Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is a bun in the Oven :)

Yep that's right we LOVE this little face so so so much we decided it was time
to add another little one to the family 
Our sweet little peanut will be joining our family making us a new 
family of four August 27th and we could not be more excited!!!! 

Lets start from the beginning shall we 
It all started back in December of 2011 
I had been feeling sick but just thought it might have been the flu
I had only had my IUD out for a month so I didn't think I
could possibly be pregnant right away (even though I was hoping of course)
Then Ty asked if I thought I was pregnant
I was like no I think I am just sick 
but after he asked I couldn't get it out of my brain

Finally about a week later on Wednesday Dec 21st I had to run to 
the store for something and decided oh why not I'll get a pregnancy test while
I am here. On the way home I came up with a fun plan
Since it was so close to Christmas if it turns out I am pregnant I 
will try to keep it a secret even from Ty (I know crazy)
until Christmas and then I will tell just him in a fun way.
So I hid the pregnancy test in my purse told Ty I had to go to the bathroom
Locked the door took the test and waited all by myself it was so hard 
I finally got the courage to look at the test and it was a plain and simple
PREGNANT in the digital window
I found out pretty much right when I could find out at 4 weeks pregnant
I didn't find out with Maddux until we were 6 weeks

I had a HUGE smile on my face, did a little squeal and a dance 
Then I took another one (it came in a two pack) just to make sure.
After a few tears I had to compose myself to be able to go out 
to my hubby and little Maddux and not show a sign that I did or knew anything
I did it, I don't know how cuz normally I am no good at surprises 
but I pulled it off I kept it from Ty until Christmas Even night

Then came Christmas Eve we had all the festivities and fun 
at the Ulrich house as the night died down and everyone was going to bed
I snuck in the bathroom took another pregnancy test 
Waited until it said pregnant in the little window 
and wrapped it up then once everyone was asleep and it was just me and Ty 
I told him I had a special present from him that I wanted 
him to open tonight with just the two of us there. 
He opened it and the look on his face and his reaction were adorable
seriously it was the cutest thing ever 
and I was so happy I finally pulled off a surprise 
we have been married four years and I have tried to surprise him so many times
in those four years and this is the first one I was able to pull off
It was the perfect Christmas gift 
to find out you are having another BABY

Let me be honest here for a minutes
I am a bit of a crazy lady (as my hubby likes to call me haha)
and have been wanting a baby for a while 
like since Maddux was 6 months I have been thinking of getting 
pregnant again I know crazy but I had an iud and I decided 
we would get it out when we decided together it was time
and I guess November was the time because we got pregnant right away
and even though Maddux and the peanut will not be as close 
as my crazy plan they are going to be the perfect years apart
They will be 2 years and 4 months apart

Now back to the story 
 On December 28th I had some spotting of course it freaked me out
But I am RH- so I went to the doctor everything looked good 
I just needed my Rhogam shot 
January brought morning sickness....I mean all all day sickness
and it was actually worse at night more than anything
It was already going to be a harder pregnancy than Maddux's was I could tell
I was so lucky with Maddux and had the easiest pregnancy ever not 
getting sick hardly at all.
January also brought starting student teaching while in the hardest 
trimester of pregnancy. I was so nervous and just had to 
make sure I was always eating to be able to get through the day.

By the end of January I was feeling better I was so excited
Yeah that only lasted about 2 weeks and then I was back to have night sickness
I feel better in the morning as long as I eat something 
and at lunch I feel like I can clean out a buffet
but by the time dinner comes along I have to be careful about what 
I eat and how much I eat of it or I get sick
Also fried food and Mexican food make me feel sick
and I have to be careful when we eat out
not fun but it is all part of pregnancy and every pregnancy is different 
and this one I am definitely more sick 
I am taking Zofran now for the nausea so that is nice
it really helps a lot 
I also get headaches almost everyday so I take tylenol everyday 
oh the joys 

I had a few scares and got an ultrasound at 7 weeks (around Jan 8th)
because I had some bleeding 
It ended up being rectal bleeding from a hemorrhoid and all was good 
Then I had another ultrasound at 9 weeks due to some spotting but
again it was all good they don't know where the spotting was from
At first the doctor could not hear the heart beat so he got the ultrasound machine out 
(just a small one in his own office) and he couldn't find anything 
he said that he wanted me to go to radiology and get checked out 
I had to go back to the waiting room and wait all by myself
(Ty was at school) I was terrified and made up my mind that I had lost the baby
It was the scariest time in my life
I ended up getting the ultrasound and she not only found the baby
but also a very healthy heartbeat I got to see the tiny heart beat and hear it  and it was amazing
 they said everything looked good 
I was so relieved and started bauling the poor radiology lady haha

Peanut #2 at 7 1/2 weeks
Teeny tiny little bugger
Jan 11, 2012

Peanut #2 at 9 1/2 weeks
A little bigger can kinda tell its a baby now
Saw the very strong heart beat fluttering like crazy
I may have shed a lot of tears of relief and happiness
Jan 27, 2012

We weren't going to tell anybody about this pregnancy until we knew what we
were having just for fun! The problem was I was way more sick this time
and it was getting hard to hide I was also getting bigger faster which is also 
hard to hide so we told our parents and siblings at about 8 weeks 
Then some people here and there started guessing around 13 weeks 
and my students started guessing around 12-13 weeks
But we didn't announce it to facebook and all our friends until 
April 1st when we were 19 weeks and knew the gender :) 
How fun people were so surprised and thought we were just teasing
since it was April fools day.

February was a great visit just a quick pee in a cup, measure my tummy, 
and listen to the heart beat type of visit but it went great

By the way speaking of all of these visits I LOVE my doctor 
I was nervous about finding a doctor up here because there are a million 
in the salt lake valley and my doctor with Maddux was AMAZING down
in Cedar so I wanted someone equally amazing and I got one
equally amazing!
His name is Dr. Kaelberer from the Cottonwood group
at the Murray IMC 
Now to make a long story short due to some money/insurance issues
I have to switch doctors for the month of march and April
which I am not happy about BTW but by May I will be back to my doctor 
and he will be delivering this little one at the IMC 
So it will still all work out thank goodness

I am getting a lot bigger a lot faster with this pregnancy 
I was showing by 13 weeks and I have already had people ask me 
(strangers and my students mostly) if I am having twins 
Way to make me feel pretty right?! hahaha not 
But something exciting I have felt the baby move a lot sooner 
with this pregnancy as well
I felt the first little flutters at about 15 weeks 
and feel bigger movements now I didn't feel those with Maddux until 
about 20 weeks so it is really cool and fun to feel those now

I am now 20 weeks and in my second trimester
But I still feel sick sometimes and still havent gotten my energy back yet
Total opposite from last pregnancy 
when people say they are all different they mean it
I am looking forward to feeling better, being done student teaching in 1.5 weeks
and getting some energy back I also can't wait until I can get my craft on
to make some baby things for out little peanut

Speaking of little peanut we found out what we are having
on Thursday the 29th of March 
We told Ty's parents that night and my parents on Friday 
We had Maddux wear his cute Big brother shirt and he 
gave his grandma and grandpa a bag
in the bag was the onesie revealing the gender to them 
It was a fun easy way to announce what sibling Maddux was going to have
It has been so hard keeping us being pregnant a secret for so long
and it was even harder once we knew the gender

WE are having A BOY!!!!!!
Thats right this little family of four is going to be Me and My Boys 
We are so excited and can't wait to welcome this little 
man into our family and for Maddux and Holden to be best buddies 
WE are going to be naming this little man Holden

The ultrasound went great! first she took all the measurements 
and pictures that she had to telling us every detail it was really cool
Maddux was at the ultrasound so we could get him excited 
He thought it was cool watching the TV but I don't think he 
really knew what was going on 
As she was taking the measurement she all of a sudden asks us if 
we want to know the gender we very excitedly said YES 
and She said he was not shy and wanted us to know he was a BOY
then she showed us the famous boy shot and no he was not shy
He wanted us to know :)

Thank you little man for telling us!
After we knew she continued taking measurements 
and we got to see the little heart, his arms, his legs, his head,
his spine (that is my favorite it looks so cool)
we got to see his face and not just a profile we got to see
a straight on of his face seeing all the facial bones 
and he was moving his mouth it was amazing

His little arms hiding his face

His leg showing his knee where the leg is bent
and his lower leg bones

 His adorable tiny feet

His face
It is kind of a crazy view of his face
He did not want to turn for a profile
which made me kinda sad (hopefully we will
get a pic of his profile in a later ultrasound)
but he did want us to see his face right on
You can see all his facial bones and eye sockets
it was so cool in the video he was moving his mouth
Ty was holding my hand the whole time and Maddux held my hand
few times too it was an amazing moment 
I love the ultrasounds 
I can already feel the spirit of this baby BOY and it is amazing 

I am so excited to have two little buddies side by side in the car
two little boys side by side in the double jogging stroller I bought last week
Two little boys snuggled in my arms
Two little boys playing in the dirt
two little boys playing cars, toy story, motorcycles, tools and helping their daddy
two little boys sharing a room
two little boys running around
two little boys in matching ties and outfits (haha)
and two little boys kisses and loves 
I am so excited to have two little boys in a row 
I hope they are best friends for a life time 

I am so excited for our newest purchase
I got this double jogging stroller for more than 50% off
the brand new price
It is only one year old and is in perfect condition

I have tried it out and taken Maddux on a few walks on it
and I LOVE it!!!!
it is the smoothest one I have tried
It is a Instep Safari and recommend it to all :)

Maddux is going to be the best Big brother seriously he LOVES babies right now
I am so excited to see him with his own baby in the house
I don't think he gets the whole pregnancy thing
I will point to my belly and said Baby Holden is there and I'll ask him where
the baby is and he will point to my belly but Im not sure what else he thinks 
about my belly getting so big
 He thinking it is funny whenever I show him though
I just can't wait for that moment where Maddux and Holden meet
and be together for the first time I know it will be a priceless moment

Due Date: August 27 2012
Weeks: 20
Gender: Boy
Name: Holden 
Sickness Level: Medium high
Tired level: Medium 
Food I love: Fresh Fruit, cereal, mac and cheese
and pretty much everything except fried food and limited
dairy products 
Excitement Level: Highest!!!

I already love Holden so much
It is crazy how your heart can just grow and grow when I think I couldn't love
more than I already do I see my amazing husband, my adorable little Maddux
and feel the little man in my tummy and I just
feel like my heart could burst it is so full of LOVE for these boys!


  1. CONGRATS!! Having two boys is so much fun. I love watching Tay and Ollie play and wrestle and growl at each other. I'm sure Maddux will be such a great big brother. :)

  2. Ah so exciting! Congrats :) I'm a newer follower and love your blog!

  3. Very exciting! Congrats!! Looking good!

  4. Congrats Whit! You look amazing and I am so happy for you guys! :)

  5. Aww, look at that little peanut! Congrats! How exciting! I love how you revealed your pregnancy...so cute!

  6. Congratulations!!
    And it seems your little baby has a wonderful big brother!
    Its wonderful to read your excitement! Keep on enjoying :)

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  8. Congrats Whit!!! I am also expecting in August. A baby girl! So thrilled! Come visit when you get a sec... I'm at http://cabinfeveredgem.blogspot.ca and I've even got a super giveaway perfect for your diaper bag!!!

  9. How exciting!! Congrats! 2 is so fun! it was so fun to meet you a few weeks ago. P.S. you just won a giveaway on my blog... e-mailing you now! :)



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