Monday, April 30, 2012

M is 2 years old!

ok Really when did my baby grow up and become a full on toddler 
of two years old?!
I seriously can't believe it!
Lets take a look at how much my sweet little boy has grown these
last couple of years....

Brooke Ulrich (my talented SIL)

Chelsey Ott 

This is the amazing session I won because of all you guys last summer!

Isn't he such a stud 
Saturday April 28th was his birthday and it was such a fun day
(stay tuned for a Birthday party post coming soon)
He was so spoiled from all of our amazing friends and family
He has so many people that love and adore him
And my only concern that day was to make him feel so special
I do this everyday but I wanted him to know it was his birthday
and that everyone was there to show their love for him
I wanted him to know how amazing and sweet he really is

After a fun filled day and everyone was gone
It was back to just me, hubby and sweet Maddux 
PERFECT moment
M was in his toy story PJs, holding his new toy story toys,
watching toy story and snuggling with all of us
I wasn't really watching the movie I was just staring at my little man
I watched every facial expression, I enjoyed every hand squeezing, And gave him so 
many kisses he was probably getting aggravated with me haha
and thinking to myself how blessed I felt 
I am so grateful to be a mom his mom 

I had a bit of a crying session to hubby just about how 
grateful I was for Maddux and how fast he is growing up
I am so emotional and sentimental lately 
especially being pregnant haha don't judge

Dear 2 year old Maddux,
I LOVE you so much
I would do ANYTHING for you
I love being your mom and being able to stay home with you
I love teaching you and watching you learn new things
I love telling everyone how smart you are
I love when you want to hold my hand
I love when you look up at me and give me a huge Maddux grin
I love love love your tender heart and that you give me 
kisses and loves when I am sad or hurt
I love your snuggles
I love when you want to help me around the house
I love when you follow me around like a little puppy
I love when I am gone and come home and you greet me with loves, kisses and a smile
I love going on walks and play dates with you
I love watch Toy story, Punzle, Cars and Monsters with you
I love when you call out mommy in the morning or after your naps to tell me you 
are awake
I love that you are my little back seat and shopping buddy
I love your adventurous personality 
and I just want to squeeze you all day long
Thank you for making me a mommy
Thank you for loving me back 
and thank you for being the sweetest little boy 
You are going to be the BEST bog brother :)
I love you buddy boo
Happy 2nd birthday!
Love, Mommy

Make sure to check out all the amazing photographers 
I featured in this post 
just click on their links and it will go straight to their sites 
Thank you Brooke, Chelsey and Ciara
for taking such adorable pics of my little Maddux 
now I need to get him some 2 years pics :)
Maybe I should wait until baby brother is born 
We shall see 

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