Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maddux's Disney Birthday Party

I cannot believe my little man is two years old!
Last Saturday was his birthday and also when he had his
Little Friend/family Birthday Party
It was Disney theme

I really wanted his invites to be fun and cute
But I do not have photoshop to make my own
So my cute friend Jamie told me about her
Friend Devyn that does invites and announcements at an amazing price
 and is super talented!
I was way excited and contacted her right away
She got back to me that day I gave her my ideas
a picture the party info and look at the amazingly cute invite she created!

Isn't is adorable?!
She was so fun to work with and did it so fast 
I took out the address and put Maddux's house so the address was in that 
place instead on the ones we printed and out and sent out 
If you want to contact Devyn Spencer to make a custom invite or announcement for you
her email is devyn_marie@hotmail.com

Ok, back to Saturday I was a little sad because I didn't get to see my little man 
right when he woke up 
because I had a test at 7:30am and didn't get home until 10:30
But I did call him on my way home to tell him Happy Birthday
and once I got home I gave him huge hugs and kisses and told him 
Happy Birthday about a million times 

Once I got home it was a mad dash to get everything ready for the party
Luckily my cute hubby made cupcakes while I was in my test 
and My mother in Law, Julie made this amazing Mickey Cake 
so all I had to do was do some quick decor and clean up a bit 

Isn't this cake so cute
Thank you so much Julie for making this for Maddux
He was in love

Maddux loves Cars, Toy Story, Monsters inc and Mickey Mouse Club house
So I had a hard time just picking one that is why we did a whole Disney themed party
He had a mickey cake, mickey cups, toy story plates and Cars napkins :)

His loot
Isn't he spoiled?! :)

The birthday banner 
I actually made this for his birthday party last year
Check out the tutorial HERE!

Maddux was so excited once everyone got there
We had our family there 
and he was even able to invite a few of his little friends 
It was so cute to see all the little ones running around together

Once everyone was there we started with present time
Maddux had so much fun opening his presents this year
He would get all excited and once it was open he would gasp 
it was so cute
He did want everything open out of their packages right away though
so we had to move onto the next present quick
He was confused why he couldn't play with the present right then
Silly boy
I opened them all for him after he got through them all 

He got a Cars Beach towel from his little friend McCade
A wagon full of sand toys from his Great Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs

Some little MatchBox cars from his cute friend Anna 
(Isn't she cute? She is one of his girlfriends  Maddux thinks Boo on Monsters Inc is Anna)
Some clothes, and cute flip flops from his Great Grandma Ulrich
A big Construction Truck from his friend/cousin Carson

Some clothes, a motorcycle and sandals from his Great Grandma and Grandpa Kjar
Goofy and helicopter from His great Aunt DeAnne and Uncle Scott 
Puzzles from his Great Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Charlie 

Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, cowboy shirt and a woody from
Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich

A shake and Go Buzz rocket from Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs,
Aunt Emilee, Uncle Zach and Uncle Ammon

And he got a cute basketball jersey outfit, a baseball and mitt
and a Lightning McQueen Cars 4wheeler from Mommy and Daddy 
He wasn't so sure about it at first but after all the other little kids
started riding on it and showed him how he decided he liked it 
Then he decided he loved it and didn't want to share anymore :)

After all his amazing presents it was cake and ice cream time

M waiting patiently while we sang to him 
He loved us all singing just for him

Isn't that the most adorable little face you have ever seen?!
He did such a good job blowing out the candles 
with a little spit all over the cake 
but what is a party without a little spit on the cake anyway haha

Enjoying his cake and ice cream 
He even asked for more cake 
so since he was the birthday boy he got more cake :)

My dad trying on M's new woody hat 
hahaha he is always making us laugh

At about 3 the party had finally wind down and M went down for a little
Birthday nap
My parents and siblings decided to stay longer 
and hang out for the rest of the night with us
While M was sleeping my mom, sis Em and I went and ran a few
errands and the boys played while Ty and my dad napped apparently they were 
worn out. I am not going to lie I was worn out too 
but would rather go shopping then nap :)

Once we got home Maddux had woken up so we packed up to go out to dinner
for M's birthday and my family came along
We took him to chick Fil A because he loves
chicken nuggets and fries and we wanted to take him somewhere
that had a fun play area

Want to make chick fil A chicken nuggets at home?
Check out my tutorial and recipe HERE

M enjoying some birthday nuggets 

He was so funny about the play area
He didn't want to climb up it and didn't like the tunnels 
so he played in the toddler activity area instead
But he had a blast with us all there

We got home and it was time for my parents to go home
So it was just us three
We decided to stay outside a while since it felt so nice and 
it was still light outside

M was loving his new McQueen 4wheeler especially outside on the driveway
and sidewalk
He was getting so good at it 
with just a little more practice with the steering he will be a pro

Gettin the hang of it

His awesome cowboy boots
Aren't those so studly 

His new toy story toys
Speaking of toy story toys after everyone had left
and we came back inside for the night
to wind down before bed 
We all watched Toy story together to end his birthday all snuggled up in our comfys
Maddux was so cute watching it with his toy story jammies, and his new toys story toys
in hand while holding mommys hand with the other 
It was a perfect ending to his perfect birthday
We love you little man!

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