Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boo Burlap Banner Tutorial

I cannot believe it is already October and that Halloween is around the corner
I don't know about you but October is by far my favorite month
So I hope it lives up to its expectations this year haha j/K
but really I love it
I love the crisp fall weather
I love the fall fashion, boots, scarves, layers
I love my birthday (20th) woop!
And I LOVE Halloween and all the Halloween activities 
leading up to the actual day
including decorating for the holiday

And of course I had to make some DIY Halloween decor this year
and the first one I am going to share with you 
is my Boo Burlap Banner 
It is so easy and I love the shabby chic look it brings 
to my home and the rest of the Halloween decor

What you will need:

 -I piece of 81/2 X 11 sheet of card stock
-Burlap (1/8 yard)
-A silhouette machine or a pair of scissors
-A marker
-Needle & Thread
-Sewing Machine or hand stitch
-Paint (I used orange and black)
-Sponge Brushes
-Stencil brush 
-Vinyl or card stock for stencil 

What I did:

First I cut out my triangle on card stock the size that I wanted my banner pieces to be
I cut mine on my silhouette machine but you could easily cut this by hand
The size I chose was 7.3 inches by 9.5 inches and I felt like it was perfect

Then I used my card stock triangle as a stencil
and traced it 3 times with a sharpie marker 
so it would show up on the burlap
You will trace how ever many letters your word has
Then you will cut them out

Next I folded them over about a half an inch
and pinned it 
Then I sewed a seam down it 
so there would be a place to run the twine through to hang it up

Once they are all sewn I took some orange paint 
and painted my triangles using the dry brush technique
leaving some of the burlap's natural color shining through 

The Dry brush technique is you put the paint on your brush
and then brush off most of it onto a paper plate or piece of paper 
so most of it is off and then brush over the burlap
This makes it so it is thin and gives it the right
worn shabby chic look I was going for 
Then they will look a little somethin like this

Now it is time to make your stencils for the BOO sign
I used my silhouette but you could also just use your computer
print them out, cut them out and used that as your stencil

I used the Baby Boston Font
(you can find that font HERE)
The B is at a 285.3 pt. size
and the two Os are at a 243 pt. size 
all in capital letters

Next I cut them out onto vinyl 
(You could also use card stock if you don't have vinyl)
and put it onto transfer tape using the negative as a stencil
I transferred the vinyl to the burlap
so it looked like this
Place the vinyl where you want your letter to be placed
and push it down so it is on there secure so the paint won't bleed

Now you are ready to paint your letters onto the burlap
I used black and just painted it on with a stencil brush
Putting paint on it and dabbing it on in an up and down motion 
until you have filled up the whole letter
I let it dry and then I did a second coat 
So it was nice and dark

Then I let all the letters dry with the vinyl still on it over night
The next morning I removed the vinyl stencil 
and it looked like this

Last thing to do is add the twine so you can hang it up

First I measured how long I wanted it to be and cut it 
Mine was 5 feet
Then I went down like a foot and tied a 
quadruple knot so it was a nice big knot
then I strung the twine through the B triangle and tied another 
quadruple knot at the other end 
Then strung the O through and tied a knot at the end
then strung the last O through and tied the last knot 
and then there was another foot in between the last knot and the end of the twine 
The knot in between each letter is to keep it in place so they don't all bunch together 
when you hang it up  and it looks cute too 

And the very very last step is to hang it up 
where ever you want in your home 
somewhere you will see it everyday 
and will be able to admire your work :)

Now go and make one for yourself
the sky is the limit
Ready set go and...create!

And if you have any questions at all remember you can always email me or leave a comment I will answer them all

My banner is linked HERE 
and here

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  1. So so cute!! :]

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute Whit! I feel like my Halloween stuff is still a work in progress and I just want it to all be together now! lol

  3. hey girl! i actually have some extra burlap from an old project:) i think i may do something like this!!! thanks for the insperation:)

  4. That turned out so cute! Love it!

  5. This is SO cute! I love the whole look you created on your wall. Adorable! You have mad skills, friend!

  6. Love your banner and it looks perfect where you placed it. So much you can do with burlap! Great site! I am a new follower from What I Made Wednesday. Vicky from

  7. This is a great banner. I love it. I made something similar last year.


  8. Very cute... I am into this bunting craze lately! :) Soon, you'll have to make a Thanksgiving one.

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...



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