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{Day 11} Working out to Music

{Day 11}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to talk about working out to music 
 It’s fun to exercise to music
 It’s actually been proven to help you exercise better and longer
Scientists have found that working out to music has all sorts of benefits

The Benefits to Working out to Music 

#1. Music can make you feel like you’re not working as hard as you really are
Because it makes you feel happier
 it can give you a boost to keep moving even if you’re tired or uncomfortable
 Exercising with music can reduce your perception of 
how hard you are working by about 10 percent 
during low-to-moderate intensity activity
I find this so true especially when it comes to running 
Whenever I run with music or to a TV show I feel like 
I could go so much longer than when all I hear is how hard I am breathing
and my pounding heart, all that does is remind me how tired I am 

#2. Music can help you pace your movement 
If you match the beat of the music to your workout
 whether it’s running or walking or aerobics or weight training
 it can help pace your movement, and that can help you work out longer
I often find myself running at a much quicker pace when I
am listening to an upbeat quick tempo song

#3.  Music can be a great motivator while you exercise
  simply because it lets you shut out from outside world of conversations and noises
 meanwhile enabling you to concentrate more on your workout
I feel like I can get lost in the music especially if it is music I enjoy
and look forward to coming on
I also thinks it helps motivate me to keep going until the song is over,
and then the next song.
If I can just make it through these three songs I am doing great

#4. Stimulating music actually increases the muscle tension
the reason why people are able to take chest presses more easily
 while listening to fast music than anything sedative or slow
I love to listen to really upbeat music that makes me feel
powerful when I am lifting weights

#5. Music and exercise are a stress-reducing, health promoting duo
Exercise is one of the most effective stress-reduction strategies there is
 And with or without exercise, music can also regulate your mood
Loud, upbeat music generally has a stimulating, energizing effect,
and slow music can act as a sedative and have a calming,
 soothing impact on your mental and emotional state

#6. Music can be used to overcome fatigue
and control your emotions if you're in a competition
it does this by helping you to feel like you can keep your mind on your movement, 
and just keep moving

#7. Music can assist with Warm up and cool down 
For warm up music you may want choose pieces that start off
 with a slower tempo and build slowly

For your cool down, select fitness music that is slower paced
and with less complicated rhythms
You want to give your body the signal that the workout is coming to an end
 Your heart rate needs to decrease gradually

So Now that I know some of the benefits of working out with music,
 What type of music should you work out to?
 Your workout music playlist should be suitable for the type of exercise you are doing
 A playlist for yoga will be different from a playlist for cardio
 The tempo of the workout music also has an important part to play
 it provides coordination and timing of your movement

with that being said, YOU get to choose your music 
that is best for you, that pumps you up or that motivates you to work your hardest
Whatever you run to may be totally different than the person on your neighboring treadmill  
Also I have noticed I like different playlists and types of music depending on 
my mood of the day so your music you workout to can change 
day to day and that is ok as long as it is motivating you 
and keeping you feeling good and like you can do it all 

I have a lot of music on my phone...all types and styles 
But if you want to know what I listen to or need some ideas I would be happy to give you 
some just shoot me an email and I can add them to this post if you would like

I CHALLENGE you to go and make a playlist and workout to it
See how you feel during and after
I promise you will love it and feel like you could go on forever :)

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)

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