Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost 32 weeks and Maternity Pictures

 I am almost 32 weeks this Sunday and my cute Friend
Kati took some fun maternity/family pictures of us
I was really nervous because I am far from a model 
and don't feel very pretty this pregnancy 
But Kati made me feel so comfortable and although I wish I
was more photogenic it was a lot of fun and she did such a great job
not to mention the location she picked turned out beautiful 
I have known Kati since High school and she has such a talent for photography
You can check out her site HERE make sure to look her up 
if you are in the Utah area.

I cannot wait to meet this sweet little Holden that I have been growing 
for seven months 

But I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous 
I am nervous for the change 
I am nervous to have two kids
I am nervous about splitting attention between my two boys
I am nervous Maddux will feel left out
I am nervous to have a newborn again
I am nervous I am not as good of a mom my boys deserve

But even though I am nervous my excitement 
outweighs that nervousness
I am excited to hold a sweet newborn in my arms again
I am excited to see Maddux and Holden meet for the first time
I am excited for the newborn smell
I am excited to bond with a new little one
I am excited to see Maddux and Holden grow up together
I am excited for Maddux to teach Holden 
I am excited to be a mom of two boys  

I love you Ty and I love our Maddux and the new little Holden
we will be meeting in just two short months

I will gladly take any advice on having two kids versus one
such as how to help the first child transition into the change of a new baby
And any other tips and tricks you mommys out there have for me :)

Also while I have you here lets announce the winner of the 
And the winner is according to
Comment #9
 Summer @ Summer Scraps 
Congratulations girl 
I will email you make sure to email me back to claim your prize :)


  1. You look gorgeous Whit! You are glowing! Excited for your sweet family to have another beautiful child! I messaged you on FB, did you get it??

  2. Oh, these pictures are beautiful! I can't wait to meet Holden either. Love you!

  3. You look so good! You are almost done! Yay! He is going to be such a cutie!

  4. You are getting so close! YEAH! Good luck!

    Don't be afraid to STAY HOME and do NOTHING for a long time! :)

  5. i love your pictures!! They look SO GOOD!!

  6. Hello
    Enjoyed reading this. Effectively stated and with wonderful timing. Thanks for the great post.

  7. Cute Pictures! I love your outfit colors :)



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