Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Photo A Day

My June 2012 through Instagram!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram and I was so excited when it 
came to the Droid! Hola! Maybe one day Ill try out the Iphone
Anyway it is such a fun way to document my life
and what is going on with me and my family
On top of Instagram there are these really fun photo a day schedules 
for each month that I had be seeing around and finally decided to try 
in June and it was so much fun that I decided to continue on 
through July

I did my 1-30 June photo a day following the schedule and 
then I have just some fun goings on throughout the month at the end 
of the scheduled list

June was such a fun month and perfect start to the summer season
We went to a few movie dates, including the amazing What to Expect
I cried and laughed throughout the whole thing 
and it was so fun to see it while pregnant
went to City Creek as a family for the first time, 
wheeler Farm with my little mister, the zoo and bought a year pass, 
water fights, did some crafts, worked on my comforter
started painting our basement apartment Grey, 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and we only have one tiny bathroom left
and we will be all done, lots of fun outside, dr.s appointments for both
me and Maddux, and a lot of Shaved ice family dates

June was great! I can't believe it is already July and am super excited 
to be doing the new photo a day, play some more, celebrate the 4th, 
24th, Lagoon with the Ulrich fam and everything else 
summer brings 

If you want to follow me on Instagram my username is whitneyulrich
come follow me and join me in #photoadayjuly

Thank you for the support, for reading and for following 


  1. I just got a smart phone and uploaded Instagram last night. I'm so excited to start using it! Thanks for sharing your fun photos with us!

  2. I am obsessed with Vampire Diaries too!! By the way...love your hat!



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