Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Elmo Cake Tutorial

I am not a Cake decorator by any means 
but I did think it would be fun to decorate a cake for Little M's first Birthday
I am lucky enough to have a Mother in Law and a Sister in Law that
both decorate beautiful cakes so I did get a few pointers
and borrowed some icing bags and tips from my MIL

Well the little one has been OBSESSED with Elmo lately
so I got onto KSL classified and low and behold there
was the exact cake pan I wanted for only $5
I had my hubby so snatch it up for me 
and it still looked brand new
This is my crazy kitchen as I was rushing to make the cake for his party 
Running late like always
Can you say STRESSED?!

First I had to get the Funfetti cake it is the most fun and 
it is for a fun little one year old
Plus it has pudding mix in it so it was really moist
Make the cake just like it says on the box 
To prepare your pan you spread shortening all over it and flour it so the cake will slide right out when you want it to

 Pour the cake mix into the pan and bake it as instructed on the box

While it was baking it was time to get all the frosting colored and ready
I got Strawberry frosting because then I wouldn't have to use as much 
red food coloring to turn it Elmo red
Plus it is yummy :)

I used the vanilla frosting for the white parts of the eyes and also colored it orange for the nose
I used a tube of precolored black frosting because it is so hard to get it the dark black with food coloring
I got the tube at Michaels

These are the food coloring I used for the frosting
I feel like this kind made especially for cake decorating are
better because they don't leave the gross after taste that the regular food coloring does if you use too much
I already had the red one from when I made Ty a U of U law school cake a while back
and I borrowed the orange from my Mother in law

Here is elmo when he is cooked and not yet decorated
See he just slides right out if you use shortening and flour to prepare your pan

Then the decorating began
First I did the mouth I just put a tip right on the end of the tube of frosting and piped it right in then I smoothed out the mouth with a little spatula 
Next, I did the main red of the face first I just put it all on there covering all of the main face of elmo
using the frosting spatula
Then I took the spatula and lifted the frosting to make him look hairy

Next I put the orange on the nose smoothing it carefully so the orange didn't get any where else on the face
Next it was time for the eyes I just used the plane white frosting and smoothed it around the eyes
Lastly I used the black frosting tube with the tip and make the eyeballs. 
And there he is complete
Isn't he cute
It was pretty easy and so much fun to do for my little man
and his Elmo themed Birthday party

And it was delicious
Just ask him?
Oh how I LOVE this boy!

Check out my Where I link tab and here to see what parties this Do it yourself Cake is linked to
Stay tuned for some fun party decoration tutorials coming up soon


  1. So cute! Great job! I didn't know you were related to Jessica! I cheered with her in high school. Small world.

  2. It turned out so cute! You did a great job!

  3. My Son (9 months old) LOVES Elmo! This turned out great! You have a great blog

    Delighted Momma

  4. The cake came out great! Wonderful job! Looks like the really enjoyed it! : )

  5. Oh my goodness you seriosuly did such a good job. I wish my littles still loved elmo because this is just too cute! Oh and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It seriosuly made my day:>

  6. oh gosh that cake is ADORABLE!! love it..

  7. This is SO cute...my 2 year old son is an Elmo fanatic too. We have a giant sized one that he can't sleep without. He would love something like this for his birthday. I'm your newest follower.


  8. That cake turned out so cute! Thanks for the tute for it. I have never been good at cakes and all that!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and coming out of the dark by leaving a comment :) I am so glad you did! I love meeting new friends. Your blog is also super cute. I am a new follower!

  9. Hey Whitney! Thanks for stopping by BrownSugarToast and inviting me to your place!
    The elmo cake turned out great! I am definitely going to keep that in mind for my little girl's bday party. She loves watching Elmo's World on youtube! :) thanks for sharing your cute cake & super cute baby boy!



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