Friday, June 17, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #5 , Giveaway Winner and Exciting News

 Sorry I have Been MIA lately
It has been a crazy week but I am back and
I have a lot of tutorials ready to share with you
so make sure to stay tuned the next few days

But for now....

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
We have a winner 
chosen through of course

First of all I have to thank you all for entering
For reading and for all the support
This is why I do these giveaways
Because I LOVE you and want to thank you 

so I will not beat around the bush any longer
the lucky winner of the My LDS Temple 8X10 Print of Your choice is:

Number 5: Lindsay @ Artsy-Fartsy Mama
Linsday said...
Following your cute blog! :)
Congratulations Girl! To claim your prize email me as soon as you see this!
I will then send your choice and info to Becca and she will send you
your FREE 8X10 print
and you will just squeal when you get it in the mail
They are that pretty!

Thanks again to Becca from My lds Temple 
For sponsoring this giveaway!
For all of you who entered and didn't win 
don't forget you get a 10% Discount 
to her shop by entering the code

Yay! It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So here are my Ten for week FIVE: 
And I am sharing them with you because....
that's right! because
I LOVE you!
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

I have been Drooling over this Bedding for months and months
And now that I am going to do started my bedroom makeover
 I have put this on my list
I am going to make this beauty but in Brown

Don't you love the texture, the elegance the shabby chicness?
Oh my heavens I can't wait to get started

The Fabuloso girls over at Kojo Designs
Created an AMAZING tutorial on how to 
make this anthropologie knockoff bedding
I am tellin ya you have to check it out 
 Source: Kojo Designs

I feel like at this point in my life I have a lot
of Prego friends or family members so
I am always looking for fun, cute and unique baby gifts
and this, my friends, is one of my favs

I love the personalization
I love the look 
and I really think it would be a hit!
 Source: Trendy Peas

Yes, If you cannot tell by my past pinterest posts 
I have a bag obsession

But who doesn't love this one
am I right? or am I right?
That is what I thought

Fun, Big, Stylish and PRETTY!
What is not to like?
I know you want one too

I really wanna try to make one
wish me luck if I fail 
who will make it for me?

What a fun party
I think I am going to use the red and white theme
and party ideas for a fun
Summer Family picnic just Ty, Maddux and I :)

How fun would that be?
Get some Izzy soda
red and white paper straws
Eat on the ground on a blankie or on a picnic table

Maybe grill some hamburgers and hotdogs
Make some smores 
play some games
Perfection :)

I have been in love with the scrabble letter trend
and always have something 
spelled out in scrabble letters in my decor

But THIS...
This is amazing
I want to do this so bad
If I ever have a playroom for my Maddux and future kiddos 
This is going in there
 Source: The Style Files

How fun is this pillow?
I love it for the fourth of July 
But I would also love to leave the blue square out
Change the colors and it could be an everyday
Cute ruffle pillow

She has an awesome tutorial and 
it actually doesn't seem too hard
and I am not a pro at sewing that is for sure

Ok this is one of those knockoff tutorials 
that I just see myself making one day

It is beautiful and so much cheaper than the original
You could make it in any color you want
And believe me everyone would be asking about 
your shower curtain
I know I would if I saw this 
in my friends house :)
 Source: Elle Apparel

Do you love Board and Batten as much as I do?
My future home will have this in it
and if for some reason it doesn't
then this is a fab tutorial to do it yourself

And it isn't hard
and it isn't expensive
and it is oh so beautiful

Love love love this picture
I love the pose
I love the color
the lighting
the clothes 
and I don't think you need to be pregnant to do it

So when I get my pics done we are so trying this one out 
Can't you just see how in love they are
My favorite part is him kissing her on the head
I Love when Ty does that
So cute
I am so intrigued by photography
It is so beautiful
I am hoping one day to get more into it 
I gotta find some classes
If you know of any let me know.

My hair is about this short
Hopefully for not too long
I want it to grow soooo bad

But anyway I am lovin this style
I tried it today in fact
I am not a hair stylist so it doesn't look perfect
But it turned out pretty cute
    Maybe I'll take a pic of it

now....who would like to do my hair like this for me
for my family pictures in July?
Source: Style Bistro

Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate
So now that we announced the fab winner which is oh so exciting
and I shared my pinterest loves of the week which is also very exciting
it is now time to tell you my exciting news

Remember that photoshoot with Ciara Richardson Photography?
You know the one that I wanted so bad!
The one I asked you to vote for?

I WON it!
I won the amazing Free photo session with Ciara!
and an 11X14 print
Can you believe it?!

Now I have to thank you all so much.
I have the best family and friends and readers in the whole world
It is because of all of you that I was able to win
I know I can't thank you enough
Because I am seriously so excited

It will be so fun
and I will of course post pictures

Have a fun FRIDAY!
I will be doing insanity, hanging out with my little sis (she slept over last night)
soaking up a little sun and as for the rest of the night 
We don't have plans yet but I'm sure we will
do something fun!

And Get excited because we have another giveaway coming up
Next week!


  1. YAY!!! Thank you, thank you!! I am SO excited!!!
    Congrats on winning your photo shoot, too!! What a great day!! :)

  2. Thank you For featuring Trendy Peas. You have a lovely blog!

  3. Whitney, Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm definietly going to grab your cute button. By the way you have a lovely family. Your little boy is just adorable!

  4. Okay, I need to follow you on Pinterest! You know what is so funny? I just saw a recipe there that looked pretty tasty, so I followed the link to the blog where it was posted, and you had left a comment on her blog. How random is that?


  5. yay i am so glad you won!!!!
    how awesome is that!
    ao i saw this

    and totally thought of you. i dont even know if its your style, but its yellow and darling

  6. Thank you Whit! That was so sweet of you to feature my board & batten! I grabbed a button from you!

    Ps--HUGE congrats on winning the photo shoot! So exciting!



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