Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm BACK.... & This Weeks Pinterest LOVES #19

First of all HELLO! I am totally back
I know it was like I fell off the face of the planet well not really just the blog world
I have missed it and all of you so much
For those of you who don't know where I have been 
I have been student teaching from Jan 9th-April 20th
And I was soooo busy
I don't know how all the working moms do it 
I was exhausted some of that was being pregnant and having a toddler 
I graduated with a bachelors degree from SUU in Physical Education and Health Education
Back in May of 2009 
Then things got crazy we got preggers, we moved from Cedar to Salt Lake and 
then we had our little Maddux
And all you mom's will understand as much as I wanted to 
go back and get my teaching license I did not want to leave my baby 
I know I am a baby 

Well I finally did it I finished my student teaching
(Post all about my student teaching adventure coming soon)
But to sum it all up I was terrified at the beginning but ended up LOVING it
It was so hard to be away from Maddux and am so glad to be done so 
I get can back into my SAHM life and the blogging world and friends
I have one more test to take (PRAXIS PLT 7-12) tomorrow
Then after that (if I pass-Wish me luck) I will be a license teacher!
I am so proud of Myself!

Now onto the BLOG
Like I said I am so happy to be back and to be at creating and crafting again
I have so many bedroom, organizing, and baby ideas that I need to get started
This is gonna be a fun crafty summer :)

Being gone for three months I felt like I needed a bit of a FRESH start
So I decided it was time to give my blog a make over 
It was feeling a little frumpy and needed a little freshening up and spring cleaning 
I did it myself and am not good at computer design so I hope it looks ok
I probably should have hired someone to save me some time and stress
but I really love it and am kinda happy I did it myself 
 So what do you think? Do you like it?
Doesn't it just feel so clean?

To celebrate the Fresh blog 
Make sure to grab my new button :) 

And if you are featured

Also to celebrate How about I announce the winner of the
Jamberry Nail shield giveaway
I am so sorry I didn't announce this sooner
I feel so bad but to make it up to you I have some more fun giveaways coming up
So the winner of the Jambarry nail shield giveaway is

Number 6: 
Danielle from Blissfully Domestic said...
Love Jamberry . My fav is the zebra print. I just love all their animal prints! 

Congratulations Danielle!
I sent you out an email make sure to get back to be within the next 48 hours

Thank you so much Niki for sponsoring this giveaway
Make sure you all go and check her out HERE
If you would like to order or host a party!
Today is Friday 
And around these parts Friday means not only the weekend
But my "This Weeks Pinterest Loves" Segment 
and today is Week #19 
To learn more about my pinterest loves go HERE
Feel free to grab my Pinterest Loves Button and participate with me each week 
you can find the URL on my left side bar :)
Now it is time to sit back and enjoy 
Feel free to repin :)

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this amazing Family photo gallery wall
seriously what is not to love
The frames are amazing (I bought some at Queen Bee last weekend)
and I love the pops of YELLOW
I may have the perfect table and wall to recreate this lovely image in my home 
Thank you JEN!
Oh also she is having a giveaway for these frames on her blog 
so make sure to check it out
I would die if I won haha!
 Source: Tatertots and Jello
Pinned HERE

I have an obsession with camera straps
and this beauty caught my eye right away
I love the colors the ruffles and I just love the Freshness and beauty of it
I for sure need to be making one of these ASAP
so my camera can look all dolled up
Source: Craftaholics Anonymous
Pinned HERE

Don't you just love this sign
I know I'm hormonal right now but it gets me all teary eyed
Thinking about my two boys together
And My baby Maddux being big enough to be a big brother to baby Holden soon
I would love to make one similar for Maddux's room 
Source Unknown
Pinned HERE 

Pretty Pretty lamp
My lamps in my bedroom are screaming for a makeover
Maybe I will do these amazing burlap ruffles

Pinned HERE

Spray painting curtains!
Yup that's right she spray painted the yellow stripes on them
Check out how she did it 
She has a great tutorial for you
I think I will be using this tutorial very soon
Source: Life on Mars
Pinned HERE

I have always wanted a fabric ottoman but they can be so expensive
This is a great solution to that and then you can customize the look
to whatever you want and whatever fits your personality and home
I need to keep my eye out for a coffee table to cover
Pinned HERE 

Did you know you can print huge pictures like this for Cheap
Go to your local office supply store and ask for an engineers print
attach it to a foam board and look how adorable it looks
Perfect for the center of a family gallery wall
or for a newborn photo in your babies nursery
Source: Sugar Bee Crafts
Pinned HERE

I adore this headboard
I have been thinking up the same thing for our bedroom
And it would be the same color or white we will see
I think I even have an old door I can use for this project
now just for some painting time, distressing and molding
Yup it would look perfect in our room
Pinned HERE

Ok so I believe I have put this on my pinterest loves before
But I am trying to give myself the motivation to finish my Anthropologie knock off
Bedding I started it and have the first and second steps all done
All I have left is sewing all the knotted squares together and then making it into
a Duvet cover I just need to finish it
And I will feel so accomplished when I do
Stay tuned for a post when I get mine all done
It will be very exciting :)
Source: Kojo Designs
Pinned HERE

Do they have mint skinny jeans in maternity?
I wish I was able to wear my regular jeans until the end with Maddux
But baby boy H is sitting much much lower so there will be
No regular pants for me
But when I do have this sweet baby H in my arms
and the weight comes off
I am so getting me some mint skinny jeans
Pinned HERE 

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

 If you got featured on my this weeks pinterest loves make sure to
Grab one of my new featured buttons either at the top of this post or from my side bar :)  

Hope you had a  fun Weekend!
This weekend I will be celebrating Maddux's 2nd birthday
with family and friends, having dinner with family
for another birthday, taking a test and hopefully getting a
little relaxation and crafting in there somewhere :)
Oh and my favorite snuggles and TV catch up with the hubby
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. thanks for the shout-out on my big picture!

  2. So, so happy to have you back! Great post! Love all these fun pins, I think I may have pinned a lot of them already. :) Good luck with the pregnancy.

    Ps--Kohls has awesome mint jeans & you could totally just wear a belly band with them (Target). :)

  3. I love those mint jeans! I am so glad I found your blog and I can't wait to meet you at the Breathing Space retreat!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. i am happy you are back Whit! I am obsessed with all your pins for the home this week! I want to do it all! Esp the wall with frames and the spray painted curtains! That's blowing my mind!

  5. Glad to connect via the Breathing Space Retreat. Love what you have going on here. See you next weekend!

  6. I LOVE the new design Whitney!!! You look so great in the pictures you used!



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