful Easter
I hope you all did as well

The Monday after Easter My sister in Law Brookie (All Things Thrifty
was asked to go onto Good Things Utah 
to show them some of her thrifty decor ideas
And she did not disappoint She did so good and I loved all the ideas she showed
I was able to be in the studio audience to go and support her
It was really fun

Oaklyn lovin on Maddux before they had to leave to go back down to St. George
She is such a sweety to Maddux 
And he just adores her

And I can't forget to mention that my hunk of a Hubby
and his Law school Intramural Team 
were the Flag Football Champions for Spring Semester
He has been playing every Monday this Semester and has been loving it
M and I were finally able to go to one of his games and of course we got hailed on 
so we watched the rest from the car
But they won the whole thing!
Great job honey

Also the Hubsters is in Finals this week so wish us luck that we will all survive :)
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  1. Love that yellow dress! And I randomly turned on the tv the other day right when Brooke was on! She is so cute! I was in one of her classes at SUU and was so excited to see her! I have always wanted to go watch GTU!

  2. LOVE, love your pictures! Such an adorable little baby makes such a beautiful family!



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